Episode MOD APK v23.40 [Premium Choices & Gems]

App Name:Episode MOD APK
Publisher:Episode Interactive
Size:90 MB
Last Updated:4 Nov

About Episode MOD APK


The Episode MOD APK is a type of game that is based on real-world scenarios. This game was firstly released on 11 July 2013. This game is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

This game is so popular that it has 4.3 / 5 ratings on the Google Play store and 4.7 / 5 ratings on App Store. This game has real-world scenarios and you have to choose the answers according to the scenarios.

There are lots of stories in this game, that’s why the name of this game is “Episode”. There are many different scenarios or stories in the game. 

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In this game, you can simulate your character according to your will. You can change your character and interact with other characters as you want.

This game has so many stories and each story has its characters and adventures. You just go from one episode to another by completing the stories. 

Some of the most famous stories of the Episode are The Prince’s Bride and Love on fire. In Prince’s Bride story Prince is looking for a girl to be his wife. You are also invited to the party where Prince will select his future wife. Now, you have to impress the Prince.


Episode APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is so attractive and unique. The game moves forward in the form of a story. These descriptions are in the stories and you have to interact with those descriptions. The game moves forward as you’re interacting. 

When someone asks you something in the game, you have three to four options to select one as an answer. This game will bond the user to it. The storyline of each episode is very attractive and you cannot get yourself apart from this game.


Episode APK Features:


  • Episode games provide the best storyline to their users. Users can play this game with the help of game descriptions. 

Users made stories

  • This game allows its users to create their own stories. If you want to create your own story and post it on Episode, you can publish your story on https://www.episodeinteractive.com/write)

Multi-Platform Compatibility

  • This game allows its users to play this game not only on mobile devices, but you can also play this game on their computers or laptops. 

Tips To Play

Below are the basic tips to play this game more smoothly and more fun. 

  • You can play this game better with better strategies. Strategy is the best way to play this game and get the most out of it. Different strategies lead to different endings. 
  • You must have the patience to play this game. As you have to complete episodes to get passes to move on. So, if you don’t want to spend money on gems and passes, then you have to wait for hours to recharge your game or to get free passes.

Episode MOD APK

There are so many restrictions in the original game by the game developers. But MOD APK resolved all these issues. This MOD APK unlocked all premium functions of the game.

You get unlimited diamonds that will help you to play better in the game. You will get unlimited episodes in the game. So, you can go with any episode that you like. 

You can do as much customization to your character as you want. With unlimited gems, you can enjoy many endings of your choice. Updates will be made available to the users daily so that they can enjoy tons of different episodes without any hassle.

There are also no in-game ads that annoy the users. In addition to the numerous episodes, you can also buy anything from the game store with the free shopping feature of this MOD APK.

You can get the best graphics experience and tons of HD wallpaper without any issues. 

Episode MOD Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features you’ll get in this app:

Unlimited Money

  • You will get all types of in-game money for free. Unlimited diamonds, coins, and other rewards are waiting for you in the game. 

ADs Free

  • There are no in-game annoying ads. You can enjoy your episodes, now ads-free with this MOD APK. All types of apps are removed in this MOD APK.


  • This is one of the best features of this MOD APK. Playing MOD apps can lead to a ban sometimes. But this MOD APK is completely antiban. You can use this MOD APK for a lifetime without getting banned.

Improved Graphics

  • The quality of graphics improved in this MOD APK. Users will experience the graphic quality while playing the game. Users can also get hundreds of free HD wallpapers.

All Characters Unlocked

  • All characters are unlocked in this MOD APK. You can choose the character of your choice with limitless customization and upgrades.

Regular Update

  • Users will get regular updates with this MOD APK. There’s will come new features with every update. Users can experience all premium features free of cost on regular basis with every new update.

Unlimited Passes

  • Every gamer knows the importance of game passes and there is always a low supply of passes in the game. If you’re a true fan of this game you know that passes are required to access premium episodes.
  • In this MOD APK, you will get unlimited passes. So, you enjoy each episode without spending a single penny. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Well, there are so many episodes in the game that are interesting and unique. But some of the famous episodes are listed below:

Quicksand by Repujaytion.
The Devine by Girly.
Revenge Daddy.

Yes, you can play this game offline. 

Yes, you can purchase anything you want in the game store for free of cost.


It’s time to wrap this whole thing up, this game in general is a true masterpiece. Its storyline is very unique. Both boys and girls can play and find this game fun. This game bounds the user with it. All of the episodes are very interesting. Users can relate to the characters of this game, which make this game very special. 

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