1945 Air Force MOD APK v11.17 [Unlimited Money & Energy]

App Name:1945 Air Force MOD APK
Size:160 MB
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2022

About 1945 Air Force MOD APK


1945 Air Force MOD APK is the best strategy and arcade visual game. In this game, you control the fighting aircraft and destroy your enemies founding on the air and on land. You will fight with the immense force of enemies and after beating them you fight with their boss.

This game has many astonishing levels with diverse maps. It gives you the opportunity to take advantage of many powerful aircraft and weapons. This game is in the background of World War 2 air strikes among different nations.

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You must beat your enemies and their bosses and go to the next. You can play it without the internet and also compete with different players online to get into the leaderboard.

It has many features for both online and offline modes. It has outstanding and mind-blowing features with decent visual effects.


1945 Air Force APK Gameplay

1945 Air Force has very efficient and easy gameplay. In which you control a fighter jet and penetrate the enemy space to destroy them. As you enter their air space you are under attack by them so in this situation, you need to control your jet. You just fly straight to your enemy and your aircraft automatically fire on the rivals.

In this game, you have the chance to upgrade and change the fighter plan and their weapons. During the fight, you will find many coins and you need to collect them. You also need to protect your plane from foes’ fires and take care of the life of your aircraft shown on the screen.

This game has many levels and different maps so you need to clear all the enemies of these levels to upgrade your gaming skills.


1945 Air Force APK Features:

1945 Air Force has many features. Some of them are written below:

Thrilling game modes

  • This game has two excellent modes; Single player and multiplayer. You can play many technical levels as a single-player and also play multiplayer with playing different players. 
  • You play this mode with different tactics and collect coins during the game.

Easy to Play

  • This game has simple and decent gameplay. Every new gamer gets to enjoy it.
  • You have many options to compete with villains or different players with the help of its simple user interface.

Experience the classic shooting game

  • 1945 Air Force is a shooting game with classic taste. Because it is based on the world war 2 air fights against different nations.
  • In this game, you fight with different types of enemies and their bosses by entering their air space. You experienced the best shooting gaming in it.

Unlock Different types of fighter plans

  • This game has many fighting aircraft with different capabilities. You can upgrade them and fight with enemies.
  • You need to unlock different types of fighter plans to defeat the foes very easily.

Exceptional Graphics and sound Effects

  • This arcade game gives you exceptional graphics which makes the game full of fun for gamers.
  • It also has mind-blowing sound effects. These effects are used in exact action in the game to make the game fabulous. 

Tips To Play

This game is an action game with different difficulties. So to clear these difficulties efficiently you need to follow the instruction written below:

  • In this game, you fight with enemies on air so you need to control your fighter jet efficiently.
  • Collect coins and take care of the life of your plan during the fight.
  • You need to upgrade your gets and increase the destructive power init.
  • Unlock different types of power gets to conquer rivals.
  • Play offline as a single player to pass difficult levels and also online to get into the leaderboard.

1945 Air Force MOD APK

1945 Air Force is the best-ever air shooting game. In which you fight with different enemies to destroy them. It is in the background of world war 2 air attacks. You need to unlock many aircraft and many more features. It has many difficult levels with different maps.

The graphics and sound effects are very effective and beautiful. But this simple version takes more time to clear all the levels so we give you the modded version of this game.

In this modded version you will enjoy the fully unblocked features. Unlimited money and energy are the key features of this version. You pass all the levels according to your hopes due to these features. It can be downloaded from this website without any expense and you will enjoy this outstanding game.

1945 Air Force MOD Features:

This game has many amazing features. So some mod features are described under as:

Unlimited Money

  • In this modded version you have Unlimited money. You can buy anything at any time.
  • You can upgrade your resources or fighting plans and unlock different powers easily.

Unlimited energy

  • This game gives you unlimited energy resources that help you beat your enemies without any problem.
  • You fight with enemies as long as you want due to the feature of endless fuel resources.

Unlocked all Fighter Plans

  • This game has many primary and secondary-level fighting aircraft with different features.
  • So this modded game gives you fully unblocked fighter plans. You can select any plane and fight with different opponents.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this game is free to download and you can download it from this website.

Yes, this game is safe to download because it is free of viruses.

Yes, this game consumes very less storage on any device.


1945 Air Force MOD APK is an incredible shooting android game. It gives you many options such as choosing the aircraft, different control modes, and fights with villains to beat them. You will experience diverse levels and maps based on air strikes of world war 2.

 In this game, you have fully unblocked features such as unlimited money and fuel, etc. You can play it both online and offline mode. It has many tremendous modes and special graphics. It is free to download and play.

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