Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK v5.6.1 [Unlimited Crystals]

App Name:Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK
Publisher:BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Size:114.84 MB
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2022

About Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK


Many of your childhood memories are associated with comics like Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball is an animated film that has been transferred to a game.

Thus if you are a real comic Manga fan, then we have introduced a gaming version of this popular comic called Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. This excellent comic game will give you an incredible fighting experience. 

If you have played Dragon Ball Z, then I’m sure you will like Dragon Ball legends too. Each character holds special powers. Remember, you are the game’s hero, so protecting your people from the evil force is your responsibility.

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Show the enemy what you’ve got and save your town from the enemy. Punish the enemy with your incredible powers. It is super cool, and you will be surprised to see the unique strengths of your characters. 


Dragon Ball Legends APK Gameplay

If you are a true Japanese anime fan, then I’m sure you’ve heard of the famous comic Dragon Ball Z. the story includes the main character Goku and his teammates. Goku is the real hero, and it is his job to protect the town from all enemies.

Because the story gained a lot of fame, eventually, the developers decided to launch the game called Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK. 

They are now introducing the famous Dragon Ball Legends. The gameplay is incredible and quite similar to Dragon Ball Z., but this version has much better graphics than the previous one.

Moreover, the accessible controls and the visuals give you a great experience. Fight for your city and keep your people safe from the enemy. Get it now on your devices and have fun playing. 


Dragon Ball Legends APK Features:

Let’s discuss some of the essential features of Dragon Ball Legends.

Create your unique team

  • This is one of the most remarkable features, as now you can design your team. Create the best team for yourself and select your players wisely, as they will accompany you on your journey and help you fight against the enemies. Only your team can be trusted to create a good one.

Variety of gaming modes

  • Dragon Ball Legends offers a variety of gaming modes. Thus you won’t ever get bored by playing the same mode. As of now, you have so many options to choose from.
  • Play it in the story mode, singleplayer, or with your friends. It is fun either way. Try out different methods so that you know every aspect of the game.

Great characters 

  • Dragon Ball Legends offers so many great characters. It includes Goku, Gohan, and so many more. Each character has a unique power.
  • You will also get a fantastic chance to create your exceptional team. This way, fighting against the enemies will be more fun and entertaining.

Tips to play

The below-mentioned tricks and tips will help you play Dragon Ball Legends like a pro.

  • Make sure you clear all stages in the story mode. Each story mode includes seven challenges to complete to win and get rewards.
  • Summoning is an essential aspect of this game so make sure you do that to get new characters.
  • Check out the exchange shop so that you can buy your favorite things and upgrade your character’s power whenever you feel like it.
  • Give yourself training as this will boost your power, and defeating enemies will not be so challenging after you complete the training rounds. 
  • Lastly, create a solid team to help you fight against evil.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK allows the users to access all the game’s pro features. This is perfect, as it will give you everything without spending any penny.

You don’t have to complete the mission or win rounds to unlock your favorite things; you will get everything for free. Install Dragon Ball Legends on your phones and prepare to play one of the most famous Japanese games. 

If you are into strategy fighting games and have played Dragon Ball Z, then it’s time to try Dragon Ball Legends. You will be impressed when you play Dragon Ball Legends.

Now with the modded version, you get 3D graphics and relatable sounds that increase your interest in it. It is much more entertaining and fantastic. 

Dragon Ball Legends MOD Features:

It’s time to look at the new modified features of Dragon Ball Legends.

Play with every character

  • Now you don’t need to wait to play with your favorite characters. Everything in the modded version comes unlocked.
  • It’s great because you don’t need to complete missions to get your hands on your favorite characters. Instead, you can play those missions with your favorite characters!

Countless money

  • If you want to play Dragon Ball Legends without restrictions, get the modded version now.
  • In the modded version, you will get countless amounts of money through which you can purchase anything you want. 


  • The gameplay of Dragon Ball Legends is very similar to Dragon Ball Z. however, this version comes with everything improved.
  • With easy controls and 3D graphics, this version is more fun to play. Make sure you try out this version too. You won’t be disappointed. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can play Dragon Ball Legends with online players worldwide.

No, Dragon Ball Legends does not contain any ads. Thus you can enjoy playing it without any disturbance.

Goku is the most famous character in the game.


If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball series, then it’s time to play Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK too. It offers many modes that will keep your interest in the game for so long.

You can play with all the characters you want and try their unique powers and strength. Moreover, you will thoroughly enjoy playing Dragon Ball Legends with excellent graphics and authentic sound effects. 

All the Japanese comic fans are crazy about this version. Install it now and see why people are going crazy over this version!

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