Fruit Ninja MOD APK v3.20.0 (Unlimited Money)

App Name:Fruit Ninja MOD APK
Publisher:Halfbrick Studios
Size:147 MB
Last Updated:22 Aug

About Fruit Ninja MOD APK


Fruit Ninja MOD APK is the best fruit-cutting game that you have ever seen. In this game, you enjoy the hottest fruit-cutting gameplay. You need to help the ninja to cut down upward-coming fruits using the sword and be aware of bombs because if you cut those bombs you will lose. So cut the fruits into pieces as much as you want and get many awards or coins.

In this game, you experience stunning graphics with mind-blowing sound effects. You need to unlock different levels, different kinds of swords, and characters to get fun from amazing fruit cutting.

This game is very simple but addictive and has lots of amazing features. It is free to download for android users to take bunches of enjoyment and pleasure. 


Fruit Ninja APK Gameplay

Fruit Ninja has very simple and classic gameplay where you just need to cut down the fruits. This game is very relaxing and enjoyable for all types of gamers because you don’t need to do extraordinary things.

You just use your fingers and cut the fruits from the sword or blade. But you need to leave the bombs because if you cut them you will be lost. Enjoy different fantastic game modes such as Classics mode, Zen mode, and many more special.

In this game, you need to unlock and enjoy different amazing challenges and get lots of sensational awards by passing them. Explore different types of characters and swords to enjoy the Fruit Ninja efficiently.

This game also offers you multiplayer game mode where you can play different gamers online and get a significant position in the worldwide leaderboard.


Fruit Ninja APK Features:

Now we describe some amazing features of Fruit Ninja.

Fantastic and Unique Gameplay

  • Fruit Ninja has a very simple and amazing gameplay of fruit cutting. In this game, you need to cut the fruits by using a sword and leave the bombs to protect the ninja from failure.
  • This game also has so many amazing game modes, diverse types of fruits, upgrades, powerups, swords, characters, and many more interesting features that create lots of enjoyment and relaxation.

Different types of Blades and Characters

  • This game offers you lots of amazing cutting blades and sensational ninja characters.
  • You need to unlock these characters and blades that have different characteristics and skills to take enjoyment of diverse types of fantastic levels.

Variety of Amazing Modes

  • This game has fantastic game modes that create lots of enjoyment for gamers.
  • Classic mode, Arcade mode, and  Zen mode are some stunning modes that give you the best gameplay in different stages of the game.
  • In this game, you also enjoy multiplayer game mode where you compete with different online gamers worldwide.

Play Online with Friends and other Gamers

  • This game offers you multiplayer game mode or online mode which allows you to play with your friends and other online gamers worldwide efficiently.
  • You can compete with different special players and get the best position on the leaderboard worldwide.

Free to Download and Play

  • This game is free to download and play with lots of amazing features and gameplay.
  • You enjoy different types of characters, swords, levels, modes, and many more amazing without any cost.

Extraordinary graphics and Sound Effects

  • In this game, you enjoy extraordinary 3D graphics with incredible sound effects.
  • These features create amazing visuals and actions with accurate music to boost you.

Tips to play

This game has many difficulties at different levels. To get huge achievements you need to follow the instructions written below:

  • First, you need to download it on your android device and play different game modes skillfully.
  • You just need to cut the fruits to get given points in the levels and pay attention to leaving the bombs.
  • You will be lost if you cut the bombs or leave the many fruits.
  • Achieve different combos to collect different powerups, upgrade different things, unlock amazing types of players and blades, and many more items to take extra enjoyment.
  • Play online with friends and different stunning players to get high gaming skills and create your position in the leaderboard worldwide. 

Fruit Ninja MOD APK

Fruit Ninja MOD APK is the genuine and pure cracked version of simple Fruit Ninja. In this game, you don’t need to worry about different difficulties and hardships because you enjoyed fully unblocked features or benefits.

You have unlimited money, completely unblocked weapons, and characters, fully unblocked modes and levels, and many more specials. This game is also free from ads that offer you completely transparent and efficient gameplay.

In this game, you enjoyed stunning 3D graphics with incredible sound effects. It is safe from diverse types of viruses. Android users can download it from this website for free and get lots of special gaming skills and entertainment.

Fruit Ninja MOD Features:

Fruit Ninja MOD APK has tremendous mod features and some of them are written below:

Unlimited Money

  • In this game, you have unlimited money to do anything according to your hopes.
  • You can buy different swords and many more special items from the given collection in the game due to the endless resources of money.

Completely unlocked weapons and characters 

  • Fruit Ninja MOD APK offers you completely unblocked weapons and characters.
  • You can use any weapon and character to get amazing moments of fruit cutting.

Fully unblocked levels and modes

  • In this cracked version you enjoyed fully unblocked levels and modes.
  • You can play any level and any game mode according to your desires and get lots of excellent fruit-cutting skills.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a mod version and mod versions are not available on the google play store. You can download it from this website easily.

Yes, this mod game is safe to download because it is free from different dangerous viruses and has unique and pure gameplay.


Download Fruit Ninja MOD APK and earn tremendous gameplay of fruit cutting. In this game, you enjoyed different game modes, amazing characters, weapons, levels, events, and many other amazing features.

You also enjoyed unlimited money, gems, ads-free gameplay, and multiple other extraordinary benefits and enjoyments in this mod version. It has spectacular 3D graphics and pure sound effects. You can download it from this website for free and take wonderful delight and fun.

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