Fun race 3D MOD APK v1.9.6 [Unlimited Everything]

App Name:Fun race 3D MOD APK
Publisher:Good Job Games
Size:96 MB
Last Updated:11 Aug

About Fun race 3D MOD APK


Fun Race 3D MOD APK is a 3D racing game but this one is not like the other traditional racing games. This game is the sequel to its predecessors. Many new features added to this version of the game. 

Fun Race 3D has a running platform that is floating on a river. The platform contains multiple parkours and obstacles for the racers. Players just don’t need to protect themselves from these obstacles but also move over them by doing somersaults and eye-catching tricks. 

Other racing games require only fast speed to win the game. But players need a controlled speed to clear this Fun Race 3D game.

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Players need to play with various strategies to roll over these obstacles because if you get hit by any of these hindrances you will fall from the platform right into the water and have to start over again. 

Fun Race 3D is a multiplayer game. So, you can challenge your friends to compete with you in the race. 


Fun race 3D APK Gameplay

Fun Race 3D game has smooth running and simple gameplay. Three players can compete with each other at one time. You have to keep moving forward by overcoming all of the hurdles and reaching the checkpoint in the first place to win the race. 

This game is a real source of joy for strategic gameplay lovers. Players don’t just need a good fast speed to win the game but also a good strategy to protect themselves from knocking.

Because, if you get hit yourself by one of these obstacles your game starts from the last checkpoint. Meanwhile, your competitors are still racing. So, take time and play safe.


Fun race 3D APK Features:

Multiple Tracks

  • Fun Race 3D is a racing game as we already know. This whole game takes place on a floating platform in a river.
  • There are multiple tracks or platforms in the game, that you can choose to run on. Different tracks have different obstacles and hurdles for the players. 
  • Players can unlock these tracks by completing missions successfully and improving their game ranks.

Online Play 

  • Fun Race 3D allows players to game this game either online or offline according to their situations. Players can compete with other players around the world through this online feature of the game.
  • Similarly, players can play with AI-based game characters and compete with them to find out who is the real winner.


  • Fun Race 3D allows the players to choose one out of multiple characters. The game has a huge character library and new characters are added to the game with regular game updates.
  • Players can unlock any character of their choice with game money. Each character is distinctive from others in all manners.

Multiple Challenges 

  • This game has many new exciting challenges for the players. You always don’t know what’s coming next. Every new challenge helps the players to get extreme fun and improve their strategic game.
  • Many new and difficult hurdles came with every new challenge. So, players need to be ready to face any obstacles with their full strength. 

Easy Controls

  • Fun Race 3D has easy game controls. Players can easily play this game with the help of such easy mechanisms of the game.
  • Players have to select their line of movement and move the character from right to lift with their fingers moving right to lift on the screen.
  • These easy control features of this game help many people to enjoy the game.

Tips To Play 

  • Almost the whole platform is visible to the players. Players have to observe every coming obstacle from distance and make a strategy according to that obstacles to overcome. 
  • Always running full is not a good idea, sometimes you have to be patient to overcome most of the giant obstacles. Take your time, watch out for the obstacle and then make the decisions. Players can also take risks but only in emergencies.

Fun race 3D MOD APK

Fun Race 3D MOD APK is the advanced version of the original APK. Every game has lots of cool functionalities along with lots of restrictions by the game developers. 

These restrictions are the paid features of the game. Every game has some paid features like custom skins and high powers etc for pro players to improve their in-game appearance to make them unique from others.

The premium features can only be unlocked by paying real cash. That’s why the developers of this MOD APK offer all of the premium game features without charging a single penny. MOD APKs are more famous among real hardcore gamers due to their unmatched features.

Fun race 3D MOD Features:

Unlocked Gold Coins

  • Gold coins can be traded for different features of the game. Gold coins are not available in high supply. It’s excellent to have a good number of gold coins, as it helps you to unlock different characters or skins for the game.
  • But it’s almost impossible to have such several gold coins in the original version of the game. This MOD APK allows its users to get access to unlimited gold coins to purchase anything of their choice.

All Unlocked Characters

  • This MOD APK has all of the premium characters unlocked in this. Players can choose any character and start playing with it without paying any money.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Fun Race 3D is such a lightweight game in terms of occupying device storage. This game can take only 96MBs of the device storage. 

Well, it depends on the hardware of your device. But, this is a small size game, and any android device running on Android version 5 or above can easily run this game without any lags.


In conclusion, I must say that Fun Race 3D MOD APK is the ultimate version of its predecessors. The game has lots of unique and tricky challenges and risky tracks with new obstacles.

These things combine up and make this game refreshing for the players. Players can play this game in their cheat breaks and get instant layers of joy.

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