Cover Fire MOD APK v1.23.18 (Unlimited Gold) 

App Name:Cover Fire MOD APK
Publisher:Viva Games Studios
Size:320 MB
Last Updated:29 Oct

About Cover Fire MOD APK


Cover Fire MOD APK is the best shooting game with lots of outstanding features. In this game, you are the commander of a small team and battle with different dangerous enemies. The whole world is taken over by some cruel corporations that have lots of dangerous fighters.

You need to create your team, pick up your weapons and go to the different amazing areas to protect their people from these destructive companies.

This game offers you the best moments of shooting to relax with fantastic graphics and mind-blowing sound effects. You enjoy different types of guns, gears, characters, and special challenges in this excellent shooting game. It is free to download and gives you lots of enjoyment and fun in your busy and boring life.


Cover Fire APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Cover Fire is exciting and addictive. It offers you the best shooting battles with diverse types of harmful enemies. In this game, you are living in a world that is taken over by dark powers.

These powers want to catch all the resources of the world and destroy the whole human society. You need to gather different fighters, make a team and lead them.

This game offers you lots of amazing levels with lots of dangerous enemies that have different skills and powers. You need to unlock different types of amazing guns and equipment to strengthen your powers.

You also need to unlock different characters to increase the skills and defense of your team. You can play this game in both online and offline game modes. So, enjoy different levels with lots of challenges and save the world from destructive powers.


Cover Fire APK Features:

Let us describe to you some fantastic features of Cover Fire APK.

Enjoy very interesting shooting Gameplay

  • The gameplay of this game offers you very interesting shooting battles. You are the leader of the team and want to protect the world from different dark powers.
  • You fight with different enemies in different areas by using different shooting skills and good leadership. You can enjoy different types of amazing weapons and gear to become the best sniper.

Create your Squad and battle with enemies

  • This game allows you to create your team or squad and go to different battles. You are the leader of your team and need to show extraordinary leadership skills.
  • You can unlock different weapons and characters to defeat all the dangerous enemies in different places of the world.

Simple and friendly User Interface

  • This game become more popular due to its simple and friendly user interface. You have a very simple controller which offers you very easy touch control.
  • You also have a guide or instructor in the game to teach you different functions of the game. So enjoy different in-game challenges with interesting gameplay.

Lots of amazing weapons and diverse maps

  • This game offers you to unlock lots of amazing weapons and other equipment. You have the opportunity to get enjoyment from different types of fantastic guns, bullets, bombs, and much more defensive equipment.
  • You also can unlock different maps to challenge the evil forces in the world. These maps have different challenges and dangerous enemies.

Various Customization options

  • Enjoy different customization options that are given in the game.
  • You can upgrade different weapons and equipment to smash enemies efficiently. It also offers you to customize your team by using different upgrades to defeat the villains.

Tips To Play

This game is not as easy as you think. To achieve huge results you need to follow the instructions that are written below:

  • Create a stronger team and fight with different enemies on exciting levels.
  • Use different guns and gears to beat the villains easily.
  • Unlock different characters and weapons to make your team stronger which can defeat all veil forces efficiently.
  • Collect different amazing awards and use them to do some important customization.
  • Play online with friends and other gamers worldwide and take care of different international shooting events to enjoy a lot.
  • You enjoy fantastic 3D graphics with lots of animations in this game. These graphics create lots of amazing visuals and actions to boost yourself.
  • It also has unique and authentic sound effects that enjoy you with fascinating themes and audio tracks. 

Cover Fire MOD APK

Cover Fire MOD APK is the cracked version of the simple game and has fully unlocked gameplay. In this game, you enjoy completely unblocked features such as unlimited money, unlimited energy, unlimited ammo, no reload, and much more fantastic.

It also has an ad-blocker system that offers pure and efficient gameplay. You can enjoy this mod version free by downloading from this website and getting an extraordinary shooting experience on your terms.

Cover Fire MOD Features:

Cover Fire MOD APK has so many interesting mod features and some of them are written below:

Unlimited Money

  • This game offers you to enjoy unlimited resources of money. You can buy anything at any time to make the win easy.
  • This feature makes your team more powerful and unbeatable that creates lots of fun and enjoyment.

Enjoy lots of dangerous Enemies and Levels

  • This game has lots of dangerous enemies and interesting levels.
  • The gameplay checks your shooting skills in different quests and gives you lots of awards after beating dangerous enemies.

Play both online and offline modes

  • This game allows you to play the game in both offline and online modes. You can play different in-game challenges without any internet connection.
  • It also offers you to play online with friends and different gamers online to show your gaming specialties. You can also take part in different tournaments that are occurring worldwide.

Unlimited Energy

  • You also have unlimited resources of energy that enable you to fight efficiently with any player without caring about energy or health loss.
  • You can’t be tired due to this feature that helps you to become the best leader and sniper.

Collect different excellent Awards

  • This game gives you lots of amazing awards that are based on your performance at different levels.
  • These awards allow you to unlock different things to make your team stronger.

Unlimited Ammo

  • Ammunition plays an important role in shooting games and this game gives you unlimited ammo to fight.
  • You can easily beat the enemies because you fire continuously on them without any deficiency of ammunition.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Cover Fire MOD APK is free to download. You can easily download it from this website for free and get a fully pure cracked version.

Yes,  mod versions are different from simple games because they have completely unblocked premium features without any payment. In a simple game, you need to spend some money to earn these premium features. 


Cover Fire MOD APK is a fantastic action genre game with completely unblocked features. You have unlimited money, ammo, energy, no reload, high damage, and many more excellent features that enable you to defeat all the villains easily.

Download this game from this website for free and get enjoyment from excellent graphics, exciting gameplay, diverse weapons and characters, and destructive enemies at the same time.

Sometimes you stuck in a big problem during gun reloading. But don’t worry this mod game gives you no reload feature.

You can fire unlimited bullets without any reloading. That’s why you become the conqueror of the world and save human society from brutal enemies.

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