Critical Ops MOD APK v1.35.0 [Unlock All Skins]

App Name:Critical Ops MOD APK
Publisher:Critical Force Ltd
Size:761 MB
Last Updated:9 Nov

About Critical Ops MOD APK


This is a first-person shooting action game. The game provides a 3D action effect with a multiplayer mode. The players will experience competitive battles with their opponents in this game.

There are many challenging modes as well. You have to follow the map and complete the missions by shooting your opponents and defending yourself.

The Critical Ops MOD APK possesses a great storyline and addictive gameplay. You have to apply tactical skills to shoot your opponents and defend yourself from being attacked by them. The game is completely free to play and includes millions of gamers from all over the world.

You can easily team up with your friends in an online mode and play. Upgrade the game and win the battle. This thrilling action game requires complete concentration and tactical knowledge for leading your team and winning every battle.

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You can easily customize your characters as well and upgrade them according to the level. Once you win any battle, you will receive various rewards. These rewards will help in unlocking various resources.

It will help you in gaining sustainability in the game. So become a professional shooter in this Critical Ops game. There are various maps to be followed by the players to get the victory.


Critical Ops APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this Critical Ops APK game is exciting and thrilling. This multiplayer shooter game has outstanding controls that can be easily understood on mobile phones as well as PCs.

There is a virtual stick available on the left side of the screen. You can easily rotate your camera and aim the gun at your opponents.

For this, the players have to slide their fingers on the right side of the screen. There are various options available on the game screen including jump, reload, shoot and duck.

Click these buttons at the right time and try to defeat your opponents. This first-person shooting game is very thrilling and includes numerous weapons.

There are various high-definition weapons available in this game including rifles, snipers, machine guns, shotguns, etc. These weapons can also be upgraded and unlocked after you receive rewards for your victory.


Critical Ops APK Features: 

Following are some of the features that are included in this Critical Ops APK MOD game:

Numerous Maps to Follow 

  • There are different maps in this game that should be followed by the players to get victory on the right path. You can approach different places by following different maps.
  • These maps are available with different setups. These maps also allow you to apply different tactics in the game. You just have to follow the complete map efficiently and get the victory in the end.

Variety of Weapons

  • There are various high-range weapons in this game. They all are required to shoot your enemies efficiently. The weapons include pistols, shotguns, grenades, sniper rifles, machine guns, etc.
  • All these can easily be unlocked after winning any level and getting the reward. These weapons are available at varied prices. So you can easily unlock them after passing the levels one by one.

Easy Controls

  • All the controls required in the gameplay of this Critical Ops MOD APK shooting action game are convenient. They can easily be understood by all the players.
  • You will also be provided with various customizable features along with these controls. You just have to press the buttons and make your character win at the end of every battle.

Tips To Play

  • Try to aim at your opponents and destroy them in less time.
  • Read the complete shooting guide and then enjoy the game.

Critical Ops MOD APK

Critical Ops MOD APK is the modified and enhanced version of this shooting action game. It includes various new features that are improved in this version.

This modified version consists of a complete MOD menu. It also provides a prominent feature that is the indication and showing the enemies on a minimap.

It will help the players in playing more efficiently and with concentration0.

 in the game. This thrilling game has millions of followers and downloads every day. You can easily customize your character and upgrade its costume.

This also helps in increasing your winning chances. Different modes are available in this modified version that can easily be accessible by all the players according to their skill levels.

There are various navigation maps, unlock missions, numerous weapons, etc in this modified version. Unlimited bullets are also available that help the players win on various challenging levels.

Critical Ops MOD Features:

These are some of the features of the Critical Ops MOD APK shooter game:

  • This game provides you with unlimited bullets and makes the game easy for you.
  • There is a complete minimap that helps in locating the enemies.
  • You will also receive a MOD menu in this modified version.
  • All the weapons are unlocked for the players to win and play efficiently in the game.
  • There are no ads and restrictions in this modified version. So the players will find it very smooth to play.
  • There is an aimbot feature in this modified version that helps in aiming the enemies automatically.
  • The fire rate is also in hand and extended to kill the enemies in this modified version. You can use various high-performance weapons as well.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

This game is compatible with Android version 4.4 or more.

Indeed, it is completely free to be installed on PCs or smartphones.


This Critical Ops MOD APK shooting action game provides you with unlimited health and money. The players will experience interactive and addictive gameplay. You have to show yourself exciting gameplay in every mode.

There is a complete customizability feature for all the players. It helps in playing the game with more interest. You will also be available with special and easy controls for all the characters.

So download this modified version of the Critical Ops APK on your mobile phone and start playing with your friends in an online challenging mode.

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