CamScanner MOD APK v6.29.0 (Premium Subscription Unlocked)

App Name:CamScanner MOD APK
Publisher:CamSoft Information
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Last Updated:14 Nov

About CamScanner MOD APK


In today’s world, where everything is online and easily accessible. We also have to convert our documents from paper to digital form. But, we need to have an expensive scanning device and a computer for this right? No, you can scan your documents along with hundreds of different operations without having a scanning device. 

We are sharing with you an excellent mobile application called Camscanner MOD APK. This application can solve all of your document-related issues so easily. This app is so easy to operate and has lots of useful features like document scanning, QR code scanning, text extraction from images, and many more. 

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Now, you can save scanned copies of your documents on your mobile and use them in need. To scan your documents, open up the application and there you will find an option for scanning, select it.

Once you select the scan option, your mobile’s camera opens up. Now, just takes a picture of your documents and let the app handles everything for you. After a few seconds, your scanned document is ready to use. You can save it in both pdf or jpeg formats.


CamScanner APK Features

Mobile as Scanner

  • The cam scanner application allows users to use their mobile camera as a scanner. Just scan your documents and save them on your device for later use.
  • Multiple output formats are available in the app and users can use these formats according to their needs. 
  • If you don’t save any document you need to send it to anyone on social media applications like WhatsApp Gmailail etc. You can directly share the documents by using the share option in the application.


  • Camscanner application allows its users to customize or edit their scanned documents before saving or sending them to anyone. 
  • Users can choose a black-and-white scan option or color scan application according to their needs.
  • You can store multiple copies of the same documents in multiple formats. There’s a separate feature for scanning your documents like driving licenses, national identity cards, etc.

Text Extractor

  • Another, surprisingly useful feature of the Camscanner app is the text extractor. Lots of text data, that are valuable for us are written in books or on paper.
  • It’s hard to rewrite it on mobile or pc. By using this feature of Camscanner you can transfer text from documents right into digital format.
  • Just scan your document with the text extractor and this feature extracts all text from paper and transfer it to digital form. 

Security of data

  • Some documents are super confidential and require an additional layer of security to protect them. Users can secure their pdf files by putting passwords on them.
  • With this function, the documents are only accessible by the concerned department or person. This feature is one of the paid features of Camscanner.

Tips to use

  • In the Camscanner app, your camera quality matters a lot. Try to use good camera mobiles for scanning your documents to get the desired results. 
  • Don’t take pictures in low light. These dark images will ruin your final results. Always try to click pictures of the documents in bright lights to get the best quality documents. 

CamScanner MOD APK

Camscanner MOD APK opens the world of free premium features for its users. The original version of the Camscanner application has many paid plans and each of these plans has distinctive paid features.

But this modded version of the Camscanner provides all premium features without demanding any single penny. Anyone can download this MOD APK to access all the premium features of the original version.  

CamScanner MOD Features:

Free Digital Signature

  • Adding your signature on any of the documents is the paid feature of the Camscanner app. But, users of this MOD APK can use this feature for free without paying any money.

No Watermarks 

  • Whenever the user scans the document on the original version of the Camscanner app. 
  • This app puts a watermark on the lower right side of every scanned document, and you need to purchase a plan to get rid of the watermarks.
  • But if we talk about this MOD APK, users can find this feature for free.

Free Cloud Storage 

  • Users can store their scanned data on the cloud service of Camscanner. But, cloud storage is very costly. So, users prefer storing their files on their devices which always have the risk of data loss.
  • This MOD APK provides free cloud storage of up to 10GB for its users. Now, there are no chances of data loss. 

Free Protection of data

  • In this Camscanner MOD APK, users will find another premium feature for the protection of their data.
  • Users can put a password on their files without buying any premium app plan, with this MOD APK.

Unlimited OCR Scans

  • OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This free premium feature of this MOD APK will allow users to scan and extract data and text from various documents.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Camscanner is a trusted application. You can store your data on this application without any issues. Your data will be safe on this application.

Yes, this application is so powerful that, it can easily scan your old printed documents. It is good to save your old documents in the scanned format to protect them your any type of damage. 

No, not all. Camscanner MOD APK is free and doesn’t require a dime from its users.


Camscanner MOD APK is a must-have tool for everyone. No matter who you are, scanning and sharing documents is everyone’s need from students to business owners. This MOD APK has the potential of solving your daily scanning-related tasks.

No need to carry your bulky scanners anymore. All of the premium functions of this MOD APK will make your life easier and more productive. Now, scan and share the documents from the comfort of your cough.

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