CSR Racing MOD APK v5.0.1 [Unlimited Money/Gold]

App Name:CSR Racing MOD APK
Publisher:NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Size:550 MB
Last Updated:2 Days, Ago

About CSR Racing APK


This CSR racing MOD APK game includes numerous licensed cars with high-quality graphics. The game is designed with very addictive gameplay. The players can easily do racing on more than a hundred licensed cars.

All these cars are manufactured by well-known manufacturers. You can easily do a world tour and compete with other crews from all over the world. You can easily beat them and play on an international level.

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Be the boss of the game. You can also upgrade the engine of your vehicle. There is also an option of customizability of the cars which helps in winning the races. This speed racing game provides a great experience on various supercars.

This game can now easily be played on various Android mobile phones. The best drag races can easily play the game and win the races at the end. They will receive rewards and achievements for winning the race.


CSR Racing APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this CSR racing APK game is to play a drag race and win it. The players play as the speed drivers. The players have to show their skills by driving the vehicles as efficiently as they can.

You have to level your car and accelerate it very efficiently. So first you have to customize your car, then drive it like a professional driver.

Win the race and beat your opponents and in return, you will be awarded various prizes including rewards and other resources. It will help you in upgrading your profile in the game.

Next, the players can also improve their driving skills by completing various challenges and using different driving modes. So in this game, the gameplay includes facing the opponents and defeating them with your exceptional driving skills.


CSR Racing APK Features:

Following are some CSR racing game features. They help in playing more efficiently in the game.

Daily Battles

  • The players will experience different battles in the form of car races daily in the game. It will help in winning the gold or cash.
  • If the players are unable to compete with their opponent and lose the first race, then they can easily attempt another one after 60 minutes. So these daily battles in the CSR racing game help in achieving rewards and other resources.

Multiplayer Game

  • The players are allowed to play the game and do car racing with their friends also. It helps in earning race points.
  • You will be able to play online with your social media friends in a multiplayer mode. This game offers other various features also for all gamers.

Upgrading Of Cars

  • The players also have an opportunity to upgrade their cars. It will help in driving the car with more efficient features in any race. You can easily upgrade your engine which increases the speed of the car.
  • The acceleration can also be enhanced by the players for extreme speed boosting. The car body can also be upgraded for better controls in the race. So the players will have a complete opportunity to customize the parts of the car and upgrade them.

Tips To Play

  • Try to explore different customizable options for your car. It will help in winning you the race.
  • Take part in big racing tournaments and test your driving skills.


This highly customizable car racing game is one of the favorite riding games of gamers nowadays. It provides you an opportunity to drive licensed cars in various battles. The players can easily explore different areas of the world while racing with their opponents.

In this modified version, the players will experience unlimited gold, unlimited silver, and the presence of the MOD menu. This is a very unique opportunity for the racers to experience the gameplay of the CSR racing modified version.

The players can ride the car with simple and intuitive controls which will help in conquering the race. So download the modified version of this exciting CSR car racing game and compete with high-profile racers.

The winning of the players in all the races will help you in yielding numerous rewards. You will be able to experience a hundred percent user-friendly interface and high-definition graphics. The game provides great sound effects with millions of downloads from all over the world.

CSR Racing MOD APK Features:

These are some of the features that will be experienced by the gamers while playing the CSR Racing modified version game.

  • The players will be able to receive unlimited gold and silver in this modified version.
  • You can also experience a MOD menu which provides you with unlimited premium options.
  • All the car drivers will experience exciting gameplay in this modified version.
  • You can easily collect valuable rewards and prizes in this game.
  • The game is completely free for installing on your mobile phones as well as PCs.
  • The visual quality and sound effects are outstanding.
  • The players will be able to experience enhanced graphics.
  • The downloading speed of the CSR racing MOD APK game is also very fast and efficient.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, this game does not offer in-app purchases.

This modified version of the CSR car racing game is compatible with devices with version 5.1 or more.


Download the CSR Racing MOD APK game. The game provides upgrading and customizing of your cars. The game storyline is unique and adventurous. All the players will be able to get an opportunity to be involved in the different car races with the help of amazing controls.

The players will be able to win the races with the premium features provided in this modified version. This modified version is completely free and easily accessible by all users. Unlimited silver and gold help in increasing the profile and winning chances of the car racers in the game.

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