Cooking Madness MOD APK v2.3.5 [Unlimited Diamonds]

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App Name:Cooking Madness MOD APK
Publisher:ZenLife Games Ltd
Size:34 MB
Last Updated:8 Nov

Cooking Madness MOD APK

If you are a cooking game lover then you must check out the latest cooking game Cooking Madness MOD APK. With the endless exciting challenges, you can play and customize the game by yourself. Check out the new updates to the game.

Do check out the craziest cooking frenzies and the options to take orders from the customer’s cook and severe by yourself. Moreover, as the level completes the game becomes more difficult, with the usage of your money, you can also buy the necessary cutlery or items that you need. 

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Cooking Madness APK Gameplay 

The game will start with a mess including worst management, high cost, and other sentimentalism. If you are an android user then you will see yourself as a top chef in the game. The game starts with a lot of missions and challenges.

As a top chef, you have to complete a various number of orders and work very efficiently to complete the challenge. Click on the complete cooking and serving task to take orders, prepare food and serve the food to the customers including the feature of the regional food contest cook signature dishes for the contest to win it and get amazing prices.

As you progress the game reaches higher levels and new tools unlock various equipment. Completing the challenges adds to your experience and later on, you can open a large restaurant or even your big restaurant, where you can have your menu and become the most famous chef in the city. This latest style of gameplay will impress you guys, especially android users. 

Cooking Madness APK Features:

Here are some awesome features of your favorite game. After knowing these features you will play this game with great emotions. 

Explore new areas

  • Well, whenever we play a game it doesn’t matter if it’s of any type but every game system works with the completion of challenges and exploring a much harder level than the previous one. Same as it happens in it.
  • As you complete a challenge you get access to explore new areas and restaurants with more exciting gifts including new equipment and ingredients. As you get to a new place the game becomes harder and more challenging. 

Play offline 

  • No need to take stress thinking that it might work as PUBG or Free Fire with an internet connection. Cooking Madness MOD APK is free to play so you can easily complete your challenges while outside your home.
  • Go and check out their offline experience and have fun while making interesting food or your customers complete your orders without any problem on the internet. 

Complete missions, earn money 

  • Moreover, when you complete a challenge in it the gold you earn according to your services as each level has specific goals.
  • A customer of you might leave the restaurant due to late serving and it would be your loss of the gold for the day, but when you provide extra fast serving to the customers it leaves a great sign and your customer gives extra gold or coins.
  • The gold or coins you earn from your customers help you unlock new equipment, ingredients and tools. So what are waiting to go and collect your coins today and unlock exciting utensils?

Cooking Madness MOD APK

Playing Cooking Madness is not an easy job if you think it is. It includes restaurants where you are a chef and your job is too complicated. You would take orders and complete the orders on time as it’s your mission to complete and get unlimited coins.

As they are waiting for food you can serve some drinks to your guests. Make sure that the customer orders a combo to get extra coins.

Do upgrade your cooking utensils to cook food efficiently, including more chances to unlock the latest design and equipment and get unlimited diamonds.

Get the best cooking result while managing time in the Cooking Madness MOD APK game. Start cooking amazing dishes and attract more customers with the MOD Ads-free feature. 

Cooking Madness MOD Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features you will get in Cooking Madness 

  • Get unlimited diamonds with Mod
  • Open new restaurants with the help of key cards
  • Enjoy special missions and achievements and get new skills with Mod
  • Upgrade your kitchen utensils and ingredients 
  • Play limited-time events to gain exciting prizes and unlock equipment also get Ads free game with Mod  
  • Enjoy unlimited money with the MOD.
  • Cook with skills and reflexes 
  • Earn lots of money, coins, and diamond to unlock new equipment

Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

The thing you need while playing this game is a dedication as you have to play very fast and meet the needs of the customers.

As we already mentioned that the restaurant we will get at the first would be in the worst situation so you have to assist the restaurant and coordinate the restaurant with your superb skills. 

Wow, you can do so much fun in the game. If you are a challenge-loving person then you will love this game as it is full of challenges. It allows you to discover funky towns where you will find different recipes that are physically and culturally enriching. 


If you love to play cooking games then Cooking Madness MOD APK is a great choice to be clicked as the developers have constructed the best visual for cooking games with exciting events and challenges.

Cooking Madness APK gives a variety of utensils and ingredients with the facility of earning more money if you serve your customer on time and with great tasty food. Also, this game will surely give you a thrilling effect after playing as it is one of the best cooking games in the competition.

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