Castle Cats MOD APK v3.9.1.4 (Unlimited Money)

App Name:Castle Cats MOD APK 
Publisher:PocApp Studios
Size:137 MB
Last Updated:17 June

About Castle Cats MOD APK


Castle Cats MOD APK is a fantastic and classical RPG game with different amazing aspects. In this game, you play with a group of cats that have different characteristics and powers.

These cats offer you to play different challenges, destroy different serious opponents, upgrade their capabilities to destroy the rivel easily and much more fantastic.

In this game, you enjoy the unique world of cats with thrilling and classic 2D strategy gameplay. It has stunning graphics and decent sound effects. Unlock different types of cats and customize them to make them handsome and powerful. This game is free to download for android users and has lots of enjoyment for gamers that love cute cats.


Castle Cats APK Gameplay

Castle Cats has very amazing and unique gameplay of cats world. In this game, you need to manage a group of cats that have different powers and skills. You enjoy the classic RPG gameplay by playing different in-game challenges to destroy different species of enemies and protect the cats’ kingdom.

This game allows you to collect diverse types of cats, upgrade their skills, customize their clothes, create the guild leader of cats, and do many more fantastic things. This game has a fully manual mode that produces lots of easiness for you. You can easily control the cats by giving some instructions to them.

In this game, you play different excellent levels, collect different boosters, stronger your base to play the game efficiently. It has more than 200 cat heroes with different characteristics. This game is updated after some time with different cat heroes, upgrades, powerups, and many more specialties.


Castle Cats APK Features:

Now we will talk about some fantastic features of Castle Cats.

An attractive world of Cats

  • In this game, you experienced a huge world of cats. You have different kinds of cats that have different shapes and skills.
  • You construct a base, customize the cats, battle with diverse types of enemies, and perform many more interesting things.
  • You have a lot of amazing items in the game after passing some stages to make your cats charming and powerful.

Enjoy different amazing Battles

  • You experienced very interesting battles throughout the game. At the start, you have a single cat in your team and you need to battle with an enemy. But don’t worry because this game has a very simple interface that enables you to defeat all types of enemies efficiently.
  • Attack carefully on the rivals until their power decreases to the death level.
  • After winning some matches you collect or unlock different kinds of beautiful and powerful cats that make your cats’ land very special.

Explore different Powerups 

  • During the game, you need to explore different types of powerups to upgrade the powers of the cats.
  • You also unlock different amazing powerups to glorify the performance of your cats.

Interesting Graphics and Sound Effects

  • In this game, you enjoy stunning graphics and interesting sound effects.
  • These features make the game very interesting and fantastic.

Unlimited Gems

  • Sometimes you need some gems to unlock or upgrade different cats in the game to win the battles.
  • So this mod game gives you unlimited games to do everything according to your hopes. You can upgrade different skills of your cats at anytime efficiently.

Tips To Play

This game is not as easy as you think. You can get extraordinary achievements by using the instructions that are given below:

  • First, you download this game on your android device and start the game.
  • You need to play the battles very carefully by giving the right instruction to your cats and being aware of different dangerous types of cats and many other special species.
  • Hit your enemy very carefully and keep an eye on their remaining health because you will win the battle if their health is finished.
  • Collect diverse types of excellent cats to make your team stronger and unique.
  • Unlock different amazing levels and use diverse types of customization or boosters to make your cats more effective and good-looking.

Castle Cats MOD APK

Castle cats is a  fantastic RPG game with unique and lovely gameplay of beautiful and stronger cats. In this game, you collect diverse types of cats, play different amazing battles, create your amazing guild leader, explore different boosters, upgrade the cat’s kingdom, and many more fantastic things.

But this simple version takes lots of time and struggles to clear, so we offer you Castle Cats MOD APK which is the cracked version of the simple game.

In this game, you have completely unblocked features such as unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited boosters, and many more excellent.

It has very amazing graphics with decent sound effects. You can download this game from this website for free and protect your device from different viruses and malware because we offer you pure cracked versions.

Castle Cats MOD Features:

Let us describe to you some amazing mod features of Castle Cats MOD APK.

Unlimited Money

  • In this mod version, you have unlimited money to do everything.
  • It allows you to buy and upgrade diverse types of things without any loss in your money.

Collects diverse types of Cats

  • In this game, you experienced the unique gameplay of cats.
  • You have the opportunity to collect more than 200 hundred beautiful and powerful cats such as Emma, Angle, Howard, Cattiness, etc.
  • You need to protect the cat’s kingdom from different other species that want to damage it.

Unlimited Boosters

  • Castle Cats MOD APK gives you unlimited boosters to do different operations in it easily.
  • These boosters enable you to upgrade the appearance and powers of your cats to smash all enemies easily.

Upgrade your cats

  • This game allows you to upgrade your cats using different items.
  • You can upgrade their power and also change their looks to make them both pretty and stronger.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this game is free to download and play. You can download it from this website very easily by clicking on the download link or button.

Yes, this game consumes very less storage in the device. 


Download Castle Cats MOD APK and get lots of fun and enjoyment. This game offers you very interesting gameplay of beautiful cats. You collect more than 200 hundred cats, upgrade their skills and power, battle with different dangerous enemies, and create the guild leader of cats in this fantastic game.

You also have fully unblocked features such as unlimited money and gems, etc. It has very wonderful graphics and authentic sound effects. It is free to download and you can download it from this website to get the entertainment of a fantastic RPG strategy game. 

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