Criminal Case MOD APK v2.39 [Unlimited Stars & Money]

App Name:Criminal Case MOD APK
Publisher:Pretty Simple
Size:60 MB
Last Updated:29 Aug

About Criminal Case MOD APK


If you are ready to solve different types of crimes, then quickly install this Criminal Case MOD APK game. It is a hidden clue game that requires solving various criminal cases with the help of hints and clues.

This game will give you many detective skills through which you can easily examine the evidence on the crime scene. You can play with your friends also and complete missions in a very effective and detective manner. 

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You can easily play in an interrogative manner. There are many suspects at the crime scene. So as a player you can also detect and interrogate them regarding the crime. The prayers have to find various samples and clues and then take them as the basis of evidence.

They should also have to suspect various witnesses and interrogate them. Next is to find the corrupt people with your expert detective skills.


Criminal Case APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this puzzle-solving Criminal Case APK game is very adventurous. In this, you have to play the game by completely investigating one of the crime scenes.

The Crime Scene will be in any grin city that is filled with corrupt people and evils. This game can be played in multiplayer or also in single-player mode.

The player has to find various clues by working as a detective. You have to analyze all the clues and samples and find relevant evidence for the Crime scene. 

Once you get the evidence you can easily suspect the killer and do justice to the people involved in the crime scene. This game includes different stages.

Just investigate the corrupt people and try to gather all the evidence for the crime scene. You can play this game with your friends also and find out about the criminal. This game is very interesting, go ahead and find all the clues for your criminal case.


Criminal Case APK Features:

Following are some of the features that are very interesting about this Criminal Case APK game:

Multiplayer Mode 

  • The players can easily play this Criminal Case MOD APK game with their friends. You can invite your friends from your social media handles and play a very swift match with them.
  • Try to be one of the best detectives among your friend in getting all the hints and evidence for the crime scene. Playing with your friends gives you more adventure and fun in this game.

Free to Install

  • This Criminal Case APK game does not require any charges for installing or playing on your PC. Its version is also completely free. The players can easily install this Criminal Case APK game without any interruption and enjoy good gameplay.
  • You don’t have to pay anything for playing this game and after the completion of your missions, you will receive rewards.

3D Visuals

  • The graphics and visuals of this Criminal Case APK game are outstanding. They give an incredible experience of the game. Many players get attracted to this game because of its 3D detailing. All the effects used in the game are high-definition and have amazing designs.
  • The game interface looks very appealing to all the players. It attracts more gamers towards it because of its 3D high-quality graphics.

Tips To Play

  • Try to gather as much evidence as you can to catch the criminal.
  • Read the complete guide to the game to play more attentively.

Criminal Case MOD APK

Download this Criminal Case MOD APK game as it offers unlimited hints and energy. You will be acting as a detective and finding out all the possible evidence for the crime scene.

Therefore, this modified version of the Criminal Case APK game provides you with unlimited hints and unlimited energy for your survival and more efficiency in the game. It will help you in gaining awards, a stable position, and a quick victory in the game. 

The players will also be able to disclose various theft robberies or other crime scenes by analyzing all the samples and evidence. You will be able to play more accordingly in this modified version because of unlimited energy.

Just interrogate the suspects and do the investigation according to the given criteria. If the player meets all the criteria then they will be able to receive rewards in this game. The player can’t predict anything rather he has to play the game with absolute evidence of the crime scene.

Criminal Case MOD Features:

Here there are some of the features of this modified version of the Criminal Case APK game.

  • The players will be able to receive unlimited hints. These hints will help in solving crime cases very easily and quickly.
  • You will also get unlimited energy in this modified version.
  • However, huge energy is required for solving the crime case. In the original version that energy is limited but in this modified version you will receive unlimited energy to play efficiently.
  • The game is completely free of any charges to play and download on your mobile phone.
  • This modified version also provides high-definition graphics. The 3D appearance of this game attracts more players towards it.
  • All the bugs and issues are removed in this modified version and now you can enjoy swift gameplay.
  • Some of the technical issues in the original version are also resolved in this modified version of the Criminal Case MOD APK game.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, Criminal Case APK game is entirely secure for all devices. It is safe from all security threats and other viruses.

No, this Crime Scene app doesn’t offer in-app purchases.


Install this Criminal Case MOD APK game for getting a complete detective feel. Head into the town and catch the criminals by gathering all the evidence against them.

This version of the Criminal Case APK game will provide unlimited money, hints, and unlimited energy for your survival and a stable position in the game. Just try to disclose the criminals of the town and do justice to the people involved in the crime scene.

The game offers interactive gameplay and an attractive user interface. Install this game on your devices, play with your friends and have fun.

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