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About Cooking Fever MOD APK


Cooking fever MOD APK is one of the most entertaining cooking games you’ll ever play. You go on a culinary adventure where you must feed your customers in this spectacular game. Serving consumers quickly and ensuring they are delighted with their orders can increase efficiency and your chances of success.

There will be a lot of food, and you’ll get to serve your customers various cuisines. It would be best if you began by working in a burger restaurant.

However, as you progress and pass more stages, you’ll also be able to cook at various restaurants, including Chinese, Italian, and bakeries. You’ll not only have fun doing this, but you’ll also pick up some new culinary knowledge.

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Serve customers the most delicious cuisine possible while earning money to buy new kitchenware; time management is essential because the customers are so eager. Delayed orders will result in their departure, costing you both the money and the points.

Serving them promptly will ensure that they offer you a large sum of money that you may spend to purchase your preferred culinary supplies. Cooking Fever features some fascinating gameplay and stunning visuals. Installing this is a must before starting your cooking experience.


Cooking Fever APK Gameplay

Playing Cooking Fever MOD APK can help you become the most refined chef right now. You will be delighted to see this edition’s user-friendly design and highly amazing visuals. By serving the most excellent foods, you can draw customers.

You will begin with a burger restaurant, but as you advance in the game, you will also be able to prepare other types of food. Additionally, you will be able to use all the fantastic, top-notch cookware. Your consumers’ satisfaction with their orders is all you require.

The difficulty of the stages increases as you finish rounds. Customers may get impatient. Therefore you must act swiftly to satisfy them, or you will lose points.

Thus, if you believe you have the drive to cook to serve your customers quickly, you should undoubtedly consider downloading Cooking Fever. Begin with your culinary adventure and find delight in cooking for people.


Cooking Fever APK Features:

Try the incredible APK features that Cooking Fever has to offer.

Try out new foods

  • As previously said, Cooking Fever takes you on an unforgettable culinary adventure where you discover various foods prepared throughout the world.
  • As a result, find new foods and visit every eatery. You’ll have a great time sampling different foods and creating.

Incredible graphics

  • The images are breathtaking. When you prepare meals for customers, it appears so delicious and authentic.
  • Everything, including the eye-catching food, restaurants, and locales, is in three dimensions. When you play Cooking Fever, you might feel a little hungry.

Become a Restaurant Manager 

  • While playing Cooking Fever, you have the ideal opportunity to operate a restaurant. Develop your culinary abilities and learn to cook a variety of meals.
  • Please ensure the visitors are satisfied with their orders and promptly serve them.

Tips To Play

With these easy instructions, you can now play Cooking Fever like a master.

  • Make sure you serve them quickly and never leave them waiting.
  • It would be best if you upgrade your cooking tools with the cash you earn. They will prepare your food more quickly, allowing you to serve guests on time.
  • Since the first few levels are simple to complete, try not to spend your gems on them. Save your money later since the levels get more challenging after each round.
  • Unlock the casino to gain several new advantages. You will make much money at the casino, but your gems will be wasted.
  • Before you begin playing, pay attention to the instructions. This will provide you with a general overview of cooking fever.

Cooking Fever MOD APK

Download the Cooking Fever MOD APK immediately if you’ve ever wanted to operate a restaurant and serve customers. This version is specifically made for all chef enthusiasts. Play Cooking Fever to get started and test out a variety of various cuisines.

Please bring in the guests and prepare their regional cuisine for them. For their complete satisfaction, make sure you serve them promptly. You may improve your appliances with the money you earn and reinvest it in your kitchen to make it look better.

Now master the art of cooking with Cooking Fever and impress everyone. Be quick and efficient. Remember that Cooking Fever is more than just a typical game; it will teach you valuable skills and time management techniques. So download the most recent Cooking Fever update and have fun playing.

Cooking Fever MOD Features:

Cooking Fever’s unique customized features are the greatest. You should look these up!

Obtain all resources

  • With the enhanced version, you may start over with everything. You may avoid having to wait for updates with this method.
  • You receive incalculable sums of money for all of your enhancements. Play with the most incredible kitchen tools immediately to become a master chef.

No ads

  • No longer be concerned about the irritating commercials. With the updated version, you may play Cooking Fever without being interrupted by commercials for a very long time.
  • To make a lot of money, cook for as long as you like while serving your customers.

Make your restaurant seem nice.

  • You have the fantastic opportunity to construct your restaurant and then design it whatever you desire.
  • In addition to using the food you provide to draw clients, consider beautifying it with decorations. This is an additional strategy for luring customers.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Cooking Fever can be played on a PC, yes.

In Cooking Fever, there are over 1400 levels, and each one is distinct.

You receive many additional benefits if you install the newest version of Cooking Fever.


You are now fully informed about the fantastic culinary game known as Cooking Fever MOD APK. Install it immediately and prepare for the most incredible gourmet journey of your life. You’ll learn a lot while having a great time doing it.

Cook a variety of foods and provide timely service to your customers. Develop your eatery and strive to make it the greatest. The high-quality graphics and relaxing background music also elevate Cooking Fever to a new level.

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