Bike Rivals MOD APK v1.5.2 [Bikes Unlocked & MOD Fuel]

App Name:Bike Rivals MOD APK
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About Bike Rivals MOD APK


Bike Rivals MOD APK is a 2D bike racing game. This game is physics-based, you will not violate any rules of physics during the race. Players can go on a long journey with their motorbikes to show their road driving skills. 

In other bike race games, you just have to compete with your fellow rider and make it to the end at first to win. In this game, players have to strictly follow the given time and have to complete their laps during that time.

There is a variety of thrill-packed challenges that shake you on the bike. To complete those challenges, you have to control your nerves and hit the accelerator harder. You will get many obstacles and distractions during your race. But you have to keep going forward in any case to win the title. 

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This 2D has no challenge in which you have to run your bike on smooth roads, every challenge or level has unique obstacles, jumps, loops, and up-down roads. Start your bike and get to these challenging yet impressive roads to test your driving skills.


Bike Rivals APK Gameplay

Bike Rivals is a 2D bike racing game. The game has excellent gameplay. The freedom of running the bike at the ultimate speed can be found in the game. 

Time is a key role in the game. You have to clear all of the available tracks in the given time. 

The bike allows you to play and compete with millions of bike riders from all around the world. You need to forget about everything and concentrate on the game to beat the others. 


Bike Rivals APK Features:


  • Physics and rules of physics are strictly followed in this game. Players and their bikes are both bound to the mechanics of physics. 

Every level of the game has obstacles that fulfill the physics No unimaginable stunts are there in the game.  

Ease of Controls

  • Bike Rivals game has easy in-game controls. Players can easily control their bikes during each level of the game. You don’t need to have prior bike racing experience to play this game.

No Violence

  • Therefore, the game contains not even a single scene of violence or any mature content that is not suitable for any age group.
  • No 18+ contents can be seen in the game. Anyone from any age group can play this game without any fear.

Play Anywhere

  • Another great feature of the Bike Rivals game is that users can play this game from anywhere as this game doesn’t require the internet to play. 
  • You can access all features of this offline. 

Deadly Challenges

  • The game has lots of in-game challenges and deadly levels. Players have to pass through each level to make it to the end in time. 
  • Players can play this game with players from all over the world through its multiplayer feature. Players can unlock the multiplayer feature only after completing 8 game levels

Tips To Play

Below are the essential tips to play the Bike Rivals game more smoothly and more fun. 

  • Moreover, you need nitro as much as possible to run the fastest bike. Nitro can be collected by doing successful stunts. Every time to accomplish a stunt, you get a little amount of nitro.
  • You need to save yourself by knocking out of the game. Every time you do a stunt watch out head. If you hit your head, you’re done for the game. You will be pushed to restart your levels.

Bike Rivals MOD APK

Bike Rivals MOD APK is the modified version of the original game. This version is developed for particularly those gamers, who love to use all premium and free features of the game. 

This MOD APK has allowed its users to use the full functionality of this game. Players can use any premium paid bikes without spending any dime. You can go to any level of the game without waiting for too long to get the levels unlocked. 

You can only find all premium features of the Bike Rivals MOD APK by downloading this MOD APK from this website and playing it.  

Bike Rivals MOD Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features of Bike Rivals MOD APK, that you’ll get in this app:

Unlimited Fuel

  • In addition, in this cool bike racing game, fuel is the primary key feature to let the game go smoothly. In the original version of the game, fuel is always in short supply. 
  • But this MOD APK provides unlimited fuel features to its users. Players don’t need to wait for long times to get the fuel back. Download the game and enjoy.

All Unlocked Bikes

  • In the beginning, like all other bike racing games. Players have only one bike by default. Players can purchase other in-game bikes after completing the levels.
  • Purchasing cool bikes is not much easy as they are much expensive. The developers of this MOD APK allow the game users to select any bike to use, without any cash.
  • All bikes are opened in this game.

Unlocked Levels

  • Also, all games follow the hierarchy of the levels from bottom to top.
  • But, players can find all levels unlocked in this MOD APK. Now, you can change the hierarchy of your will.

No ADs

  • Players always hate these cheesy ads, which never leave the gamers to play with whole concentration.
  • Fortunately, this MOD APK doesn’t contain any of these sticky ads. Play games peacefully now.

 Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, you will find these super cool new bikes in the store of the game for free.

Indeed, there is no restriction of age limit to play the game. Anyone greater than 12 can play the game.


Bike Rivals MOD APK is no less than a blessing for bike racing game lovers. The game has added much value to this genre. And by using the MOD APK of this game, you will be astonished to witness the features of this game.

So, players can play this game with their favorite premium features without spending money. If you also want to be the master of this game, download the MOD APK from this website. Believe me, you won’t regret this.

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