Call Of Duty MOD APK v1.0.35 [Unlimited Money] 2023

App Name:Call of duty MOD APK
Size:2.50 GB
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2023

About Call of duty MOD APK


Gaming has now become the most essential part of young children’s lives. Call of duty MOD APK is an online multiplayer battle royal game, with lots of action and futuristic 3D graphics. This game became very popular among all people, especially youngsters. Its graphics bond the player with the game and gamers never lose interest in the game. 

This game is made for both pc and mobile devices platforms. Originally, this game was first developed in 2003 and at that time this was only available for Playstations, Xbox, or computers. But, now due to the popularity of this game and due to millions of smartphone users that are increasing day by day, this game is also made available to mobile phone users.  

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In the original version of the game, users have to safeguard Stalingrad from German armies. But, in the newer versions of the game that came later as the sequence of the original version many things have been changed. 

Everything changed with time, from graphics to sounds, from simple warfare to battle royale. From killing the zombies in the original version to fighting in the battle royal, this game has come so far. The continuous changes to the game made this game different from others and won the hearts of millions of gamers. 


Call of duty APK Gameplay

Gameplay is the way how the game works. Call of Duty gameplay is one of the best and smooth gameplay ever. There are lots of control and graphic options through which the game becomes easier and gameplay becomes more smooth. Players experience the best quality graphics, sound experiences, and visuals. 

There are lots of buildings and spaces in the game for players to hide or make targets at the opponents and make kills. Friends can play this game together and make teams fight and defeat opponents with their survival skills. Only good and skilled players can make it to the end. Survival of the fittest.


Call of duty APK Features:


  • This game is made free to download and play on all platforms. There are no hidden charges for this.


  • There are many modes for gamers in this game, like TDM, Frontline, and AI Practices. These modes made this game more fun. 

Easy Controls 

  • Controls are very easy and simple. Thumbs control is used in this game, which is common and super comfy. 

Tips To Play

Below are the basic tips to play this game more smoothly and more fun. 

  • 1.6GB of free storage is required to play this game smoothly and lag-free. So, you have to ensure such a large amount of free storage.
  • It’s very irritating if you’re constantly receiving other application notifications or different alerts. This diverts the user’s attention. So, to make this stop, you must have to stop background working apps to play games to your fullest.
  • The best way to enjoy the game is to connect good-quality headphones. By using good headphones you will get the best gaming experience.

Call of duty MOD APK

Call of duty MOD APK is, as you say, a pro version of the simple one. It has many unlocked premium features which you have to buy in the original game like COD coins and many more. This MOD APK is for all gaming enthusiasts and especially for Call of Duty fans. Newbies can also play this game as it has many premium features which help them to play and even win. 

Many pro players in this game make it difficult for newbies to compete with them, So, this MOD APK will help absolute beginners to succeed in this game. 

This version is the best-modified version of call of duty which unlocks many paid features. You can have never-ending Call of duty coins in this modified version and with the help of that, you can buy any skin, guns, and all other gadgets available in the game. 

There’s no need for any prior experience in gaming to play this game, as MOD APK made everything super easy to understand. 

So, if you’re an absolute beginner but also want to play and make wins in this game, then this MOD APK will help you to achieve this. 

Call of duty MOD APK Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features you’ll get in this app:

  • Unlimited Money

Money refers to the game coins through which you can unlock all features. In this game, you’ll get unlimited money which means unlimited fun and unlimited features.

  • All Characters

In this game, you will get all of the premium game characters that are not available in the beginning but are available at different levels as you play the game. You can get all those characters from the very beginning of the game. 

  • Aimbot

This is another very useful and helping feature of this MOD APK, through this feature you can kill your opponent player in-game from large distances. This will help you to take kills and make you stand out from others.

  • Auto reload

Auto reload feature helps the player to save time during the gameplay when there are no bullets and reload is required, at that time, the game will automatically reload the gun so the player keeps playing without any hassle. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Call of duty MOD APK is safe from viruses and malware. You can download and install the game without any issues. 

Yes, you can get all the premium features of the game in this modified APK and we updated our MOD APK from time to time and added much more fun things for users.


Call of duty MOD APK is one of the best battle royal games for gamers with tons of super cool features and next-level graphics. This will surely attract all gamers towards it whether they’re pros or newbies. Get unlimited fun and experience the future of gaming through this. 

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