Armed Heist MOD APK v2.7.3 (Immortality, God Mode) 2023

App Name:Armed Heist MOD APK
Size:701 MB
Last Updated:17 June

About Armed Heist MOD APK


Armed Heist MOD APK is a fantastic third-person shooter game that allows you to become a thief or robber. You are the villain in this game and do some extraordinary bank robberies in the city.

You faced different challenges during the robbery because banks had lots of security levels and the help of undercover officers and police. You need to protect yourself from these difficulties by planning well, equipped with fantastic weapons and many other types of machinery.

In this game, you enjoyed the life of a villain who robs different banks to become a rich man. It also has excellent graphics with sensational sound effects. You enjoy more than seventy amazing levels that can be passed by using different skills.

It also has wonderful multiplayer gameplay to give you extraordinary fun and enjoyment. It is free to download and has fully unblocked unique features.


Armed Heist APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Armed Heist is very addictive and has many reality-based aspects. You saw different amazing movies that are based on bank robberies and the difficulties that occur in that situations. That’s why the developer of this game gives you a chance to become a bank robber.

In this game, you need to rob more than seventy banks with different techniques and skills. You need to create new plans, pick lethal weapons, use different protective measures and unique machinery and prevent yourself from different security levels.

You can upgrade your skills and weapons and choose different clothes to become the biggest robber or thief.

The main thing you do in this game is to rob different banks and protect yourself from police and bank security. But you do not win the challenge until you rob the given goal at each level.

Use different weapons such as AK-47s, machine guns, shoot guns, ammunition boxes, etc. You also need to drive your armed vehicles away from the police by using different skills.


Armed Heist APK Features:

Armed Heist has many interesting features and some of them are written below:

Become the biggest Bank Robber

  • In this game, you enjoy the fantasy of a villain’s life. You are a bank robber or thief and have a team of villains.
  • You need to rob different banks, money vehicles, jewelry shops, etc by using different maps, creating unique plans, weapons, protective equipment, and different vehicles to complete different missions.

Use different excellent deadly Weapons

  • In this game, you experience the best shooting gameplay with lots of deadly weapons. You can use AK-47s, machine guns, handguns, repeaters, bombs, and many more fantastic weapons.
  • These weapons have different characteristics and skills with lots of customization options.

Enjoy more than seventy Missions

  • In this game, you enjoy more than seventy difficult missions with unique gameplay. These levels can be completed by achieving the given goals.
  • You need to play that level with different plans, unique weapons, and other protective equipment to protect yourself from different attacks.

Apply different plans to achieve the goals

  • Use different plans, maps, and other important things to achieve the required goals at each level.
  • Use different blueprints and weapons to protect himself from diverse types of dangerous raids.

Customize your character’s clothes 

  • You live as a bank robber in this game and need to wear some tricky clothes and masks to hide your identity and protect yourself from different weapon attacks.
  • This game offers you lots of customizations and unique clothes to improve your defense and secrete your reality. 

Incredibles Graphics and Sound effects

  • Armed Heist has very fantastic and realistic 3D graphics and animations. These graphics create lots of amazing shooting action to enjoy yourself.
  • The sound effects of this game are very unique and genuine that offer you amazing themes and audio tracks.

Tips To Play

This game has so many difficulties that can be passed by following the instruction written below:

  • First, download this game from a popular site and jump into the life of a villain.
  • You need to lead your team and do some extraordinary robberies in different banks, money-filled vehicles, jewelry shops, etc.
  • Create wonderful plans, use different amazing weapons, wear different thief clothes, drive different excellent cars, and many other fantastic things to achieve given goals.
  • Protect himself from different attacks from police, underground officers, detectives, and the army by using different escape plans.
  • Upgrade your weapons and clothes to clear diverse types of unique levels efficiently.

Armed Heist MOD APK

Armed Heist MOD APK is the pro version of simple gameplay with lots of hacks and cheats codes. In this game, you do not just enjoy the life of a bank robber but also have fully unblocked premium features.

You have unlimited money and coins, unlimited health, no recoil, menu mode, and many other fantastic features. This game is also free from ads which offer you to enjoy smooth and efficient gameplay. You can download it from this website for free and get extraordinary fun from fully unblocked gameplay.

Armed Heist MOD Features:

Let us describe to you some fantastic mod features of Armed Heist MOD APK.

Unlimited Money

  • In this mod game, you enjoy unlimited money that enables you to unlock different weapons and equipment to win all the missions efficiently.
  • You can buy anything without any decrease in your money which creates lots of easiness in this shooting game.

Unlimited Health

  • During different robberies, you are stuck in the traps of police and undercover agents that take you to the mission failure due to your death.
  • But Armed Heist MOD APK gives you unlimited health that enables you to do anything without any fear of death.
  • The bullets and other explosives weapons can’t damage your health because you have endless health.

All unlocked

  • By playing this mod game you enjoyed fully unlocked gameplay.
  • You have completely unblocked weapons, skins, clothes, maps, and also everything unlimited.
  • These features make you the biggest robber in the game.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

To install this mod game on your device you need to delete the simple version from your device.

Yes, this game is free from ads because mod versions have ad-blocker software to give you smooth gameplay.


Download Armed Heist MOD APK to enjoy the diverse types of notable bank robberies that you have never experienced in any game. It has more than seventy excellent missions with different goals and difficulties.

Use special characters’ clothes, weapons, equipment, armed vehicles, unique maps, and techniques to fulfill all the requirements of each level and enjoy the life of a robber.

This game also offers you completely unblocked gameplay with many fascinating features such as unlimited money, health, no recoil, menu mode, and much more fantastic. You can download it from this website for free and enjoy wonderful 3D graphics with impressive sound effects.

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