AirDroid MOD APK v4.2.9.13 [Premium & Unlocked All]

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Last Updated:18 Aug

About AirDroid MOD APK


Have you ever faced a situation where you are doing something important on your computer and your phone keeps getting notifications? Isn’t it so annoying to check your phone continuously?

If you also face these problems, then there is no need to worry. Because today we will introduce an application to you that can solve this issue and has lots of other useful features too.

The name of this magnificent application is AirDroid MOD APK. Through this application, users can remotely control their mobile and tablet devices from windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

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Users when connecting their mobile or tablets to their computers they get all of the mobile notifications right on their computers. Users can respond to these notifications from computers too. Now, you don’t need to check your mobile for notifications. 

Not just that users can share different types of files between devices at a fast speed wirelessly. Users don’t need any wire to connect the mobile or tablet devices to the computer but only a good internet connection.

Users can share their mobile or tablet screens to any bigger screen like tv or computer if they have a screen mirroring facility.


AirDroid APK Features:

High file transfer rate 

  • Time is very precious in today’s world and no one can deny its importance. Sharing files between devices used to be a difficult and time-consuming task but not anymore.
  • Users can share files between devices at a high transfer rate of up to 20Mb/s. Users can transfer large files in no time.
  • Even if you want to transfer any large-size data to any nearby device you can do it without having an internet connection at a fast transfer rate.

Control of device

  • The AirDroid application has this wonderful and productive feature for its users. Users can now connect their mobile devices directly to their computers and control them from there.
  • With the help of this connectivity, all notifications and other mobile alerts are controlled from a computer.
  • The productivity of the users can be increased with this feature as they can control all their stuff from one place. 

Call and messages 

  • When your phone is connected to your computer, you can access all of your mobile data right from your computer including messages and calls.
  • All messages and calls popped up on the computer screen. By using this feature, a person can answer all of its messages and even make calls.
  • You need a headset connected to your computer if you want to make calls from your computer. 

Find phone 

  • I can very confidently say that this finds my phone feature is more useful than all the other features of AirDroid APK. If your phone got stolen or lost anywhere, you can still operate your mobile on your computer.
  • In this situation, users are advised to transfer their data right into their computer and wipe it out from their mobile. Once you’re done with this, you’re good to go to find the location of the mobile.

Tips to use

  • To connect your Android device to your computer, you need to download AirDroid for both of your devices. The AirDroid mobile version can be downloaded from the play store and the computer version by clicking on this.
  • Once done with downloading, now create your account on your mobile AirDroid application by tapping on the signup button. After creating the account just sign in to the web version of the AirDroid and connect both of your devices without any wire.

AirDroid MOD APK

AirDroid MOD APK is the free and updated version of its version. In this MOD APK, all of the premium features can be seen by users without spending any money.

As, if you officially upgrade your free version to the premium version you will need to pay 3.99$ per month to access all premium features. You’re so lucky that you can get all those premium features worth 3.99$ for free in this MOD APK.

All premium things have some price, if you get it free, then happiness is different. 

AirDroid MOD Features:

Access device camera 

  • The premium version of the AirDroid application has this new feature. This feature allows users to have access to their mobile camera right from the computer when they are connected. This feature can be so useful in case of stolen or lost phones.
  • To access this feature officially, users need a premium account that costs much. So those who don’t afford to pay money can consider downloading our AirDroid MOD APK.

Large file transfers 

  • This feature of the MOD APK allows users to transfer larger-size files between devices at a fast speed.
  • In the free official version of the application, users cannot transfer data over 30MB at one time. Now with this AirDroid MOD APK, larger transfers can be easily transferred.

Premium features

  • AirDroid MOD APK has all premium features unlocked in this application. This application has the power of solving your connectivity issues.
  • Making connections between mobile and computer was never so easy before.
  • The only way to connect your mobile to a computer in the back days was the use of wire. But now users can easily connect to computers wirelessly. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your purpose of use. If you want to use this application only for file sharing then no signup is required. But if you want to connect your mobile or tablet device to your computer then you must sign up before using it.

Yes, the AirDroid MOD APK is completely safe. Users don’t need to worry about its safety.


I hope after reading this article you must know about the importance of AirDroidMod Apk. Unlimited features of the premium version are available in this MOD APK.

Users will never forget the comfort of the AirDroid ecosystem. With the help of this unique ecosystem, all operations can be done from a computer when you’re working it. 

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