Best Fiends MOD APK v11.1.2 [Unlimited Gold & Energy]

App Name:Best Fiends MOD APK
Publisher:Seriously Digital Entertainment LTD.
Size:297.28 MB
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2022

About Best Fiends MOD APK


Best Fiends MOD APK is the most unique match-3 puzzle game. In this game, you need to help the little bugs of the miniature world from dirty snails and slugs. These enemies capture their fairy tale land which was coming from the mounted bomb.

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In this game, you play different interesting levels to conquer the slugs. You match at least 3 same colors items in every level to get some awesome attacking items to punish the villains. This game has multiple mind-blowing heroes that can be unlocked after passing different levels. This game has sensational graphics and sound effects. It is free to download for android users to enjoy it.


Best Fiends APK Gameplay

Best Friends game has very simple and attractive gameplay. In this game, you are living with different pretty miniatures without any problems. But after some time a meteor or something destructive attacked the mounted bomb.

This meteor increases the power of different creatures such as slugs that want to take over the world. You first need to create barriers to stop their forwarding by playing the extraordinary levels.

In this game, you need to match at least three blocks or items to get some interesting attacks. These attacks help you to clear the enemies from these levels. This game gives you multiple heroes that you can use to destroy all the slugs.

But you need to be aware of these slugs because they contain awesome power that can destroy you. You need to fight the enemies very carefully and find the secret of the mounted bomb. This game has very addictive gameplay that helps you to increase your gaming skills.


Best Fiends APK Features:

Now we describe some amazing features of Best Friends.

Amazing Gameplay

  • This game has amazing and simple gameplay.
  • In this game, you solve unique puzzles to obtain destructive attacks to kill enemies.
  • You must match at least three blocks and can create your own team to conquer the foes.

Interesting and unique levels 

  • Best friends contain the most interesting and unique puzzle levels.
  • These levels give you mind-blowing gameplay because you match 3 or more three blocks to get some interesting features.
  • These levels are very simple at the start but you faced many difficulties at higher levels.

Build your team

  • This game allows you to create teams that contain cute heroes.
  • You need to make the most powerful team that can destroy diverse dangerous villains.
  • Use suitable gems to unlock the maximum potential of your team heroes.

Play with Friends 

  • Best Friends is a very interesting game that you can play with your friends online.
  • You play with your friends to destroy the enemies efficiently.

Fantastic graphics and sound effects

  • This game includes fantastic graphics and sound effects.
  • You have enjoyed excellent visual effects because each level has different stories and gameplay.
  • The sound effects of this game are very incredible. You have enjoyed different levels with amazing graphics and beautiful music.

Tips to play

This game is not so easy. So to secure your miniature world you need to follow the instruction written below:

  • In this game, you need to fight with slugs very carefully.
  • Play different amazing levels to get excellent attacks to destroy the enemies.
  • Create your team of cute characters and customize them after some time.
  • Find the secret story of the mounted bomb to know how the slugs come into your lands.
  • Play with friends online to kill the rivals skillfully.

Best Fiends MOD APK

Best Fiends MOD APK is a fantastic puzzle game with fully unblocked features. In this game, you fight with dirty snails that want to overcome the world. You need to stop them and find the mystery of the mounted bomb from where they came.

This game has very gorgeous gameplay because you need to match at least three blocks to get amazing attacks to destroy the enemies. But this mod version has completely unblocked features such as unlimited gold, gems, energy, and many more.

These features help you destroy all the enemies efficiently. It has excellent graphics and sound effects that create lots of fun and enjoyment for you. It is free to download for android and you can download it from this website.

Best Fiends MOD Features:

This game has mind-blowing features that are written below:

Free to play

  • This game has incredible features without any cost. It means that you can play this game for free.
  • You have enjoyed this game having extraordinary puzzle gameplay.

Unlimited Gold

  • Best Fiends MOD APK gives you stunning gameplay with unlimited gold.
  • You can buy anything at any time according to your requirements and there is no decrement in gold.

Unlimited Gems

  • This modded game has unlimited gems that are very useful to kill enemies.
  • You can unlock the capabilities of different heroes of your team by using these gems correctly.
  • You can upgrade different things through these gems without any loss.

No Ads

  • This mod version is free from ads.
  • You can play the game efficiently without any distractions of ads in your game.

Unlimited Energy

  • Sometimes you lose all the giving energy in the game by losing the levels and after that, you can’t play the game for some time.
  • But this mod version gives you unlimited energy that helps you play any level without any wait.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this game is free to download.

Indeed, this game is safe. You can easily download and play this game without any problems.

Yes, this game has good graphics.


Best Fiends MOD APK is a unique match-3 puzzle game with extraordinary gameplay. It contains hundreds of mind-blowing levels and extraordinary heroes. You can make your own team of heroes to destroy the slugs which want to conquer the world.

This game has incredible graphics and sound effects. You have enjoyed fully unblocked features such as unlimited gold, gems, energy, and many more. It also frees from ads and can be downloaded from this website for free.

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