Day R Premium MOD APK v1.732 [Free Shopping & Craft]

App Name:Day R Premium MOD APK
Genre:Role Playing
Size:144 MB
Last Updated:28 Oct

About Day R Premium MOD APK


Day R Premium MOD APK is an RPG survival game. The plot of the game takes place in the Soviet Union which is currently known as Russia in 1985. Russia is attacked by its enemies with the deadliest atomic bombs.  

Many people died due to the blast and the radioactive radiation that are extremely dangerous. Somehow our game character survived but he lost his family. He looked everywhere for his family but found none. Its goal from now is to survive this messed-up situation and reunite with his family.

The world is no more a beautiful place to continue living. The radiation of these bombs changed everything. Diseases are spreading speedily, people are dying from hunger and diseases. Humans have lost their morals and are ready to do anything to save themselves.

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People turned into zombies and are now haunting the remaining humanity. You have to fight hunger, thirst, diseases, zombies, and many other mysterious animals.

Players must prepare themselves for ultimate survival in the game. 


Day R Premium APK Gameplay

The Day R Premium APK has smooth gameplay compared to other games of the same genre. This simple gameplay of Day R Premium lets users from any gaming background play this game hassle-free. This survival game puts you in the shoes of a person who has lost his family during the attack.

The game has lots of complicated tasks that keep the game at the top. You have to search for any leftovers that are worthy as everything is important after the attack.

Hunger and thirst are everywhere and people are dying from them. So, make sure that you have enough supply of food and other survival gadgets like guns and explosives.  


Day R Premium APK Features:

The world has become cruel 

  • The world is now very difficult to survive. Many casualties happened after this atomic attack. People who survived the bomb now facing other challenges of hunger, thirst, disease, and many more.
  • Humans turned into animals and were ready to eat anywhere that they could to survive this apocalypse. Our mission is to be safe and to find our family as fast as we can before it’s too late. 

Explore Cities 

  • Many cities of the Soviet Union are now destroyed and taken over by animals and zombies. You have to explore these cities to find some sort of useful resources that can help you in your long journey.
  • You may find some sort of shop that survived and have something for survival. There you can also find animals that can be used as a source of food too.  

Character Appearance 

  • This survival game offers many survival features to its users. Players can explore many places to find the characters’ families.
  • You can improve or upgrade the appearance of your character by collecting new appearances in the game as you complete different missions. 


  • Cities are demolished around the country. It’s impossible to find the exact locations as they are destroyed by radiation.
  • The game offers a map facility to its character, with which he can travel from one place to another without wasting any time.

Tips To Play 

  • Whenever you open this game for the first time, you will see that Day R Premium has four different gaming modes. Sandbox, Real Life, Superhard, and then online are the four game modes that are offered. Sandbox mode is the most suitable mode for newcomers as it has less difficulty. So, always think twice before choosing the gaming mode. 
  • Rewards are the things that appeal to every single player out there. This thing can get more interesting when you get the chance to get these rewards for free. Yes, this is right you can claim your free daily rewards by just logging in every day.

Day R Premium MOD APK

Day R Premium MOD APK is the modified and updated version of its original game. The original game is quite expensive at 3.99$. Not everyone is gonna pay this amount but I’m sure that everyone wants to play this game. If you want to enjoy the most realistic and survival gameplay of this game, you can download it for free from this website. This MOD APK is not only free but also has many premium features that are paid for. So, this MOD APK is the ultimate solution for every Day R lover. 

Day R Premium MOD Features:


  • Unlike the original version of the Day R Premium where you have to pay 3.99$ for downloading it from the play store.
  • This MOD APK is not only free but has all of the unlocked features of the original game.
  • You don’t have to pay to download and also don’t need to pay for any in-game feature. Doesn’t it sound like a good deal? 

Difficult Levels

  • Just like the other big famous games, this MOD APK provides difficulty level meters. Players can select difficulty levels according to their experience.
  • This feature helps players to play this game even if they’re beginners.


  • When it comes to survival situations, hunting and savings are necessary. In this MOD APK players can go to various places in the form of any food or arsenals.
  • Players can enjoy roaming around to hunt for life necessities. 


  • Warehouses are the place to keep your hunted materials. The game provides this warehouse facility to its users to keep their hunt safe and secure.
  • You can put anything in this warehouse that you want to preserve like food, weapons, and other in-game gadgets.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the game has a weapon-repairing kit for this purpose. But it’s not an easy task to find one in the game. But, if you’re lucky enough to find this kit you can restore any damaged weapon to its original capabilities.


Day R Premium MOD APK is the ultimate warfare game that tests your survival skills. The only motive and mission of players during the game is to keep themselves safe from disease and try to find the missing family members of the main game character.

For this, players have to do anything that seems important as everything is fair in love and war. Moreover, this MOD APK will help the players to enjoy the unlimited premium features of the game for free.      

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