Dead Trigger MOD APK v2.0.4 [All Weapons Unlocked]

App Name:Dead Trigger MOD APK
Publisher:MADFINGER Games
Size:155 MB
Last Updated:10 Sep

About Dead Trigger MOD APK

The only objective of the arcade shooter Dead Trigger MOD APK is to live. You are one of the last few survivors of a zombie outbreak, which is the game’s primary concept. You need to make sure you survive while the world implodes. To succeed, you must kill any deadly creatures you come across and accomplish objectives to win.

Your missions are challenging and might continue for several hours. As people pass away, zombies emerge. Only a few humans are left, including you. Therefore, you must protect yourself, or the zombies will devour you.

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You will have high-quality weaponry to help you fight against zombies and live. You will have everything, from rifles to machine guns to shotguns, to name a few. It would be best to be vigilant since zombies overrun the countryside.

Get your hands on Dead Trigger since it is the ultimate shooting game if you enjoy zombie apocalypse movies and video games. Prepare to kill some dangerous white walkers.

Dead Trigger APK Gameplay

Let’s discuss the incredible gameplay of Dead Trigger MOD APK. Perhaps its strongest suit is the high-caliber visuals it provides. You’ll be impressed by how authentic the scenery and zombies appear.

Dead Trigger’s audio also creates the impression that you are within a zombie world. Everything feels highly genuine. Install it right now and learn it on your own.

Dead Trigger gives its fans a range of excellent materials, so you will love playing it. All you have to do is make sure you are always carrying high-quality firearms. Your weapons should be ready to fire so that you may dispatch zombies as soon as you come across them.

Dead Trigger is one of the fantastic shooting games that transports you on a zombie adventure. You’ll probably get shivers from the scary narrative and the zombies. However, it will undoubtedly bring you endless enjoyment.

Dead Trigger APK Features:

Let’s talk about a few of Dead Trigger’s distinguishing qualities.

Good Firearms

  • You will need to create weapons by gathering component parts. Once you’ve finished gathering, you may visit the gunsmith and have him make you some weapons.
  • Additionally, you are always free to increase your weaponry. That will improve the quality of your guns and their firing prowess. In addition to this, you will receive a lot of weapons for defense.

Finish your missions

  • In Dead Trigger, only by completing tasks will you be able to stay alive. The objectives will be lengthy and challenging, but if you take things step by step, you will succeed.
  • You’ll need to aid the survivors and eliminate the dangerous zombies in some tasks. But be careful not to pass away.

Explore the Zombieland

  • Search the undead wasteland for hints and clues. Your character can also change. Then finish objectives to advance in the game.
  • Ensure you thoroughly explore the whole zombie wasteland and aid anyone in need. You will receive a significant prize after you reach your goals.

Tips To Play

One of the most challenging shooting games you’ll ever play is Dead Trigger. You’ll be able to play it like a true champion by following the tips.

  • Practice making your shooting aim better. Dead Trigger is all about murdering zombies, so be sure not to waste any bullets and finish them off quickly.
  • Before beginning the game, read Dead Trigger’s instructions in their entirety.
  • Finish the objectives and duties that have been assigned to you.
  • Upgrade your weapons often so you can shoot zombies in a single burst.
  • Last but not least, remain alive and kill zombies. This may be your main objective.

Dead Trigger MOD APK

New, intriguing features in Dead Trigger MOD APK are not included in the regular edition. You now receive infinite cash and gold, which you may use to purchase more potent weaponry.

You won’t have to wait much longer to purchase your preferred weapons because you now have access to them. Additionally, you can improve your weaponry and make any necessary character customizations. Much more enjoyable than previously.

Prepare yourself to observe and participate in dynamic zombie combat now. Remember that they are swift, so make sure you are as well. As soon as you notice them, kill them. Don’t let them murder you first, please. Help and defend your fellow survivors.

Look for anything that might aid you in completing your tasks as you explore the zombie apocalypse. The most enjoyable game you will ever play, Dead Trigger, is spooky. Install it now, folks!

Dead Trigger MOD Features:

Dead Trigger’s updated features are fantastic. Check out these benefits now.

Fantastic graphics

  • For its users, Dead Trigger provides breathtaking visuals. Dead Trigger’s settings and each scenario have a highly authentic feel.
  • The zombies are so expertly made that they appear frightening and genuine. Everything about your character’s actions and weapons is carefully planned. Additionally, the loud sounds enhance everything. Install it right now to experience it.

Different playing modes

  • You may play in a variety of modes as well. One of them is the narrative mode, which lets you explore every aspect of the zombie world and explains the primary cause of the global catastrophe.
  • You may perform tasks in the campaign mode to get prizes. So, engage in any style you like.

Imaginative Gameplay

  • Dead Trigger’s gameplay is quite interesting. It would be best if you eliminated zombies while making sure you live.
  • To get prizes and advance, complete assignments. While playing Dead Trigger, increase your shooting kills.

Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Dead Trigger may be played for free. You don’t have to buy it.

Installing Dead Trigger is legitimate. You won’t have any problems installing it.

Dead Trigger is available from the Playstore.


This is all there is to know about Dead Trigger MOD APK, which is excellent for gamers that enjoy arcade games. Kill zombies and wipe them out of existence. Assist the surviving, all while completing tasks to gain prizes. Dead Trigger has astounding noises and high-quality visuals.

It will seem like a real zombie apocalypse, and zombies are following you. Although Dead Trigger’s theme is somewhat spooky, you will still wholly enjoy it while playing. You should now install Dead Trigger and begin playing. The high-quality stuff it provides to its consumers will surprise you!

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