Brainly MOD APK v5.110.1 [Subscription Unlocked]

App Name:Brainly MOD APK
Size:60 MB
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2022

About Brainly MOD APK


Brainly MOD APK is the best application in the education genre. This application can help you in daily learning of distinct subjects. Brainly is specially designed to help students of all classes.

Students can ask their questions and get instant verified responses from the application. Brainly allows students to scan the questions and get the most suitable answers immediately. This scanning feature works well with mathematics problems.

Students just need to scan the maths problem in the Brainly app and get detailed step-by-step solutions to their problems. 

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Students can help with this application for homework and improve their grades. The application has a huge database that mostly has solutions to every problem. But, still, if your question didn’t appear in the database. You can share that question with experts on specific subjects to get the right verified answers in no time. 

Brainly applications support 17 subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, history, social sciences, and many more. Students can get aid in any of their subjects at anytime, anywhere.

The application has 24/7 support for its students. Now, clear any of your doubts from the experts on the subjects without leaving your comfort zone.


Brainly APK Features:


  • Scanning the problem is the most useful feature of Brainly so far. Students can easily get solutions to the complicated problems of any subject, especially maths.
  • Students just have the scan the statement of the problem using their Brainly app and let the app scan the problem. Once the app is done scanning, you will get a detailed solution to the problem.
  • The detailed and step-by-step solution is a paid feature but you will still get the answer in the free version. But, if you also want a step-by-step solution. You need to buy a subscription.

Ask Experts 

  • Along with the huge database of every subject, Brainly has several expert teachers around the world. If you didn’t get the solution to your problem through the scan function, don’t worry.
  • Simply ask your question to experts and then solve and share the answer with you immediately. Experts always share verified answers with you. That means you don’t need to doubt any of the solutions, just copy the solutions to complete your homework.

Friends Group

  • Brainly has this wonderful feature that helps the students to help each other. Students can join these student portals and discuss their study-related problems. 
  • There must be some brilliant minds in all groups who would love to help you with your queries.
  • It’s always worth joining these groups as it’s always good to make progress in society. Always be ready to help others with anything possible. 

Effective and Immediate 

  • Brainly has a super helpful community to help out each student immediately. Brainly has 24/7 support for its students.
  • Students can ask about their issues and seek their solutions from one of the best brains in the world anytime. Now, it’s time to clear all of your doubts and get good grades. 

Tips to use 

  • Scan the questions that are properly written and have good lights for a good scan. This will help you to get the answers fast without any hassle.
  • Ask only those questions to experts who don’t have answers in the database. This trick can save you your daily limit of asking questions from experts.

Brainly MOD APK

Brainly MOD APK is a wonderful learning application developed for students. The modified version of the Brainly application let the students enjoy all of the Brainly Plus features without paying a subscription.

Brainly MOD APK aims to provide educational opportunities to all students despite of their financial status. Students who don’t have enough money can download and use this MOD APK to access all premium features.

Brainly MOD Features:

Detailed Solutions

  • Brainly’s basic version only tells the answer to the solutions, not the details and steps. Students have to purchase the subscription to get detailed answers, as this is a feature of Brainly Plus.
  • But, our MOD APK has this feature for free. Now, get detailed answers to every question for free. 

Limitless Queries

  • The basic version of Brainly has a limit for asking questions from experts. Students don’t allow to ask more than the limit. Only students who have Brainly Plus can ask multiple times.
  • The developers of the MOD APK also added these serviceable features to this app. Download this MOD APK to ask as many questions as you want.

No more ads 

  • Brainly MOD APK has no advertisements. This MOD APK excludes all awful ads that disturb students during their studies.
  • Ads divert students to irrelevant activities. So, download this MOD APK to get the most out of it. 


  • Brinly Plus costs students around 2$ per month, as it detects 18$ after every six months if you don’t cancel the subscription. 18$ after six months means 24$ total per annum.
  • While on the other hand, Brainly MOD APK is free to have all the premium resources and features. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Brainly’s basic version is free for everyone. But, if you want to get all premium features then you need to purchase a subscription that costs you around 2$ per month.

Yes, Students can ask as many queries to experts as they want. This premium feature of MOD APK helps students to clear their doubts and improve their skills.

The process of downloading Brainly MOD APK is so easy. Just click on the download button to get this amazing app.


Brainly MOD APK is the need of every student. Students who want to do extraordinary in their studies and want to share their knowledge with others must download this MOD APK.

This application is a great learning platform for everyone. Download this MOD APK and observe the excellent changes in your studies and grades. 

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