Apple Knight MOD APK v2.3.1 [Unlimited Money & Unlocked]

App Name:Apple Knight MOD APK
Publisher:Limitless, LLC
Size:68 MB
Last Updated:17 Aug

About Apple Knight MOD APK


Apple Knight MOD APK is an amazing and mind-blowing action game. It is very enjoyable for every age of people. This game has many features and wonderful graphics.

In this game, you play as a hero who fights with different types of enemies those who snatch the kingdom from his forefathers. It has many special levels with different enemies.

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You should need to upgrade your resources and weapons to conquer the villains very efficiently. you can unlock the different lands or worlds to conquer them. You need to apply peace in your kingdom because the whole kingdom relies on you.

This game is full of enjoyment with different outstanding features. It is free to download on android.


Apple Knight APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Apple Knight is very attractive and easy to play. You need to fight different styles of enemies such as witches, knights, evil forces, etc. It has 4 worlds with forty stages and 4 big bosses. You fight with these enemies very technically and beat them to bring back your kingdom.

In this game, you simply fight with the villains of all the worlds and upgrade your resources and weapons. Because it enables you to take over the enemies smoothly. Every level or world has different types of enemies with different characteristics so you need to play skillfully which glorifies your gaming skills.


Apple Knight APK Features:

Apple Knight has so many features but some of them are written below:

Collect money and upgrade your abilities and weapons

  • In this game, you will play different levels of different characteristics that give you some money after passing it.
  • You need to buy or upgrade your abilities and weapons to fight the upcoming dangerous enemies.

Extraordinary graphics

  • This game has extraordinary and well-defined graphics. These graphics make the game very interesting and full of joy.
  • These graphics are also merged with unique sound effects. These sound effects create different sounds on different actions.

Customize your own character

  • Apple Knight allows you to customize your own character. You can customize its appearance and skills.
  • Different types of things are available in this game that you picked for the character such as skin color, costumes, and many more.
  • You can merge different types of skills in your charters and integrate many weapons with them.
  • Skills are upgraded by spending some coins so you need to play more levels and win the coins to upgrade characters’ skills.

Easy to control

  • This game has a very reliable and simple user interface.
  • You can do anything with a single touch of the button on the screen. It has different buttons for different actions.
  • You need to use these buttons very flexibly.

Tips To Play

This game is not so easy. That’s why to beat the enemies very easily you need to follow these instructions written.

  • You need to fight with different types of enemies very technically.
  • Upgrade your resources and weapons after winning some levels and money.
  • Goes to the unblocked levels in a fully equipped manner.
  • Unlock all over the world and fight their bosses and enemies with real-life manners.
  • Defeat all of them and acquire your fairy tale kingdom.

Apple Knight MOD APK

Apple Knight MOD APK is a fantasy game for all gamers with fully unblocked features. It is very effective and enjoyable than a simple version of this game.

Because in the simple version you need to unlock many features with your own skills. This process takes very much time so the modded version of Apple Knight is best for you.

In this modded version you don’t need to unlock any feature because every feature is fully unblocked in it.

Such as unlimited money, completely unblocked worlds, fully unblocked items and levels, and many more. It is very effective for your gaming tactics and it can be downloaded free through this website.

Apple Knight MOD Features:

Apple Knight Mod APK gives you many features. Some of them are written below:

Different Worlds and Levels

  • This game has four worlds and forty amazing levels.
  • Each world has a big boss which is the chief of all the enemies coming into that world.
  • These levels are full of hardships and attractions that make the pleasurable for every gamer.

Powerful enemies and difficult barriers

  • Apple Knight is a very exceptional game for every extraordinary gamer. It has very powerful enemies and difficult barriers at each level.
  • These enemies and barriers make the game fascinating for everyone and helpful to accelerate your gaming skills.

Unlimited Money

  • This modded version gives you unlimited money forever.
  • You can buy or upgrade anything without any loss of money.

Completely unblocked worlds

  • This game gives you fully unblocked worlds which are full of difficulties.
  • Due to this feature, you can play in any world that you want to play.

Fully unblocked items

  • This modded version gives you all items fully unblocked.
  • You can buy any item without passing any level or world.

Fully Unblocked levels

  • All levels are fully unblocked in this nodded game.
  • This feature allows you to pass any level without any discipline.

Free to Download

  • This game has fully unblocked features which are very helpful for every gamer.
  • But you can download it free through this website without any problem.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this app is free to download.

Yes, this app is safe to download and install because it is free of any viruses.

Yes, this app consumes very less storage in the device. It only takes 68 MB in memory.

Yes, this app has amazing and decent graphics. 


Apple Knight MOD APK is a fantastic action game for android. It has fully unblocked features such as unlimited money, levels, items, and many more. These features make the easy to play and control. This game has gorgeous graphics and mind-blowing sound effects. It is downloaded from this website for free.

In this game, you will experience very interesting enemies and you need to defeat them. It has many worlds and levels which are full of enjoyment and excitement. You can play this and glorify your gaming tactics.

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