Bloody Bastards MOD APK v3.2.4 [All Unlocked]

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About Bloody Bastards MOD APK


Bloody Bastards MOD APK is an interesting and unique game that you have never experienced.  You won’t face different difficulties and tough controllers because in this game you just fight with dangerous bloody basterds which are your brothers who want to capture all of the medieval kingdoms. So you need to fight with them in a PVP fighting mode using different amazing weapons.

In this game, you experience a simple one-on-one fighting action between you and a bloody bastard, and one of them is necessarily lost. It has very decent graphics and sensational sound effects. You choose different types of harmful weapons such as knives, hammers, swords, axes, and many more to kill the enemy.

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This game offers you lots of interesting levels with powerful enemies. You need to enjoy all the levels by fighting different bastards to beat them. Use different extraordinary customization of your character. It has a very simple user interface because one opponent must be lost in a fight. It is free to download with lots of amazing features and endless battles. 


Bloody Bastards APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Bloody Bastards is very simple and addictive for every age of gamer. In this game, you fight with different bastards in player-versus-player(PVP) mode without any roles and regulations. You control your fighter with given buttons on the screen and battle with dangerous enemies.

This game has lots of amazing levels with endless challenges and opponents. You choose different weapons such as swords, axes, knives, and many more to conquer the rivals. The game is finished when one opponent is lost so you need to beat the enemy in a given time otherwise you will lose.

In this game, you need to unlock tons of extraordinary customization for your characters such as different weapons, shields, legs, bodies, and many more harmful items to stronger your opponent. You need to unlock different fighters after beating previous ones and win handsome money. Play online with different friends and other gamers worldwide.


Bloody Bastards APK Features:

Bloody Bastards has lots of excellent features and some of them are written below:

Simple and Addictive Gameplay

  • Bloody Bastards has very simple and addictive gameplay.
  • In this game you just fight with an opponent and need to defeat it otherwise you will lose.

Amazing Graphics and Incredible Sound Effects

  • You enjoy amazing graphics with incredible sound effects by playing this fantastic game.
  • These features create wonderful actions and music that make the game very interesting and enjoyable.

Exciting Offline Gameplay

  • This game gives you lots of in-game challenges with extraordinary features without the internet.
  • You play offline, fighting with multiple dangerous bastards to enjoy.

Customize your players with Amazing Items

  • This game allows you to customize your character with different amazing items to make it stronger and good-looking.
  • You can customize different components of the character such as shields, helmets, weapons, body, legs, and many more.

Fight with powerful bastards

  • In this game, you fight with different destructive and powerful bastards on different amazing levels.
  • After beating a bastard you face a stronger enemy than the previous.

Interesting gaming modes and unique characters

  • This game offers amazing single-player and multiplayer gaming modes. You enjoy both modes by playing different challenges in them.
  • You also have the option to pick different unique characters to fight with rivals. These characters have different characteristics and skills which give you lots of pleasure.

No rules for fighting

  • Really this game has no rules for fighting because you fight with an enemy in a one-on-one match and need to beat it in 1 minute.
  • So you attack him with any technique to win the fight.

Tips To Play

This game is not as easy as you think. So to defeat the enemies efficiently you need to follow the instructions written below.

  • At the start, you need to fight with different bastards very carefully.
  • Pick different harmful weapons before the fight.
  • Unlock different other fighters by winning the fights.
  • Customize your character with different items given in the game.
  • Use the money to upgrade your power and play diverse in-game challenges offline. 

Bloody Bastards MOD APK

Bloody Bastards MOD APK is a fantastic action game with a simple user interface. In this game, you experience all the features likely to a simple version because it is a modded version of Bloody Bastards. But you have fully unblocked features in this mod version such as unlimited money, free shopping, and many more. It has tremendous graphics and mind-blowing sound effects.

In this game, you experience the PVP fight with different dangerous bloody bastards. You have fully unblocked levels, and enemies and have free shopping which enables you to buy everything without any money problems. It is free to download from this website and gives you a unique fighting experience.

Bloody Bastards MOD Features:

Let us describe to you the outstanding mod features of Bloody Bastards MOD APK.

Easy to Control

  • This game has a very simple user interface that makes the game easy to control.
  • You just control your fighter by pressing some buttons given on the screen.

Free to Play

  • This game is free to play and has lots of incredible features.
  • You enjoy the realistic one-versus-one fight with astonishing graphics and sound effects without any payment.

Unlimited Money

  • This mod version gives you unlimited money to buy anything.
  • You can easily purchase anything because you have endless money which makes you more powerful than your opponent.

All Unlocked

  • This mod version gives you fully unlocked features such as unlimited shopping, fully unblocked levels and fighters, complete customization options, and many more.
  • These features make you more powerful and create lots of fun and enjoyment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bloody Bastards MOD APK is safe to download because it is free from different viruses.

Yes, this game consumes less storage in the device.

Yes, this game is free to download.


Bloody Bastards MOD APK is a fun action game with lots of uniqueness and entertainment. In this game, you fight with different fighters without any rules or regulations. You experience the simple PVP gameplay where one fighter will necessarily lose.

This game has awesome graphics and wonderful sound effects. It also contains fully unblocked features such as unlimited money, free shopping, fully unblocked levels, character, and many more.

You can buy and upgrade anything in the game without any problems or limitations. It is free to download from this website and gives you unforgettable pleasure.

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