Crush Crush MOD APK v0.382 [Unlimited Everything]

App Name:Crush Crush MOD APK
Publisher:Sad Panda Studios Ltd
Size:70 MB
Last Updated:Sep 29, 2022

About Crush Crush MOD APK


This Crush Crush MOD APK game is a very exciting social networking game. Through this game, you can easily make new friends on social media.

There are male and female characters both included in this game. You can easily unlock different types of photos and outfits of the characters and make friends with them. It is a fantastic game through which you can engage with other girls and boys. It consists of numerous interesting characters. 

This Crush Crush APK also includes various exciting features. So start bonding with the girls and play this game romanticly.

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This game offers to chat and call with the girls. Meet with them and ask for their wishes and fulfill them. You can easily perform different tasks for your new friends. This game has a very enjoyable storyline. It is a beautiful game for all the players.


Crush Crush APK Gameplay

This game is very amazing and enjoyable for all the users. The gameplay is very simple and attractive. In this game, you have to engage and communicate with beautiful young girls. These are anime girls. You have to socialize with them and make connections. Then you will chat or call them. 

After a great engagement with beautiful girls, you will be able to fulfill different types of responsibilities or duties. When you complete one task your level will increase and it will help you in gaining rewards.

The gamer should build a long-term relationship with any girl. If no girl talks with you, then you have to convince her with different types of gifts or stickers to share with them. Entertain them and make a long-term strong relationship.


Crush Crush APK Features:

Following are some of the notable features of the Crush Crush MOD APK game:

Calls and Chats With Girls

  • The players of this game can easily talk with new girls and date them. This feature is very exciting as it offers to flirt with other characters. It is an adventurous game in which you will be flirting with the new girl characters.

Upgrading Levels

  • You will be upgrading your levels after the completion of every task. Your new friend will provide you with different types of duties or tasks and you have to fulfill them. In return, your level will be upgraded and your task will be completed.

Skills Improvement

  • You can quickly improve your levels by communicating effectively with girls. The users have to win over their opponents and make a connection. You will also receive amazing gifts by crushing your opponents.

Tips To Play

  • Try to make long-lasting relations for long-term rewards.
  • Fulfill as many orders of girls for upgrading level.

Crush Crush MOD APK

This Crush Crush MOD APK game is fun to play. This is a great dating application for people from different areas. Many cute and beautiful characters are there in this game. The main feature of this modified version of Crush Crush APK is unlimited money and unlimited gems availability.

You will receive amazing gifts after the completion of every task. Try to engage with different beautiful girls and meet them. Make them satisfied with your chatting and calls. Take their tasks and fulfill them. 

These romantic experiences are enjoyable and will help you in upgrading your level in this game. This Crush Crush is ads-free. If you don’t want to waste your time, then the add-free version of this game is highly suitable for you.

Go and download the Crush Crush MOD APK game on your mobile phone. This modified version will also help you in unlocking various jobs, graphs, images, characters, outfits, etc.

Crush Crush MOD Features:

Here are some of the special features of the Crush Crush APK MOD game. Have a look at these features and play this game with fun:

  • You will get unlimited money in this Crush Crush MOD version. Through this money, you can easily buy different types of outfits and other accessories.
  • This modified version also provides unlimited gems. With the help of these gems, you can easily unlock different skills and levels.
  • This Crush Crush version is ads-free. It reduces distraction while playing the game.
  • The game is completely free to play and does not require any charges for purchasing. This MOD version already has unlocked various features. So there is no requirement of paying any charges for this game.
  • Here you can also unlock different jobs and then perform them with dedication. You will get rewards according to your performance in the game.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No rooting should be done for the installation of this game.

No events are repeated in this version of Crush Crush APK. 

Yes, it is completely approved and legal to play with free gems.


This Crush Crush MOD APK will provide you with a stunning gaming experience. Make all the levels unlocked and enjoy the game. Receive as many rewards and bonuses on the completion of your levels.

The gameplay is very simple and exciting. This social game will help you make new friends from various areas of the globe. In this game, dating girls will give an awesome and romantic feel. Many gamers love this casual game.

You will get all the amazing features in this game. Unlimited gems and money are the main characteristics of this Crush Crush MOD. This casualty genre game will help you increase your communication skills as well.

So play and unlock different levels. Win these levels and play a nice game by creating relations. Meet many beautiful ladies and play unexpectedly. Install this version of the Crush Crush game and enjoy making new friends.

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