Bullet Force MOD APK v1.90.0 [Unlimited Ammo/OBB]

App Name:Bullet Force MOD APK
Publisher:Blayze Games, L.L.C.
Size:410 MB
Last Updated:3 Nov

About Bullet Force MOD APK


On May 31, 2022, Blayze Games, LLC produced and updated Bullet Force MOD APK. It is presently at version 1.88.1, which is available for Android 4.2 and above and is appropriate for kids as young as 13. Bullet Force has a rating of 4.5 on the Play Store.

The top FPS app for Android, play this first-person shooter game online or offline for various real-world weapon and arena configurations.

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Experience realistic 3D shooting graphics and customizable weapons in challenging multiplayer fights. Play on multiple maps and game styles while developing unique tactics for each.

Improve your motion skill in a first-person shooter game to win frantic action fights. Enter 20-player PVP matches, stay alive until the end, and win prizes.

Play in various game types, including solo, free for everyone, weapon game, and team deathmatch. Bring your mates over so you can play and talk.


Bullet Force APK Gameplay

In the game, you will be able to choose your warrior. If you play online team mode, you must wait a bit to find a match with other players. During that time, you can practice shooting for a while in Gun Games mode.

This FPS shooter is not a game you can play well after a short time, but you need a lot of practice, surpassing yourself to overcome strong opponents.

Bullet Force soldiers are fitted with solid items of weapons. As you gain achievements, you’ll have the chance to try up to 20 different kinds of guns and 30 different attachments, including regular and laser scopes.

The setting significantly impacts each scene’s difficulty and fight style. You will encounter possibilities and dangers due to barriers and hidden cracks. As soon as you finish the game as the final survivor, you are free with your strategy and gameplay.  


Bullet Force APK Features:

Multiplayer FPS PVP

  • Experience the FPS PVP Multiplayer game in a 20-person arena with your friends. The multiplayer games are so much fun to play, and you may use many lethal weapons like a revolver or a machine gun, among others. Because this is a survival game and you must live until the finish to win, always play carefully.

Unique Matches

  • Enjoying custom games and all-scrolling shooters you want to play is now the most exciting aspect of this action game. Get the Bullet Force MOD APK to play these enormous custom battles in real-time PVP with your opponents.
  • Now design your unique room in a unique environment, ask your colleagues to join you, and impress them with your exciting gaming.

Customized Weapons

  • Since this action game is known for its heavy reliance on guns, you must always choose the appropriate weapon anytime you engage in a multiplayer battle.
  • More than 20 different guns, 30 different weapon camouflages, several optics, sniper scopes, and barrel extensions are all included in Bullet Force APK.

Bullet Force MOD APK

The updated version of Bullet Force MOD APK offers several more features not included in the original edition. You will always have unlimited bullets to utilize in Bullet Force Mod SPK anytime you engage in battle.

Get access to various game modes so you may activate them and improve your gaming. The best aspect of the game is that you can play it online and offline, so if you don’t have data or internet access, install the Android app.

There are several game modes and exciting features available here. So if you want to play a quick-action 3D shooter game, you should play it without any doubt.

While engaging in battle, you may choose from various weapons and even modify them to make them more effective. You may play these unique games with other players even with this mod, so download it now and have fun.

Bullet Force MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Bullets:

As a result of the fact that you have infinite bullets when using the Bullet Force MOD APK, your gameplay will no longer be possible to complete. The original version doesn’t offer; just this MOD version offers unlimited firepower.

  • Plenty of modes

Install the Bullet Force MOD APK to play in a variety of game modes. You may utilize features like Radar Crosshair, Enable ESP, ESP Lines, and Infinite Grenades, among others.

  • Create your unique weapons:

With a variety of guns available, players may play a variety of roles throughout a match. You will become a lethal sniper with your sniper rifle and the appropriate optics.

Use a powerful rocket launcher or machine gun to eliminate several opponents in a single attack. Deliver opponents with little health to the death.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Install an emulator first on your PC by installing it. Install the game APK and associated files using the same procedures as for mobile operation. Love playing the PC game with unlimited resources.

Have no access to the internet? Yeah, you can still enjoy the game in the campaign and skirmish phase offline with bots.

Because there are no viruses, according to an anti-malware tool, Bullet Force Apk is entirely secure. Applications are filtered by an anti-malware engine and categorized using our criteria. Therefore, installing Bullet Force Apk is altogether safe.

Given the incredible features it provides, it is unusual that the game is now free to play. It is accurate, and there is no cost to play this game.


Check out this fantastic Bullet Force MOD APK if you like playing various multiplayer fighting games in which you can use multiple weapons. This game’s users may access different features, including a multiplayer mode.

One exciting part is that this Bullet Force Apk also includes offline features, so you may play without an online connection if you do not have enough internet to use and would like to play a game to pleasure some gaming. If anything doesn’t work or there are issues with the installation, kindly leave a comment below.

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