Dokkan Battle MOD APK v5.6.1 [Latest Version]

App Name:Dokkan Battle MOD APK 
Publisher:Bandai Namco Entertainment Ltd.
Size:90 MB 
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2022

About Dokkan Battle MOD APK


This Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle MOD APK is a highly strategic game. You will find numerous legendary characters in it that will be present in a Dragon Ball universe. The players have to discover a new story.

It is a mobile version game that includes various puzzle-solving actions also. There are high-quality features available for this Dokkan Battle APK game.

You will be provided with beautiful 2D graphics and all the high-quality visual effects. The animation used in this game is also very outstanding. 

The players have to land their time machines in a different universe. You have to face your opponent’s team and defeat them. You can easily control your character due to the presence of easy controls.

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The players can also play this spectacular game in a modified version. This Dragon Ball Z Dokkan game is an action game that includes various animations. These animated characters are very appealing and attract many gamers towards it. 

You have to complete the levels and take the advantage of receiving many rewards and prizes in return. The players have to enter the Dragon Ball universe and then defeat their enemies through a specific strategy.

There are numerous characters available with varying powers for all the players. Play this action puzzle game with high interest. Experience interactive storylines with the help of numerous classic characters.


Dokkan Battle APK Gameplay 

The storyline of this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game is very interesting. The players have to operate their time machine and land them in a Dragon Ball universe.

You have to compete with your opponents. You will find a very unique fighting system in this Dragon Ball Z Battle game. There are Ki spheres available to attack your opponents rather than controlling the character. 

There are numerous combos also that can easily be activated by all the players with the help of different characters. You can make numerous attacks with various beautiful animations. The gameplay is very exciting.

You will also experience high-quality features in this Dokkan Battle action game. The Dragon Ball experience will be outstanding for all the fans of the Dragon Ball Z game. It will give you a very unique Mobile gaming experience.


Dokkan Battle APK Features: 

Following are some of the features of the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle action game:

Variety of Characters 

  • There are numerous characters that the players will experience in this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan game. This battle game provides you with a variety of items. You can easily choose your character with different attributes.
  • Every team in this game will comprise 3 characters. Each character will have three attributes. You have to defeat your opponent and play the game with efficiency with your character.

New Maps Availability 

  • There are rich maps available in this game. You will experience visiting different locations. The availability of hero trunks makes this game more interesting and dramatic.
  • You will be able to chase new challenges interestingly. The players have to follow new maps in this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan game.

Upgrading Characters 

  • The players will also have the right to upgrade their character according to the enhanced attributes in this game. Through this, you will be able to play stronger in this game. The Dokkan Battle game is continuously struggling to bring innovative and new features to it.
  • So try to update your character periodically to get the best results in the game. You will be able to defeat your opponents more smoothly and easily in this way.

Tips To Play

  • Upgrade your character timely to get enhanced features.
  • Defeat your opponents quickly to pass the level.

Dokkan Battle MOD APK

There are many enhanced features in the modified version of this Dokkan Battle APK game. The players will be able to experience the availability of a MOD menu and a God mode menu in this game.

In this version, you will also be able to experience a one-hit feature. This is very helpful in killing the opponents easily. This Dokkan Battle MOD APK game is everyone’s favorite because of the enhanced features and the enhanced game style. 

You will be able to experience new storylines. A variety of characters are available in this modified version that will be able to attack your opponents. The graphics and animations are highly enhanced and visual effects are modified in this edition.

This version provides easy unlocking of various hidden items. You will also be able to upgrade and customize your character according to your choice. 

The players will be able to remain safe from any high damage in this modified version. This game provides a very good gaming experience to all Android game users.

It is a classical battle game in which you have to defeat your cruel enemies with the help of special features.

Dokkan Battle MOD Features:

These are some of the features of the modified version of the Dokkan Battle APK game:

  • In this version, the players will be able to experience a MOD and God mode menu.  This will help you in understanding the enhanced controls and settings of the game.
  • The players will be able to kill their opponents in a very short time. This is due to the presence of an instant kill feature in this modified version.
  • You will also be able to experience BD characters with varying strength levels.
  • There is a huge variety of characters available that can easily be customized by all the players in this modified version. 
  • The God mode helps the players in understanding all the enhanced settings of the game. 
  • This game is completely free for playing with your friends on any Android smartphone.
  • You will be experiencing an ads-free version of this game.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

The modified version of this game is easily compatible with Android 4.4 and above.

There is no need for rooting for installing this Dokkan battle-modified version on your Android phones.


Download this Dokkan Battle MOD APK on your Android smartphone to get a great gaming experience. Enjoy unlocking all the characters in this modified version.

You will be able to play a great game with the customization of your character. Get God mode menu and unlimited damage features in this version. Try to beat your opponents efficiently and win every level.

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