Alight Motion MOD APK v4.3.0.1655 [No Watermark]

App Name:Alight Motion MOD APK
Publisher:Alight Creative, Inc 
Genre:Video Players and Editors
Size:139.56 MB
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2022

About Alight Motion MOD APK


If you are looking for a video editing application, you should consider downloading Alight Motion MOD APK as it has a unique and organized interface. Thus enabling the users to edit and enhance their videos in a few seconds. 

Alight Motion provides the users with a timeline. It gives a different timeline for videos and likewise different for images. You can choose the files you want to edit in the timeline and then drag them accordingly.

Thus you can quickly formulate the sequence you want to edit your clips. If you check out the main tab, you can start working on the projects you left incomplete in this, managing each project independently. 

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Alight Motion includes so many advanced features that make the editing not only easy but fun too. You can try images with different colors and add transitions to your clips to give an excellent effect to your video. Try editing using a variety of templates as well as editing features to make your video incredible. 


Alight Motion APK

Alight Motion MOD APK is one the most widely used editing applications that you should have too. Offering a variety of remarkable features, editing with Alight Motion is so simple yet fun. Try out the cool effects and edit your clip however you like. Try filters and add cool fonts to make your video the best. 

Once you are done editing and trying the filters, you can save it without hassle. You get the exporting option right after you are done editing. Either keep it or post it directly to other social media platforms. The choice is yours.

Make sure to save the content in HD or 4K. In short, Alight Motion will give the best editing experience. So it’s time to start using this application and show the world your extraordinary video editing skills. 


Alight Motion APK Features:

There are so many features this editing app includes. Tru these exciting features of this editing application. 

Animated videos

  • Creating animated videos is not an easy task. Especially when you are not familiar with creating animated videos.
  • However, Alight Motion enables its users to design and create animated videos quickly. You get all the options for creating a perfect animated clip. The editing features are mentioned, thus making it easier for the users to look at what they are looking for.

Cool Transition Effects 

  • To make your videos look extra professional, you must try the application’s transition effects. It is the best and makes your video look more professional and cool.
  • There are a variety of transition effects you can try. But make sure to add a decent amount of them to create the perfect video clip. 

Vector Graphics and Effects

  • Now make your videos exceptional by adding vector graphics to your clips. The vector graphics are available in 2D as well as 3D formats.
  • If you want to create an animated clip, then vector graphics are right for you to consider. However, if you want to give your video a classy look, you must try the visual effects. 

Tips to use

Let’s get you started with how to use Alight Motion.

  • Start by importing pictures from your camera roll. Make sure you select it in sequence, but even if you don’t, you can later arrange it in the arrangement you want. 
  • You have the option of editing everything together or individually. Do as you want.
  • See through the filters and select which filter is the best for you.
  • Once you are done editing, make sure to play your video in editing mode, as this will allow you to make changes at the moment. 
  • Save your content in HD once you are done. You also have the option of exporting directly to any social media page.

Alight Motion MOD APK

The modified version of Alight Motion MOD APK is packed with features you’d be surprised to see. The premium features it offers are incredible, making your editing look professional. And the best part is that you get all those tools for free.

If you are looking for an editing application that is free and as good as any popular and pricey editing application, then Alight Motion is the one you need. 

It is time for you to create the best animations using high-quality app tools. Make your work look spectacular, and share it with your friends and family. Tell them you are good at editing videos using all-time best Alight Motion. 

Alight Motion MOD Features:

Let’s see what modified features Alight Motion offers.

No Watermarks

  • Watermarks ruin the display of the video clips. But now, with the modified version, you don’t need to worry about watermarks as you can easily remove them. So create as many videos as you want with no watermarks!

Zero Ads

  • Ads are very annoying, especially in the middle of your work. Editing requires time and effort, but annoying ads can cause delays.
  • Now the premium version of Alight Motion ensures that there are no ads. Now do all your editing without getting bothered by the annoying ads.

Choose your favorite Font.

  • The application itself offers a variety of fonts. But still, if you want your own, you can import as per your choice. You can also access all the font styles in the premium version, so don’t worry about the limited access because you get everything.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Considering the features it offers, the application size is not that much.

If you are using the modified version, you can remove the watermarks.

Yes, this editing application is available for iPhone and Android users. 


Alight Motion MOD APK is a mindblowing editing application that you should have downloaded to your phone. With so many unique features together, editing becomes so simple and fun. Now you can add quality visuals and create animated clips using the best Alight Motion.

This is a go-to application that you should have on your phone. Share your edited work with people and make it look professional using the significant Alight Motion.

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