Boosted Premium MOD APK v1.5.18 [Premium Unlocked]

App Name:Boosted Premium MOD APK
Publisher:Boosted Productivity
Size:7 MB
Last Updated:17 June

About Boosted Time Tracker MOD APK


If you feel that you spend more time than average on your daily tasks. This is probably because you spent time on idle activities while doing important tasks. If you want to be more productive, you need to eliminate useless activities from your life.

The application that will help you in this regard is Boosted Time Tracker MOD APK. As its name says, this application is specially designed to help people track their time on a daily basis. This application has won Google Play’s Best Application of 2019 in Productivity Apps. 

In this application, users can track their time spent on many live events like meetings and presentations. Users put all their projects as tasks in this application and select them when starting a project.

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This application shows the time spent on a particular project through its detailed insights. The timer set feature of this application challenges users to complete their projects within a specified time bracket. With the help of this application, users will save a lot of time and can spend it with their friends and family.


Boosted Time Tracker APK Features:

Time tracking 

  • The most loved feature of this application is its time tracker. It allows users to track time spent on a particular live event or project. This feature of the application helps users to be more focused and concerned about their time.
  • After creating a project, users can add multiple modules to the project and track the time spent on each module.
  • When users monitor their time with this feature, most likely they will not waste their time on useless activities to improve their focus on any project.

Simple UI

  • The simple user interface of this application makes it more accessible to everyone. Users can add their projects by clicking the plus icon next to the project name.
  • Once you’ve created your project, simply select the project on the application before starting it in real life to keep track of your time well.

Events Calendar

  • This feature of the application will save you a lot of time. Users can add all their upcoming projects to the application’s calendar and won’t forget any projects because they’ve already been added.
  • Users will get details about all their upcoming projects from the calendar. Hence, they can make their schedule more easily keeping all their plans in mind.

In-depth insights

  • This is the best feature of the application so far. With this feature, users get an in-depth insight into the time spent on each project.
  • This feature will tell you how long you worked on a project and other details of the project. 
  • Details of all modules of each project can also be found in this feature. Users can export their insights to CSV files to monitor their productivity by comparing them with past reports.

Tip to use

  • Put all your projects on the calendar first and schedule accordingly. This will help them to be more punctual and organized. Users can balance their work and personal life by controlling their time.
  • Users should pay close attention to insights on a regular basis. This feature will allow users to know about their productivity graph. This graph shows which days you are most productive and energetic. So, you can keep changing your habits to achieve your goals.

Boosted Time Tracker MOD APK

Boosted Time Tracker Mod Apk is an application that anyone can use to make their time better and more valuable. All the features are available for free in this MOD APK which has to be purchased.

It’s not wise to spend money on a specific thing that you can get for free. To prove that you’re wise, you just need to download our MOD APK without paying us a penny.

Boosted Time Tracker MOD Features:

All unlocked features

  • In our MOD APK, users will get all the features of the Boosted application which are only for subscribed members. Subscriptions can cost much in many cases.
  • So, it is always convenient to download our MOD APK to get your hands on hundreds of useful features.

No ads

  • Ads can be very annoying sometimes. Users are forced to watch these advertisements without their consent.
  • That’s why our MOD APK developers remove all kinds of ads from it. Now users can take control of their lives without being exposed to these useless ads.

No root 

  • Rooting your device can expose it to many harmful threats as it breaks the security wall of your Android device. Unfortunately, many MOD APKs require a rooted drive to be installed on them.
  • But thankfully our MOD APK doesn’t have such weird requirements. Anyone can download it from our site. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no need to purchase this application, it is available for free download on Android and iOS.

Yes, Boosted MOD APK is one hundred percent safe as we make sure to keep it free from all viruses.

Users can find this Boosted MOD APK on our website. Just hit the download button on this page and your download will start automatically.

Yes, all MOD APKs that you will find on our website are anti-ban. Users can use them as long as they want without being banned from them.


Boosted Time Tracker Mod Apk is an application that has the power to change your life in a positive way. By using this application users can make good use of their time. With the help of this application, users will be punctual and they will complete all their work on time.

Punctuality is one of the good qualities of a person that earns him the respect and trust of all other people. If you also want to gain respect from other people then download this application and it will help you to transform into the best version of yourself.

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