3D World War II MOD APK v3.5.8 [Unlimited Money]

App Name:3D World War II  MOD APK
Publisher:JOYCITY Corp
Size:83.74 MB
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2022

About 3D World War II MOD APK


Exciting battle games are the backbone of all the games.3D World War II MOD APK is a warship battle game in which you touch on the experience of a naval war between great power of the world encouraged by world war 2. 

You can choose the side of Germany, Japan, America, France, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union. Due to the 3D graphics, the combat between various naval ships looks real. You are in the cockpit of a historic ship and battle with different naval vessels.

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You can heighten your troops, crafts, weapons, and nutrition aids to conquer the villains in the center of the ocean. It is free of cost with multiple opportunities to win unlimited money. You can download this app from the app store for ios and play store for android.


3D World War II APK Gameplay

In the 3D World War II, you see the all movement very plainly on your screen. You are the chief of a tremendous naval warship and combat different nations’ armies for your country. You are in the center of the ocean and have brigades, machine guns, torpedos, canons, and many more.

With the use of these resources, you must conquer the enemies’ warships and boost your power. The more you win the battles more you glorify your power and expanded your money. After these arrangements, you protect your warship and your homeland and evolve into the superpower of the ocean.


3D World War II APK Features:

We will now talk about some of the fantastic features that 3D World War II  offers.

Free of Cost

  • It is free of cost. You can download easily 3D World War II from the play store on android.

Secured from Viruses

  • This app is 100% free of any malware or viruses.3D World War II APK is scanned through antivirus software before releasing in the market. 

Unblocked Features

  •  In this game, you can win unlimited money as you expect, exalt your strength, and beat the different nations’ armies.

Extraordinary Graphics and sound

  • The 3D graphics of this app are immensely fabulous. It contains epic visual effects, huge sea vessels, the ocean environment, and many more. You feel like a real war. 
  • And the sound of this game has many luminous soundtracks and sound effects. These sound outcomes boost the enjoyment of the game.

Play with and without the Internet

  •  This app can run with and without the internet. when there is no internet you play as a single player and when the internet is connected you play with hundreds of different players.

Tips To Play

This game is very difficult. You can find glory by using the advice that is provided below.

  • First, you need to select the best warship vessel and powerful army
  • After becoming the skipper of the vessel you heed the instructions provided to your screen which includes short and large quests.
  • You hit the distinguishable rivals and boost your troops and yacht with forthcoming warships vessels and weapons.
  • You make various allies to dominate enemies very skillfully and win absolute money.         

3D World War II MOD APK

3D World War II MOD is a fabulous game of warships battle. You are the captain of the warfare craft and fight with perilous armies of great regimes. Moreover, you constructed allies with different maritime muscles to fight with villains of your motherland very efficiently.

In addition, you can win limitless money after clearing the different tasks and heightening your army with unexplored harpoons and deep-water power. This game is against the backdrop of the naval war of world war 2. You download this app from this website and can be played with and without the internet.

3D World War II MOD Features:

3D World War II MOD APK has many features some of which are written as

Free to play

  • 3D World War II is free to download and install. You easily download this app from the google play store and don’t need to pay anything.

Earn unlimited money

  •  In this app, you want to fight with online gamers and you don’t have enough money to update your power so 3D World War II MOD gives you unlimited money with fully unblocked features. 
  • You can do everything that you want to do. Updating and increasing anything in this app is available before you need it.

Playing the game with or without the Internet

  • 3D World War II gives you the prospect to play with and without the internet.
  •  You play single-player when you don’t attach to the internet and when you connect to the internet you enjoyed different online modes.

Experience massive sea battles

  • In this game, you experienced immense sea battles with different gunship vessels. You are the captain of a warship and leading your country at sea power and combating other warships and overpowering your antagonists.

Small storage in the device

  • This game takes less storage in the device when downloading it takes only 83.74 MB. Android users can easily download and play this game without any storage problems.

Easy to Use

  • 3D World War II APK  is easy to use. You can do everything in this app that you think to do. It has so many features which are fully unblocked and have unlimited powers.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,3D World War II MOD APK is free to download.

Yes,3D World War II MOD APK is secure to download and install because it is comprehensively scanned by antivirus software and no viruses were detected.

Yes,3D World War II MOD APK takes up low space in the device.


3D World War II MOD APK  is fundamentally a warship battle game inspired by world war 2 naval warfare. In which you are the commander of a warship vessel and opposing different national armies for the supremacy of your country.

You can update your resources and power. It allows you to earn unlimited money. This app is free to download and install and takes less storage with 3D graphics. This mod game has fully unlocked features and due to this, you do everything according to your demands. It is also free of viruses and easy to use for any gamer.

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