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About Boom Beach MOD APK


Another exciting game developed by Supercell, popularly known as the creators of Clash of Clans, is Boom Beach MOD APK. In Boom Beach, you must create a massive fort on an island and protect it from enemies that attack it. Your role would be to participate in and lead a battle to conquer more lands and win against the enemies. 

It is your responsibility to establish the peace that the criminals took. Create mighty armies to get back your seized lands and islands quickly. Boom Beach will take you on an epic journey where you have to explore the great ocean and prepare forces to fight against your enemy.

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Thus if you are a crazy fan of Clash of Clans, you will enjoy this version too. The gameplay is pretty much similar. However, the difference lies in the new plot and context of the game. You can explore the sea and create forts on islands during this time. It’s time to start playing Boom Beach and design epic forts.


Boom Beach APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Boom Beach MOD APK is very impressive. It is almost the same as the famous game Clash of Clans. But this time, you are required to establish a fort on an island instead of land.

Moreover, you will have to protect it and lead battles to ensure the safety as well as protection of your people. Once you win, you will be given rewards that you never imagined. To create a powerful force!

Boom Beach also allows you to connect and play with other people. The other people will be your enemies and try to destroy your bases, so watch out for them. Leave your troops on guard, and attack their bases when the enemy is not looking.

Boom Beach is a straightforward game but involves strategy; thus, it is addictive. With incredible graphics and sound quality, players from all around the world enjoy it thoroughly. Install Boom Beach and see why millions of people play it. 


Boom Beach APK Features:

Create your forts and conquer islands

  • Begin with creating forts and bases on your island. Ensure you have enough solid grounds and prepare your troops for raids.
  • Challenge the opponent or the Blackguards and win against them to gain rewards. It’s easy, exciting, and a lot of fun.

Fun and Intriguing Gameplay

  • The gameplay is fun as well as highly intriguing for the users. You can participate in raids, collect gold and rewards, and utilize your time to develop an incredible fort.
  • Do whatever you want, but slowly prepare your troops for battles. The more you win, the more rewards you get. 

Play with other players

  • Yes, you can fight battles against other players and challenge whoever you want. Once your army is ready, challenge the other party and win against them. In this way, you can connect with other players playing worldwide.

Tips To Play

Boom Beach is a straightforward yet fun game to play. There are no such rules, but this guide below will help you become a pro at them.

  • Make sure you thoroughly read the instructions for the game. This way, you will know how to create forts and develop an army.
  • Frequently challenge other players and participate in battles to make money and win rewards.
  • Look for upgrades. You will get rewards as soon as you win, and you can use those to upgrade your existing forts and overall troops.
  • Make your move at the right time, and attack only when the enemy is not watching you. Otherwise, it will result in defeat. 
  • Play with other players, see how well they are doing in the game, and learn new skills.

Boom Beach MOD APK

Now Supercell has introduced the modified version of Boom Beach MOD APK. This version has exciting new features and high-quality graphics that attract users worldwide.

In the beginning, you are required to look for islands where you can set up your entire military base and establish forts to protect yourself and your troops. Once done with that, you can fight against other players and conquer their lands to expand your territory. 

There are a few tasks that you need to complete to win rewards. Once you win prizes, you can use those to upgrade your forts and make your troops more powerful.

If you are into strategy games, then Boom Beach is highly recommended. Since it is not only fun but lets you apply the strategy. Get it now and witness challenging and fun battles.

Boom Beach MOD Features:

It’s time to discuss the new modified features of Boom Beach.

Life Crystals 

  • With the modified version, you get countless life crystals and money. Life crystals are crucial for this game; with their help, you can unlock new items and purchase new islands.
  • Thus with the modified version, you can get everything you need to make the perfect fort for yourself!

HD Graphics

  • Supercell ensures that it provides its customers and users with quality content. Thus, the graphics of Boom Beach are incredible.
  • The animations and the character designs are truly outstanding. Moreover, the high-quality sound effects provide you with an authentic gaming experience. 

Perfect Interface

  • Supercell is known for providing a straightforward interface for users. Thus allowing the user to play quickly.
  • The controls appear on the screen and are very basic to use. The guide occurs at the start and teaches you how to play it. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you get numerous life crystals in the modified version of Boom Beach.

Indeed, Boom Beach can also be installed and played on laptops.

You need to complete small tasks and win rewards to become a professional. Make sure you prepare your troops before sending them to fight. 


Now it is time to get your hands on Boom Beach MOD APK. Its features are incredible, and you get to explore new islands and create your army.

Train them and prepare them for exciting battles. Win rewards by using them to upgrade your existing bases and purchase more islands. This is a fun strategy game that gamers should have on their phones. 

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