Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK v3.7.1 [Latest Version]

App Name:Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK
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Last Updated:17 Aug

About Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK


Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK belongs to the genre of simulation games. Simulation games are always fun to play and they also help the players to understand the real working of the system. 

If you ever had a dream to drive heavy vehicles like buses then this game is for you. A bus simulator provides you with the real-world experience of being a bus driver. The game took place in one of the most populated countries in the world, Indonesia. Players have to drive their gigantic buses from the crowded areas of this country. 

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Players will get to know about the controls and overall drive experience of a bus. The game has huge maps of the populated cities. 

Drivers have to follow the routes on the map to put their passengers to their destinations on time. Lots of difficult routes and challenges are waiting for the new drivers. Players can improve their driving skills and get rewards by completing these in-game challenges.


Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Gameplay

Like all other simulator games, Bus Simulator Indonesia APK has soothing gameplay. The game has insane graphics and visual effects. Players can see both interior and exterior of the bus. The game has put great details into every aspect of the game. 

Playing the game feels just as original as driving a real bus. Multiple missions of the game enable the drivers to drive without any fear of a big vehicle. Players can find this difficult but everything goes well with time. Players can learn and enjoy this at the same time with this game. 


Bus Simulator Indonesia APK Features:

Giant Maps

  • The Bus Simulator Indonesia game has beautiful and real-world maps of Indonesian cities. Players got the wonderful opportunity to explore this rich cultured country and sharpen their driving skills.
  • Players can choose routes of their own choice and put their trucks on these routes to pick up and drop off the passengers.

Uncomplicated Controls

  • The game has no simple and easy controls. Driving a bus was not that easy before.
  • Players have full access to accelerators, gears, and breaks of these buses. So, they can easily control and drive their buses hassle-free.

Diversification of Buses

  • This best bus simulation game has lots of advanced and alluring buses. Many buses are adding to this game on regular buses. 
  • Players just have to be so competent to unlock all new buses by completing assigned missions. 
  • Players can also get buses by purchasing them from the game library.

Customizations of Buses

  • Drivers love and treat their buses like they love their children. Every bus driver wanted to do customization to his bus.
  • Players might not like the official colors of the bus and they want to reprint the bus with their favorite colors. All these and other modifications can easily be done in the game.

Real-Life Scenarios 

  • This bus simulator game is based on real-world examples. Drivers can face multiple real-life scenarios during their journey along these thrill-packed routes of the game.
  • These real scenarios can help the drivers to understand the risks of the roads during the journey.
  • Moreover, the graphics of the game also plays an important role in its success. 

Tips To Play 

  • The game doesn’t always have a good shiny day, storms and bad weather is also part of this game. Players have to drive very carefully, especially on stormy and rainy days. Take control over the bus speed as you have many lives of passengers associated with you.
  • Always try to keep your vehicle in the upgraded version. Buses can get risky without proper maintenance. So, players have to check their buses and their performance regularly for everyones’ safety.

Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK

Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK is the most advanced version of the original game to this date. This MOD APK can solve all of the gamers’ problems. 

The biggest problem of every gamer is that they want to update their game without any real spending of money. This MOD APK has unlimited money for the players. 

This MOD APK has offered many unlimited features of the original game for the general public. Players can enjoy unlimited fuel for their buses. Now, you don’t need to wait for a long time to get the fuel back.  

Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD Features:

Route Customization

  • Bus Simulator MOD APK allows drivers to customize their routes of travel. Some drivers love to drive during the day times while some admire driving during the peace of the night.
  • This MOD APK allows the users to select the weather conditions and timings of the game.  

Rules of traffic 

  • Although, this is a game you still need to follow the written traffic rules if you don’t want to get your license terminated by the authorities. Following these traffic rules can help     

Free Upgradation 

  • Free upgradation sounds so appealing and yes it is possible too. This MOD APK allows its worldwide users to make unlimited free upgrades to the game.
  • Players can upgrade their buses to their will without spending any real money.

Unlocked Buses

  • The game contains many new buses and the numbers are increasing with each update the game.
  • Players love this game due to its unmatched features and collection of these remarkable buses. Players can get any of these available buses for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The game has over 10 thrill-packed missions that are enough to make you the ultimate bus driver.

Yes, the game has many maps and routes that are the remake of the original routes of Indonesian cities.


Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK is a game worth playing. The original version of the game is also available to download from the play store, but this MOD APK has many features that are not available in the original version. MOD APK version is a must-download version for every simulation game lover out there. 

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