Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK v1.3.16 (Unlimited Money)

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Last Updated:17 June

About Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK 


Sometimes the man is want to relax from his busy and stressed life for a little bit of time. So we offer you the Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK which is very simple and fast gameplay that creates lots of fun and enjoyment in your life and relaxes you.

In this game, you need to shoot the balls toward the wall of bricks to destroy them. You need to shoot the balls at different angles to destroy many bricks because after a move the wall is coming downward.

This game has very simple gameplay of ball shooting with amazing graphics and tremendous sound effects. It has diverse types of amazing levels with different difficulties. It is free to download and has excellent features that protect you from stress and in-depth gameplay.


Bricks Breaker Quest APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Bricks Breaker Quest is very simple and addictive. It gives you lots of easiness and relaxation and saves you from diverse types of in-depth difficulties and technicalities.

You just need to shoot the balls at different angles to break the wall of bricks. Hit the specific number of balls to break the bricks because after a shot the wall is coming down and you will be lost if it comes completely down.

In this game, you also enjoy diverse types of fantastic levels with different interesting goals and difficulties. This game offers you lots of funny and relaxing moments with its simple and fast gameplay.


Bricks Breaker Quest APK Features:

Now we describe to you some amazing features of Bricks Breaker Quest APK.

Attractive and simple Gameplay

  • In this game, you enjoy very simple and attractive gameplay of ball shooting. It gives you a lot of enjoyment and relaxation in this busy and stressful life.
  • Without any in-depth hardships and technicalities, this game simply offers you to hit the wall of bricks with balls and destroy them.
  • You will lose the game if the wall touches the ground. 
  • You get different awards after destroying the wall and enjoy diverse types of stunning levels.

Collect different special Boosters and Powerups

  • This game gives you lots of amazing boosters and power-ups during the game and also when you are not playing the level.
  • These boosters help you destroy the bricks very easily and enable you to pass different levels smoothly.

Free to Play and Enjoy

  • This game is free to download and play with lots of amazing and stunning features.
  • You enjoy simple and extraordinary gameplay without paying a penny.

Both Online and Offline modes

  • In this game, you can play both offline and online game modes.
  • You can play the different in-game challenges at any time when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • And can play with online gamers when you are connected to the internet.

Excellent Graphics and Sound effects

  • The graphics of this game are very interesting and decent. You enjoy different types of amazing visuals in this addictive gameplay.
  • It also has very lovely and reality-based sound effects that boost your gameplay to the next level.

Tips to play

To find glory in this game you need to follow the instructions that are written below:

  • In this game, you need to shoot the ball at different angles to break the walls of bricks.
  • Use extraordinary skills to break the complete wall and don’t let it touch the ground.
  • Collect different types of amazing balls to destroy the wall efficiently.
  • Unlock different fantastic stages by clearing the previous one and get lots of amazing awards.
  • Play both offline and online mode to enhance your gaming skills and get relaxes.

Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK

Bricks Breaker Quest is a very interesting and simple arcade genre game with tons of enjoyment and relaxation. In this game, you shoot the balls into the wall of bricks to destroy them. You lost the game if the wall touches the ground and need to play it again.

But this simple version takes lots of time to clear all the levels. So we offer you the Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK which is the modded version of the simple game.

In this mod game, you have completely unblocked features such as unlimited money, unlimited balls, completely unblocked balls, and many more fantastic features. It also ads free which enables you to enjoy efficient and smooth gameplay.

It has wonderful graphics and incredible sound effects. You can download a pure mod version of Bricks Breaker Quest from this website for free and get joy from easy and addictive gameplay.

Bricks Breaker Quest MOD Features:

Bricks Breaker Quest has many interesting mod features and some of them are written below:

Unlimited Money

  • In this mod game, you have unlimited money to buy and upgrade anything at any time according to your hopes.
  • You can buy different types of balls and many more excellent ones which enable you to pass the levels easily.

Unlimited Balls

  • During the game, you have a limited number of balls in each level but in this mod version, you have unlimited balls in every level.
  • This feature enables you to shoot the balls on any side of the given table without any fear of loss.

Completely unlocked Balls

  • In this game, you enjoy completely unlocked balls. You can choose any shape and strength of the ball to play the game.
  • You can choose star balls, triangle balls, and many other balls to play the game on your terms and get lots of fun.

Play stunning Multiplayer Game mode

  • Bricks Breaker Quest also offers you a very interesting multiplayer game mode.
  • It allows you to play online with friends and different online gamers worldwide and show your performance and techniques to them.

Customize your Balls in different Shapes

  • In this game, you can also customize your balls in different shapes to damage the bricks deeply and intensively. 
  • You can convert your balls into stars, triangles, and many more fantastic shapes to get lots of enjoyment and fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this game is safe to download. It has been checked by anti-virus software before the release.

Yes, you can play this game without an internet connection or offline at any time to enjoy yourself.


To get quick fun and entertainment download Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK. It allows you to do everything according to your requirement because it is completely unblocked.

You have unlimited money, unlimited balls, fully unlocked balls, and many more interesting features to happy yourself. You can download it from this website for free and get extraordinary enjoyment from its easy and relaxing gameplay.

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