Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK v1.60 [All Cars Unlocked]

App Name:Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK
Publisher:SUD Inc.
Size:22 MB
Last Updated:22 Aug

About Dr. Driving 2 APK


Everyone loves driving cars, especially when you have to just sit and drive the car online. Dr. Driving 2 APK is a perfect game for you to play. The game is slightly unique comparing it to others. Here you don’t have to drive fast but at a normal speed in the cities as if you are driving a real car.

Dr. Driving includes many different types of tasks and goals that you need to achieve to level up. The main thing to keep in mind while driving is to carefully drive your car without breaking the traffic rules.

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Not only this but also maintaining regular speed and lastly, you need to make sure that your car does not crash. To install the game now, and get ready to learn and drive the car.

Moreover, once you complete the targets and small missions, you earn money through which you can purchase more and better vehicles to improve and enjoy your trips around the city. If you are low on budget then you can also fix your existing car. You can do this by purchasing the car’s parts according to your need.

So the game is not only for entertainment purposes, but here you get to witness a real-life driving experience. It is time for you to install the game now, and get ready to learn how to drive a car. 


Dr. Driving 2 APK Gameplay

Dr. Driving 2 APK is a perfect driving simulator game. The game is not only played for fun but will instruct you how to drive the car according to the rules. Here you get to drive through the cities and along the way you learn. 

Keeping a check on your speed is also a very crucial element of this game, as this will help you to avoid crashes. Moreover, the game provides exciting vehicles that you can purchase, once you complete the missions. The money you earn depends upon the score you achieve in the mission. So drive like a pro.

Therefore, the game provides you with an exciting and thrilling experience and easy gameplay. It gives you a real driving experience. You will be provided with a steering wheel as well as a gas pedal to move your car forward. Not only this but a perfect braking system to stop it. 

The game offers exciting new levels. To pass the level, you need to drive your car according to the level type. In this way, you will earn money. However, the money can be used for buying a new powerful car or upgrading the existing car.


Dr. Driving 2 APK Features

Variety of cars

  • The game offers a variety of cars to its users. You can unlock new cars by completing the missions. This will enable you to purchase a car of your choice.
  • And then you can enjoy riding your favorite car. It also has the option to upgrade the car. You can update new parts if you like your existing car.

Perfect Graphics and Gameplay

  • The game offers perfect and incredible graphics to its users. The drivers can enjoy the 3D graphics this game provides. Not only this, but the gameplay is also very unique. Thus the users can enjoy driving the car and looking through the scenery as well.

Offline and online mode

  • Perhaps the best thing about Dr. Drive 2 APK is that the game can be played offline too. You just need to install it once and then you can enjoy it playing anytime and anywhere. Isn’t this great? 

Tips to Play

Below mentioned are some tips that will help you to play this game like a true champion.

  • Always maintain your speed. If you are obsessed with driving a car faster then this game is perfect for you to test your speed.
  • Here it’s not just about driving fast but maintaining your speed to avoid any accidents. So make sure to drive safe and not rash and secure more points.
  • The game allows you to customize your car according to your own needs. Thus make sure to upgrade it timely and repair it frequently. Remember if your car is new and unique it will complete missions faster and then you earn lots of money.
  • To be a champion in this game, you must always complete new daily missions. As this will help you to improve your driving skills and in return will provide you with exciting rewards. The more rewards you win, the higher amount of money you will get.
  • Read the instructions carefully before playing. This will give an idea of how to operate the controls and drive the car safely.

Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK

Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK is an exciting driving game. This modified version is a hundred times more fun as it provides multiple new features to its users. You can easily access the premium features of this game, and all this for free.

This version also gives you countless coins and money for upgrading your cars according to your need. When you have a lot of money, you can purchase any car you want from the car collection. In this way, you get to try new cars and decide which one is the best for you to play. So hurry up and download the modified version now.

Lastly, the modified version gives you unlimited access to the fuel. This is an important feature that this game provides. Driving becomes a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about fuel.

Dr. Driving 2 MOD Features:

Dr. Driving 2 MOD APK provides amazing and exciting new features to its players. Below mentioned are the best and new features this game offers

Countless Money

  • The best thing about this version is that it provides countless amounts of money to its users. You can use this money to purchase more powerful cars according to your liking. Not only this but you can fix your car by buying car parts that need repairing.

Maximum Fuel

  • Another advantage of this version is that it provides full fuel to its drivers. Thus you don’t need to worry about your fuel anymore and take all the time you need to complete your mission perfectly.

Access to all cars

  • Now you can easily purchase any car because all the cars are already unlocked.

Good Audio Quality 

  • The game also offers nice and calm music in the background. This game gives players a very relaxing feeling and they can easily drive the car without any worries.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, the game is very much safe and easy for the users to install anytime. Not only this but you get this for free as well.

Yes, the game can be played by both android and iPhone users.

Indeed, just install it for once and then enjoy playing it offline as well.


Dr. Driving 2 APK is an amazing game for you to play. It offers an exciting driving experience to its users and takes you on a drive in the city. Complete the missions as best as you can and earn lots of money. You can play this game anytime and anywhere without worrying about the internet connection.

Therefore, get ready to test your driving skills by playing this amazing game. Consider it real and then take care of it. Pay for its repair and maintenance, upgrade its worn parts and drive safely to avoid accidents. The game is also available for free to install and is highly popular among kids as well as teens.

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