Dawn of Zombies MOD APK v2.190 (Free Craft)

App Name:Dawn of Zombies MOD APK
Publisher:Royal Ark
Size:1.1 GB
Last Updated:22 Aug

About Dawn of Zombies MOD APK


The games in the Zoombies context are very popular and well in demand nowadays and we offer you the best zombie game named Dawn of Zombies MOD APK. In this game, you enjoy a world that is fully devastated by different hazards, attacks, and different nuclear explosions.

These factors ruin human society and damage the world. But you remain alive in this destruction and survive different enemies luckily.

In this game, you just need to fight different dangerous types of zombies in the world of horror. You need to create your home, upgrade your weapons and equipment, protect different other survivors, and do many more fantastic things.

This game has very fantastic graphics and animations with very stunning sound effects. It is free to download and has very interesting features to enjoy yourself deeply. 


Dawn of Zombies APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Dawn of Zombies is very interesting and amazing. You play as a hero and need to survive in a world that is fully devastated by different wars and nuclear explosions.

The people of the earth are converted into zombies due to the radiation spread out in the air.  You are saved luckily from the virus but you lost your memory.

In this game, you don’t care about anything and just fight with different dangerous types of enemies such as zombies and diverse types of monsters. They are sleepless, tireless, and endless and want to destroy all humans.

You need to create your base to protect yourself. Fulfill your food requirements, upgrade your weapons and resources, gather different other survivors to make a team, and battle different enemies to protect your land.

At the beginning of the game, you have a weapon and a vehicle and need to conquer the enemies. You don’t have any huge damaging or nuclear weapons to destroy lots of enemies. You just protect yourself by going to the lands that are safe for any reason to enhance your power.


Dawn of Zombies APK Features:

Dawn of Zombies has so many extraordinary features and some of them are written below:

Amazing survival Gameplay 

  • In this game, you experience the amazing gameplay of survival. You fight with different types of dangerous zombies, monsters, animals, and much more harmful to protect yourself.
  • Collect different types of weapons and gears to kill the zoomies efficiently and create your base to fulfill your rest and food requirements in this wonderful action genre game.

Build your base in a Devastated World

  • This game allows you to build your base or house to protect yourself from different dangerous types of zombies.
  • This house doesn’t protect you completely from enemies but it helps you to meet your food and rest necessities.
  • This house enables you to do different operations to kill all the villains, enhance your power and store your resources.

Explore different Adventures and different Maps 

  • After building your home this game offers you to enjoy different adventures and diverse maps.
  • You can enjoy desert land, village, jungle, and much more other areas and maps to get the amazing adventure of zombie killing.

Incredible Graphics and Sound effects

  • In this game, you enjoy incredible 3D graphics with fantastic animations. These graphics develop sensational visuals and actions to give you very fascinating gameplay.
  • This game also has very strong sound effects that produce amazing war sounds.

Enjoy fantastic Online Game Mode

  • This game offers you to play with different online gamers or friends worldwide using fantastic multiplayer game mode.
  • It enables you to show your gaming skills to different online gamers.

Tips To Play

This game has so many difficulties and challenges. To get huge achievements you need to follow the instructions that are written below.

  • At the beginning of the game, you need to create a house to protect yourself from different enemies and store your resources in it.
  • Enhance your power and use different gears and weapons to kill enemies easily.
  • Upgrade different resources and use different powerups to defeat the different dangerous monsters efficiently.
  • Be aware of zombies because they are sleepless, restless, and stronger and want to convert you into zombies.
  • Play online with friends and different online gamers worldwide in a wonderful multiplayer game mode. This enables you to boost your gaming skills and show your performance to other extraordinary gamers.

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK is the modded version of the simple game. In this game, you have completely unblocked features such as free craft, free build, freeze enemy, fully unblocked weapons and gears, and much more fantastic. It is also free from ads that enable you to play efficient gameplay.

This game offers you very interesting 3D graphics with stunning sound effects. You need to create your base, unlock different weapons and gears, play different adventures and quests, and defeat lots of destructive enemies. You can download this game from this website for free and get enjoyment from fully unblocked features.

Dawn of Zombies MOD Features:

Let us discuss some amazing mod features of Dawn of Zombies MOD APK.

Free Craft

  • In this mod game, you have the opportunity to use any craft due to the free craft feature. You can use any weapon and gear to make your defense stronger.
  • It makes you more powerful and unbeatable which helps you to defeat enemies easily.

Collect different Weapons and Equipment

  • To defeat different types of enemies you need to collect different types of weapons and equipment to protect yourself from dangerous attacks.
  • Use different types of guns such as Ak-47, machine guns, short guns, and many more destructive ones. You can use different types of protective gear and vehicles to enjoy the full-length zombie wars.

Gather other lucky Survivors

  • In this game, you are living in a devastated world where human society is destroyed.
  • You need to gather other lucky survivors to make a team and conquer the zombies and their dangerous bosses to protect the world.

Free to Build

  • This game allows you to build anything at any time according to your needs.
  • You can easily build your base without paying any money and make your defense more powerful and undestroyable.

Freeze Enemy

  • Dawn of Zombies MOD APK allows you to freeze an enemy at any time to defeat it easily.
  • This feature enables you to defeat the strongest zombies and their bosses very efficiently.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this mod game is free to download. You can download it from this website to get the enjoyment of pure and safe versions.

Yes, this has very amazing graphics. You enjoy stunning 3D visuals and animations in this game.

The game is very much safe to download, with zero viruses.


Download Dawn of Zombies MOD APK and get the enjoyment of amazing gameplay of zombies shooting. In this game, you enjoyed completely unblocked features such as free craft, free build, freeze enemy, and many more excellent. It has stunning and creative gameplay with outstanding graphics and beautiful sound effects.

It has full of difficulties and challenges that’s why it has millions of downloads after release. You can download it from this website for free and get lots of enjoyment and fun from the extraordinary survival game. 

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