Battle Game MOD APK v1.323.0 [Unlimited Money & Gems]

App Name:Battle Game MOD APK
Publisher:Topwar Studio
Size:888 MB
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2022

About Battle Game MOD APK


Battle Game MOD APK is the best strategy action game. In this game, the world is attacked by many villains who want to control the world and kill the people against them. You should need to become a hero.

In this game, you build your land or units to expand your kingdom. You need to make a strong military that is full of unique weapons. Build different units of the military to beat enemies at both the sea and on land area.

Built different unique architecture for your people. Create strong relations with other good kingdoms to make a united force to defeat the enemy.

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This game has many mind-blowing features that make it very enjoyable for every gamer. You are the commander of your military in the fight with dangerous rivals and need to prepare the troops very technically. This game allows you to play with your friends online against the worst rivals. It is an awesome strategy game and downloaded without any cost. 


Battle Game APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Top War: Battle Game is very special that you never experienced before. In this game, you fight with different dangerous enemies who want to take over the world and kill the people of the kingdoms that are loyal to them.

You need to build your islands or kingdom to protect your people. Create powerful troops which are full of dangerous killing weapons to conquer the villains.

In this game, you need to Allie with different kingdoms to make a united and powerful military. You are the commander of your army and train your troops to conquer the enemy’s forces. You have built different powerful units to enlarge and protect your empire.

Create different architectures for the wellness of your people. Take the help of another scientist, big brains, and brave people to make your military more powerful. You need to beat the villains in all battlegrounds such as land, air, and sea.

This game has tremendous visual effects and sound quality that boosts your aggression and helps you make a powerful strategy to beat the villains.


Battle Game APK Features:

Top War: Battle Game has very excellent features and some of them are written below:

Build your island and fight with different enemies

  • In this game, you have an island and you need to build it skillfully to protect your people from different dangerous enemies.
  • You are under attack by different hilarious villains that want to overtake all over the world. So you need to fight against them by using extraordinary tactics and defeat them to extend your land.

Unique and attractive Gameplay

  • This game is very simple and has attractive gameplay.
  • In which you build your land, create a powerful force, Allie with different power, and fight with destructive rivels.

Free to Play

  • This game is free to download and play.
  • You are enjoyed multiple gorgeous features in this game without any cost.

Use different powerups to boost your power

  • This game has so many power-ups that help you play the game efficiently.
  • So you need to unblock different types of power-ups by passing different levels efficiently.

Easy To Control

  • This game has a simple user interface that’s why it is easy to control and play.
  • Every button option is available on the screen and you can use them with one touch.

Exceptional Graphics and Sound effects

  • This game has exceptional graphics and sound effects.
  • You feel like you are in a real fight against your enemies due to the beautiful visual effects and sound quality.

Play with friends Online

  • This game can be played online with different people.
  • You can join your friends and fight with your common enemies.

Tips To Play

This game is not so easy to play. So to conquer all the villains you need to follow the instructions written below:

  • In the beginning, you need to create your island or kingdom having multiple buildings for the happy life of your people.
  • Built a strong army that has extraordinary weapons created by different amazing scientists, big brains and mechanics, etc.
  • Command and train your troops and give different strategies to make them stronger.
  • Allie with different kingdoms in different missions to fight with the common enemy.
  • Upgrade your resources and skills of troops.
  • Fight with enemies to expand your kingdoms.
  • Create different bases for protection and also play online with different friends to kill all the enemies.

Battle Game MOD APK

Battle Game MOD APK is the modded version of a simple Top War: Battle game. In this game, you have enjoyed the fully unblocked feature. The simple version of this game takes so much time to complete all the missions or challenges and you need to unlock different features or items.

In this modded game, you don’t need to unblock anything because it includes all the features unlocked. Moreover, you have unlimited money and coins, fully unlocked levels, unlimited everything, no ads, and many more features.

You can buy or upgrade everything at any time. In addition, you can play every level or challenge without passing the previous levels. It has awesome graphics and sensational sound effects. You can download this modded game for free through this website. 

Battle Game MOD Features:

However, Battle Game MOD APK has so many features and some of them are written below:

Unlimited Money and Gems

  • This modded version gives you unlimited money and gems.
  • You can buy or upgrade everything in the game without any loss in your money or gems.

Fully Unblocked Levels

  • In this game, you can play any level at any time without passing the previous one because it has fully unblocked levels.
  • You can play higher level before playing lower or earlier.

Ads free

  • This game is free from ads.
  • You play this game without disturbing by any ads.

Unlimited Everything

  • This game gives you everything or features unlimited.
  • You can buy or upgrade everything and can play any level and many more because you have unlimited everything.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, this game is not available on Google Play Store because it is the cracked or modded version of Battle Game.

Yes, this game is free to download from this website.

Yes, this game is secure to download on android devices because it is free of viruses.


Battle Game MOD APK is a very pleasant and mind-blowing strategy game. The gameplay is very amazing and lovely because it allows you to build your island or kingdom. Fight with different dangerous enemies by creating powerful military bases.

Allie with different kingdoms and become the commander of a united force. This game has different awesome levels and challenges with fully unblocked features. It has brilliant graphics and beautiful sound effects. It is downloaded free from this website and has enjoyment for you.

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