Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK v12.0.0 [Unlimited lives]

App Name:Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK
Publisher:Jam City, Inc.
Size:151 MB
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2022

About Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK


If you want the Disney famous animated film Frozen in gaming mode then you should download the Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK. It is a match- 3 puzzle game with endless ice crystals. You will enjoy unlimited levels which are full of difficulties.

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Your adventure starts with Anna and Elsa in the kingdom of Arendelle.  Different types of characters will be unlocked after clearing some levels. You need to win the trickery puzzle with good points.

This game is free for android users and gives you lots of fun and entertainment. It provides you with a tour of stunning frozen land which you will never forget in your life. 


 Disney Frozen Free Fall APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Disney Frozen Free Fall is very fantastic. You start the game with Anna and Elsa in the fairyland of Arendelle. This game has so many tricky levels with different surprises.

You need to disappear these blocks of ice crystals by collecting three or more crystals of the same color. You have different types of boosts due to the presence of Elsa and Aana.

In this game, many frozen characters will be unblocked after some levels which have various boosts and help for you. Thes characters help you to pass difficult levels.

You will find Olf, Hans, Christoff, and many more heroes in this game. You can be built your castle or plaza to enjoy different gifts. You will enjoy different unique surprises in this game.


Disney Frozen Free Fall APK Features:

We will now talk about some of the awesome features that Disney Frozen Free Fall offers.

Simple Gameplay

  • This game has very simple gameplay which helps the player to play the game easily and enjoy it.
  • The user interface of this game is very simple which makes the game easy to control.

Diverse technical levels

  • It contains thousands of diverse levels. These levels will be passed with different tactics.
  • These levels having full of difficulty and surprises. Different heroes will unblock after passing some levels with good points and rewards.

Unlock different characters

  • This game gives you many characters which have different characteristics. These characters help you to clear the level of difficulties.
  • For example, Olf, Hans, Christoff, etc are the heroes of frozen unblocked after several levels with many amazing features and boosts.

Easy to play

  • This game has a simple interface that’s why it is very easy to play and manage.
  • You can pass different levels without any anxiety or hardship.

Tips To Play

This game is very critical for new players. You can find glory by using the advice that is provided below.

  • You need to match at least three crystals of the same colors to disappear them.
  • You also collect more than three crystals to enjoy different gifts and boosts.
  • You need to pass the levels with high points which helps you to unblock different heroes.
  • You also use the powers of heroes in difficult times.
  • You need to upgrade your powers and boosters to pass the tough levels without any tension. 

Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK

Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK is the best-ever mystery category game with completely unblocked features. In which you match three or more than three crystals of the same color to disappear them. All the heroes are freed in this version.

You can utilize the qualities of every hero according to your necessities at any moment in the game. You have fully unblocked levels with unlimited lives and moves.

This game gives you Fully unblocked features without any cost. It contains very effective gameplay with a simple graphical user interface. This modded version easily downloads on android taking very low space in memory.

Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD Features:

Let us discuss some of the amazing Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD features.

Unlimited lives

  • This modded version gives you unlimited lives to play the different levels at any time.
  • This feature offers you the option to pass the levels without any limitations and also gives you pleasure.

Unlimited Moves

  • Unlimited moves are the best feature of this modded game because you win the game without any tension due to this feature.
  • You don’t need to worry about moves in any game because the win is relying on you.

Ads free

  • Adds create barriers in your efficient gameplay so this cracked or modded game is free from ads.
  • You play the game in a flow because ads will not appear to embarrass your game. 

Free to Download

  • This modded version is free to download for android users without any complication.
  • You can download this game from our website without any payment and enjoy it.

Never-ending powerups or boosters

  • This modded version gives you the extraordinary feature to conquer the levels easily.
  • It gives you never-ending powerups or boosters in every game which makes your win solid.

Fully unblocked levels

  • You will enjoy fully unblocked levels by downloading this game.
  • It allows you to play any level of the beautiful fairy kingdom with any hero of the game.

Excellent graphics and Sound effects

  • Graphics play a key role in the popularity of any game and that’s why we give you this game with excellent and decent graphics.
  • It also gives you mind-blowing sound effects which make the game sensational.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this game is free to download on android.

Yes, this game is secure to download.

Yes, this app has amazing graphics with a simple user interface.


Disney Frozen Free Fall is the epic match-3 puzzle game for fans of frozen. It has fantastic graphics and visual effects. It also includes handsome and mind-blowing sound effects.

But we offer you the Disney Frozen Free Fall modded version because the simple version is full of hardships. In the modded version you will enjoy fully unblocked features.

Such as unlimited lives, unlimited moves, unlimited boosters, fully unblocked heroes and levels, and many more. This game is also free from ads and free to download. It carries less storage in memory and is downloaded on android.

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