Bed Wars MOD APK v1.9.2.1 [Unlimited Gcubes & Money]

App Name:Bed Wars MOD APK
Publisher:Blockman GO Studio
Size:117 MB
Last Updated:9 Nov

Bed Wars MOD APK


Bed wars MOD APK is a cooperative PVP game where you battle other players on small islands. To win, you must defeat all of your opponents by destroying their beds and protecting your own. The Blockman GO Studio just created the game in 2018, and it is now the biggest Block game, including over 50 Million installations.

According to the game’s narrative, Bed Wars is a game of bed defense between four separate sides. To reach the three competing groups and demolish their beds, you must use the blocks to build bridges.

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The winner of the game is the last bed standing. Start playing this crazy block-graphics game and stand and fight with other players worldwide.


Bed Wars APK Gameplay

Bed Wars APK is a distinct mode in “block video games” that has been around for a very long period. So many gamers regularly play and study it. The challenge with the same name decided not to break from the previously established characteristics and kept everything as it was.

The motion is simple and complex in its base. As many beds represent your base, you must protect it while also being able to demolish your opponents’ beds.

There are up to 4 groups present makes everything challenging since you may expect attacks from all sides. Use many methods you will learn about in-depth on media sharing sites and in relevant groups on social media platforms.

Sixteen participants will first be split up into four teams. Every one of those teams will arrive on an island and attempt to stay alive. You won’t be dead forever, provided your house is still standing.

If a player’s bed is still intact, you can revive him. Your goal is to construct a bridge over your rivals’ islands. From here, you must ruin their beds. They won’t be able to withstand your attacks without a bed.


Bed Wars APK Features:

The complete store menu for free

  • Bed Wars APK is here to provide you with the most amazing gifts you’ve ever heard. It is a game with the same gameplay interface and all the abilities you want. Click the installation button to begin using all of your preferred guns and their amazing skins for nothing.

Countless Keys

  • The keys are the second and perhaps most valuable resource in the block game Bed Wars. While enjoying this joyful game, you may purchase endless Prop Privilege, HP Boost, Gold Raise, Flame Enchant, and Double XP to become everlasting.

No ads

  • It is based on a strategy of zero interruptions. What could be more enjoyable than defending your bed while using all the top strategies without being interrupted by advertisements?

Bed Wars MOD APK

You may play Bed Wars MOD APK while building a team, assigning tasks, attacking the opposing base, defending your bed, having unlimited things, and engaging in action-packed activities. The action category satisfied gamers with its thrilling narratives and amazing levels.

It is without a doubt the action that you will enjoy gradually. It is a simple yet challenging game that keeps you interested and is entertaining at different levels. The game’s goal is to eliminate the opposing bed and collect resources for the base’s defense.

In other terms, it’s a battle between players to eliminate every additional bed. It is a renowned game made just for games that love Minecraft.

Furthermore, this fun game features an endless supply of money, keys, gems, cubes, and other items. Players will get a breakdown of each objective in this area that they need to understand.

Bed Wars MOD Features:

Unlimited Money

  • To achieve success more quickly, players are always looking for creative solutions inside the game that demonstrate their ability to perform at the greatest level.
  • Unlimited resources for money may be a magnificent source of work, achievement, and retaining a place in the game. Additionally, the Bed Wars provide unlimited money for winning in sporting competitions.

 Build Team

  • Although playing alone is enjoyable, playing in a setting where you may assemble a squad of sixteen people, where each cluster is divided into four separate lands, or where a problem adds to the game’s charm, is much more enjoyable.
  • The player that enters the island will also receive iron, gold, and other items, win first games and unlock further resources.

Removal of ads

  • Most players leave games because of unwanted advertisements. Ads, however, aren’t supplemental in this game. And many gamers want this functionality to have pleasure.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Because no viruses were found when Bed Wars was checked by anti-malware software, the app is completely secure. According to different antivirus software, it is completely secure. Therefore, installing Bed Wars APK is completely secure.

This game has various new features in its most recent version, 2.1.5. That keeps the gamer engaged throughout the whole game. You’ll see that everything is unlimited and that all of the game’s levels are now open to you.

No, the game is free of ads. Many games accept advertisements, and the need for advertisements is also a consequence of negative user reviews. Therefore, you’ll enjoy playing this game’s many rounds without ads.


On our hectic planet, money and effort are the most important resources, yet we spend them on Android games. With the engaging gameplay of Bed Wars MOD APK, players will engage in fierce team fights to defend the base and attack other gamers.

Players may demonstrate their talents and capacity for strategic thought while collaborating with others. It’ll be a game that you may play to calm down after long days of demanding work and study.

Play the game right now, and also don’t hesitate to leave a comment so that everyone can see what you think. If you have any issues with the installation, or if this does not work for you, please comment below.

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