Dear My Cat MOD APK v1.6.1 (Unlimited Money/Rubies)

App Name:Dear My Cat MOD APK
Publisher:Wemade Connect
Size:285 MB
Last Updated:23 Oct

About Dear My Cat MOD APK


If you are tired from your boring life and want to relax in the world of uniqueness, so don’t worry we offer you the best game that gives you lots of relaxation and fun. Play Dear My Cat MOD APK and get lots of fun and enjoyment from its special gameplay. This game is very enjoyable for those who are animal lovers.

In this game, you enjoy lots of amazing cats with different characteristics and shapes. These cats allow you to go on a wonderful adventure with them in the sky islands. You need to take care of diverse types of cats and do their interesting tasks to satisfy them.

Enjoy wonderful visuals with fantastic themes in this cat game. It is a great game for all android gamers and has stunning features to enjoy yourself without any cost.


Dear My Cat APK Gameplay

Dear My Cat has very calm and adorable gameplay of cats world. In this game, you enjoy the life of an animal lover with lots of amazing and beautiful cats in the fairy tale land of sky island. You need to take care of all the cats, create a beautiful castle on the island, and fulfill the food and other requirements of the cats.

This game also enjoys you very much due to its wonderful music and graphics. You need to complete different tasks to glorify the island with different beautiful things. You can enjoy different adventures with these cats and also connect with different online gamers to show your love for animals across the world.

This game also has different quizzes and challenges to enhance your gaming skills and sharpen you. It is a fantastic game that creates lots of relaxation and fun in your busy and boring life.


Dear My Cat APK Features:

Now we talk about some interesting features of Dear My Cat.

Simple and addictive Gameplay

  • Dear My Cat has very simple and addictive gameplay. In this game, you play with different adorable cats and different animals on the beautiful sky island.
  • It is a very relaxing clicker game that gives you lots of happy moments. You play different mini-games, puzzles, and missions, and also do many more excellent works in this game.
  • It offers you to get relaxed from your busy life and builds a beautiful sky island.

Unlock new Lands and Enjoy new Animals

  • You can’t be bored by this game because it allows you to unlock new lands and areas to expand your beautiful land.
  • New lands have new animals such as diverse types of dogs, pandas, raccoons, etc. These animals boost your animal love to the next level.

Unlock and upgrade different Buildings

  • In this game, you have the opportunity to unlock different excellent buildings to glorify your land. You also upgrade many buildings to enhance the living of wonderful cats.
  • These buildings have different shapes and colors and give lots of fun to your animals.

Develop your Island by completing interesting Tasks

  • During the game, you enjoy different in-game missions and tasks. These tasks are very interesting and relaxing and give you lots of fun and rewards.
  • You also can create some spectacular accessories to give wonderful gifts to your animal friends. These accessories increase the beauty of your wonderful animals.

Beautiful Graphics and Sound Effects

  • This game has very interesting 3d graphics that create lots of amazing visuals and action to boost your thinking power and relax you.

Tips To Play

This game has so many interesting qualities. To get huge achievements and lots of relaxation you need to follow the instructions that are written below:

  • In this game, you need to take care of your cats very carefully and fulfill their all requirements.
  • Unlock different islands and enjoy their new animals such as dogs, raccoons, pandas, etc.
  • Play different in-game missions and puzzles to achieve diverse types of awards.
  • Unlock and upgrade different buildings and beautify them.
  • Also, interact with your friends and different gamer worldwide through the internet and show your beautiful lands of animals.

Dear My Cat MOD APK

Dear My Cat MOD APK is a cracked version of the simple gameplay and has completely unblocked features. You have unlimited money and rubies, fully unlocked items, and many other excellent features. It is also free from ads that offer you smooth and efficient gameplay.

In this game, you experience the wonderful life of animals on a sky island. You collect, unlock and have fun with different cats and other animals to relax from this stressful life. You can download this game from this website for free and get lots of enjoyment from the beautiful and calm life of the animal.

Dear My Cat MOD Features:

Dear My Cat MOD APK  has many interesting mod features and some of them are written below:

Unlimited Money and Rubies

  • In this mod game, you have unlimited money and rubies to get lots of enjoyment and fun in this beautiful animal world.
  • You can do anything at any time according to your hopes and convert sky island into the most beautiful kingdom due to this endless money.

Play Online with Friends

  • This game allows you to interact with your friends and other gamers online throughout the world.
  • You can share your performance and show your diverse types of cats and other animals to them. This activity enables you to upgrade your cat’s world more and more until it reaches its highest beauty.

Enjoy different Puzzles and Mini-games

  • You can play this game for a long time because it offers you so many interesting puzzles and mini-games.
  • These games enhanced your gaming skills and give you lots of amazing awards to enjoy more in the game.

Decorate your beautiful Sky Island

  • In this game, you enjoy different adorable cats on the wonderful sky island.
  • You need to take care of your cats, create new buildings and beautify your sky island with different amazing things.

Fully unlocked Items

  • You have fully unlocked items in this game. You can use anything without any blocks or restrictions.
  • You have completely unlocked buildings, accessories, and many more fantastic things to enjoy for a long time.

Collect diverse types of lovely Cats

  • In this game, you can collect different types of cats by unlocking them. These cats have different shapes, colors, and skills and also so many upgradation options.
  • You enjoy different amazing cats on different adventures and relax very much.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

First, you need to delete the simple version of this game and then download it from this website.

No, this game is free from viruses. It has been checked by antivirus software before release.


Download Dear My Cat MOD APK and get relax from the charming gameplay of cats. It is the best game for animal lovers with exciting and calm adventures. It has very decent 3D graphics and interesting sound effects to boost your mind.

You can create, decorate, party, and have joy with diverse types of pretty cats.  It is free to download from this website and offers you an amazing world of animals to enjoy in your stressful daily life.

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