Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK v3.8.302 [Unlimited Crystals]

App Name:Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK
Publisher:Devsisters Corporation
Size:916 MB
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2022

About Cookie Run Kingdom APK


The next part of the game Fearless Cookies is Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK. When games like Cookie Wars got famous, the developers decided to come up with new and more adventurous games. It is fun, exciting, and takes you on a great adventure of a lifetime.

What you have to do is unlock all types of cookies so that you can easily put together a well-balanced squad that is full of high potential. This is not going to be easy. Your enemies will block you in any way they can.

So your warriors will have to try to safely make their way to unlock the cookies. While playing the Cookie Run kingdom, you will discover and face new challenges along the way, and you will have to prepare your warriors for attacking the enemies.

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Using different attacking combinations will prove to be quite effective. But keep in mind that once a character card has been used. It takes a few seconds for it to recover back and then you can use it. 

Cookie Run Kingdom does not only deal with fighting with the enemies. As the name suggests, you are also required to go to the cookie castle and design your homes there.

When you do this, your people will be happy and they will have a nice place to live. It is your job to improve the game of your characters as well as take care of them.


Cookie Run Kingdom APK Gameplay

Now let’s take a look at the gameplay of Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK. The gameplay is quite fun with an interesting storyline. The story gives you an insight into its theme.

As you play, you will have to deal with all kinds of enemies. Protecting your cookie kingdom and making your warriors stronger and better. 

If we talk about the main plot of the Cookie Run Kingdom then it’s all about fighting evil and making peace. You are on the good side, and you support harmony as well as helping the cookies.

All you have to do is fight against the evil shadow that lingers in your city and protect your cookie kingdom at any cost. 

Get your hands on the latest version of Cookie Run Kingdom and defeat the evil that lurks in your city. Protect your cookie castle!


Cookie Run Kingdom APK Features:

Now let’s take a look at the interesting features of Cookie Run Kingdom!

Decorate your dream Cookie House

  • As the name suggests, you don’t only have to fight the enemies but also make your cookie castle. Design your cookie kingdom, however, you like.
  • And once it is done. Make sure to protect your people and the cookie kingdom from the enemies. They will try to destroy it in every way. So prepare your warriors to fight with them.

Daily Quests

  • To upgrade your characters and warriors, you are required to make them participate in the daily missions so that they can grow stronger.
  • Once you complete the missions, you can use that as a reward to upgrade your heroes. 

Epic Animations

  • The animations of this game are quite cool and colorful. All the vibrant colors make it quite fun to play.
  • Moreover, the good quality background music lets you enjoy decorating your cookie kingdom. 

Tips To Play

Here are some suggestions mentioned for you to play cookie run kingdom.

  • Although, you get a lot of bonuses and money in the game. But make sure you never run out of money.
  • Keep all your buildings working always. This will ensure greater return.
  • Collect as many crystals as you can. You can even use the promo code, as this will give you some free rewards and benefits.
  • It is better to play this on the PCs than on your androids. Because you get a bigger screen. 
  • Unlock all the cookie characters for an epic battle between you and your enemy. Each new hero possesses a different power. 

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK

One of the best offline role-playing games you can get to play is Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK. Get an amazing chance to construct your cookie castle as well as the entire kingdom and protect your kingdom from the evil shadow that lingers in your city.

You are required to construct a strong base as well as a kingdom for your people and protect it from the deadly demons. If you think, you are unable to do this alone.

You can even team up with your friends and defeat them together. Once you fight together there will be higher chances of winning. So it’s time for you to save your kingdom from a disaster. 

Design your kingdom by assembling aids as well as skill tools. Fight with your enemies and win rewards. The rewards can then be used to invest in your kingdoms. Enjoy constructing your cookie house. 

Cookie Run Kingdom MOD Features:

Some of the best and the latest modified features of Cookie Run Kingdom are stated below.

Multiple Cookie Heroes

  • Every cookie guy in this game has a different appearance. The colors, the design, everything is unique.
  • Not only are they different in appearance, but their skills are also different. So you get a very diverse range of cookie heroes to play with. 


  • When you complete a mission. Your characters are rewarded with bonuses. Moreover, if you complete all the daily quests, you get countless rewards in the form of money. The money can be used to construct your cookie kingdom.

Countless Gems and Crystals

  • With the new modified version, now you get countless amounts of gems and crystals as well as money.
  • You can utilize all the gems and money to construct your epic cookie castle. Make it the best!

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

You get about 65 cookie heroes to play with.

You get about 43 epic cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Yes, you can easily get the game on the play store and from there you can download it like any other game. 


A perfectly new game Cookie Run Kingdom MOD APK is available for playing on your phones. Prepare your warriors for an epic battle to fight the evil spirits. Your enemy is always watching you, so protect your kingdom from them.

This is your chance to create the epic Cookie Kingdom. Customize it just the way you want and make it colorful and appealing. Enjoy playing the Cookie Run Kingdom. 

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