Blocky Castle MOD APK v1.16.10 [Unlimited Money]

App Name:Blocky Castle MOD APK
Publisher:isTom Games
Size:47 MB
Last Updated:17 Sep

About Blocky Castle MOD APK


Blocky Castle MOD APK is an extremely fun game. In which the player experiences a dream world of beautiful animals. In this game, you give directions to the animal to climb tall and dangerous towers and reach the top. These animals climb to the top of the castle in a spiral motion.

This game is full of adventure because the castles have diverse barriers or obstacles. If you don’t play the game carefully then your animal is trapped in different obstacles and you fail the mission. After losing the game you need to play the game from the beginning.

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This game has different amazing characters and castles that create enjoyment and fun. It has fantastic graphics and incredible sound effects. It is free to download and you can download it from this website efficiently.


Blocky Castle APK Gameplay

Blocky Castle has very simple and unique gameplay and it is very enjoyable for every age of gamer. In this game, you give instructions to the animals in climbing different dangerous castles and towers.

You need to slide your finger right on the screen to move your animals in the right direction. You can clear the level by climbing the animal on the top of the tower safely. But during the journey, your animal faced different dangerous obstacles such as spikes, falling stones, fire barrels, and many more.

In this game, you enjoy extraordinary graphics and decent sound effects. You must protect your animal or character from different barriers and dangers in the game because if you don’t tackle the obstacles you will lose the game.

You see the door during the climbing which is sometimes very dangerous and sometimes that is a shortcut. So use these doors carefully to reach the top of the castle and win reasonable coins to upgrade your power in the game. This game has multiple castles and different characters with excellent gameplay.


Blocky Castle APK Features:

The blocky castle has very amazing features and some of them are written below:

Lots of Amazing Characters

  • This game has lots of amazing and interesting characters which contain different formations and characteristics.
  • These characters have different skills that help you to pass the level easily.

Easy to Control

  • This game has a very simple user interface that helps you to play the game efficiently.
  • Every move of the character is easily done with one touch on the screen.

Simple and Unique Gameplay

  • Blocky Castle has very simple and unique gameplay.
  • You just give the right direction to your animal during the climbing on the castle. You lost the levels if you won’t tackle the barriers coming in the journey.
  • You experience diverse types of castles and towers in the game.

Extraordinary Graphics and Sound Effects

  • This game has extraordinary graphics and decent sound effects.
  • You experience the fantastic visuals and sensational music of different actions in the game which are very enjoyable.

Free to Play

  • This game is free to download and play with lots of brilliant features.
  • The gameplay of this game is very simple and attractive which is very enjoyable for every age of gamer. 

Tips To Play

This game is not as easy as you think. To conquer all the castles you need to follow the instructions govern below:

  • You need to climb the castle very carefully and protect your character from different dangerous barriers.
  • Don’t take unnecessary moves and actions during the climbing.
  • Use different tactics to clear all the obstacles such as jumping when a rock comes forward to you suddenly.
  • You win coins after playing levels and need to spend them to upgrade your resources.
  • And conquer all the castles and towers sincerely to become the absolute winner.

Blocky Castle MOD APK

Blocky Castle is a very awesome and unique action game. In this game, you need to provide direction to your character to conquer the different castles and towers. You instruct your animal or character by dragging your finger correctly to climb to the top of the castle.

This journey contains lots of barriers that can damage you and you need to counter them technically. But this game has multiple castles and has very slow gameplay that takes lots of time. So to complete all the levels efficiently we offer you the modded version of this game.

In the Blocky Castle MOD APK, you have fully unblocked features that make the game easy to play than the simple version. You have unlimited money and fully unblocked skins.

These features help you to buy and upgrade everything in the game without any problem. This game has amazing visual effects and sound quality which create tons of fun and joy. You can download it free from this website. 

Blocky Castle MOD Features:

Blocky Castle MOD APK has excellent mod features that are written below:

Unlimited Money

  • This modded version provides you with unlimited money.
  • You can buy and upgrade anything at any time without any deficiency of money.
  • This feature makes you more powerful which helps you to pass all the levels easily.

All Skins Unlocked

  • Blocky Castle MOD APk gives you completely unlocked skins.
  • You can use these skills at any time according to your needs.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Blocky Castle MOD APK is safe to download because it is free from viruses.

Yes, this game consumes very less storage in the device.

Yes, this game is free to download and play.


Blocky Castle MOD APK is a very sensational action fun game that is interesting for every gamer who wants to get relaxed and enjoyed. In this game, you climb the different dangerous towers with animals by passing harmful barriers which are very enjoyable and unique for everyone.

It also gives you completely unblocked features such as unlimited money and unlocked skins. These features allow you to do anything you want.

So download this game from this website for free and get enjoyed impressive graphics and sound effects.

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