Angry Birds Journey MOD APK v2.9.1 [Unlimited Coins & Lives]

App Name:Angry Birds Journey MOD APK
Publisher:Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size:146 MB
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2022

About Angry Birds Journey MOD APK


Angry birds journey MOD APK is another fabulous and mind-blowing part of the famous series of angry birds games. But now it is the best version of this series which promote our happiness to the next level and the creator made this game in a simple and calm manner. The graphics of this game is matching for the series’ style. 

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In this part, you feel the great adventure on an island that is full of birds. You can build your own territory and fight with your enemies. You can play this game on both PC and mobile.


Angry Birds Journey APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is easy and remains identical to earlier versions. You need to destroy the lands of the piggies with the use of a slingshot and not only destroy their lands but also save the hostages trapped in their cells and in ice.

You must hit accurately on their sites in the appearance of the dangerous pigs. It contains many levels and each level has different targets that you need to do them. The more you clear the coming levels more you become powerful and win unlimited money. This game is enjoyable for every age of people.


Angry Birds Journey APK Features:

We will now talk about some of the fantastic features that Angry Birds Journey offers.

Hundreds of Dynamic Levels

  • This game has hundreds of dynamic levels which you pass very efficiently. Every level has different targets and extra procedures to pass it. 
  • Also, the format of the levels is eye-catching because they have many attractive sights and looks of the charming world.

Easy and Simple Interface

  • The interface of this game is very easy and can be accessed easily. The display of this game boosts you and every entity or player in this game can’t leave the game until the last moment.
  •  You can construct beautiful and strong towers and you have a number of unique birds to bombard on the rival land.
  •  You can get every detail on the screen about any aspect of this game without any problem which helps you to monitor the actions of the villains.

Effective Shooting Gun

  • The main feature of this game is the effective and unique shooting gun which makes it easy to drill enemies’ grounds.

Tips to play

This game is very difficult. You can find glory by using the advice that is provided below.

  • First, you play this game in defensive mode and create your architecture.
  • After this, you attack the land of the villains and destroy their lands with a powerful full shooting machine.
  • After the attack, you need to release the hostages locked in their cells.
  • You need to pass the all targets given in a level and go to the next one but conquering the enemy is not easy due to their strong walls and thrones.
  • After every stage, you win some rewards and upgrade your resources according to your needs.

Angry Birds Journey MOD APK

Angry Birds Journey Mod APK is the latest and cracked version of the simple Angry Birds Journey Apk.It is fully unblocked features without any money. You win unlimited coins according to your needs. You also win unlimited lives to conquer the villain.

In this game, you attack the lands of the pigs with the help of a fully featured slingshot which helps you to destroy them. This game has highly superior graphics and a simple user interface.

You can play this with or without the internet. You can download this game on both PC and mobile through this website. It can’t be downloaded from the google play store.

Angry Birds Journey MOD Features:

Let us discuss some of the amazing Angry Birds Journey Mod features.

Unlimited Coins and Lives

  •  You get unlimited coins that help you to upgrade your abilities and purchase anything in the game. 
  • It also provides you unlimited lives which helps you to strike enemies very easily and thrashed them.

Amazing Animation and Sound Effects

  •  In this game, you will experience amazing and mind-blowing animations and sound effects. It gives you fascinating animations with 3D effects.
  •  Sound effects are different for different movements. For example, it gives you an explosive sound effect when shooting the slingshoot.

Fully unlocked levels

  • This game offers you the opportunity to unblock all the levels in the game and play every level you desire. This mod feature helps you pass all the levels smoothly and fastly.

Fully powered slingshot

  • This mod game gives you the fully featured powerful slingshot to attack the pig’s architecture. It helps you destroy their barriers and thrones without any difficulty and skillfully.

Stars without any limit

  •  Stars play a very significant function in this game and this moded version gives you unlimited stars. Which helps you to buy boosters and different items without any pressure on your budget. These stars make you more and more powerful.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Angry Birds Journey Mod APK is free to download from this website.

Yes, this game gives you high graphics with 3D effects.

Yes, this game is downloaded on mobile very easily and it also downloads on PC.

Yes, this game takes very less or minor storage in your device, and it also plays without the internet.

Yes, this game is fully secured to download because it not having any viruses and can’t damage your devices.


Angry birds mod APK is the best puzzle game having every feature completely unblocked. You have unlimited coins, lives, and stars to control your enemies because with these features you can buy anything, and upgrade everything without any problems.

In this version, you attack the enemy with a powerful slingshot. After the attack, you rescue the hostages from the cells of the enemies. This game has 3D graphics and magnificent visual effects.

It includes hundreds of interesting levels that you are passed according to the assigned targets. This version is free for all and downloaded on android and PC.

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