Game of Sultans MOD APK v4.4.01 [Unlimited Everything]

App Name:Game of Sultans MOD APK 
Publisher:Mechanist Internet Technologies Co. Ltd
Size:1017 MB 
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2022

About Game of Sultans MOD APK 


This Game of Sultans MOD APK is a business empire creation game. The game is based on the Ottoman Empire’s golden age. This game mainly requires managing the empire. It is a simulation game where all the players will be having a chance to work as a real Sultan.

You have to defeat your opponents and conquer the emperor. You can easily and strategically snatch the empires from your enemies. It is completely a convincing game. 

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The players are also required to build castles to recruit your teams. You also have to defend your castles from the attack of your enemies. It helps in increasing more power over your opponents. Your army will increase and your support will be heavy as compared to your opponents.

Here all the players will be living like real Sultan. It is a very exciting and adventurous game in which the people will rule the emperor. 

You can also expand your wardrobe with the help of new outfits. These outfits can easily be bought from available coins in the game. The game consists of high-quality 3D graphics. It is completely developed with high detailing.

The game is completely free for installing on your mobile phones as well as PCs. You can also install the modified version of this game for more enhanced features.


Game of Sultans APK Gameplay 

The gameplay is very interesting and strategic. The players have to work as a Sultan and become the master of the empire. It is a role-playing game that the players will enjoy a lot. You have to do all the routine tasks of a Sultan in an Ottoman Empire.

You can also regulate your army and your forces against your opponents. If your army wins against your opponents then you will receive amazing rewards after winning every level. 

You will also receive rewards in good mforagementthe of your Army. So you have to play the game and win every level and battle against your rivals. The players are also required to manage all the other things of the castle including agriculture, finance, justice, military, etc.

This Game of Sultans APK gameplay is very exciting and includes multiplayer gameplay also. You will find it very interesting as it is one of the fantastic simulation games.


Game of Sultans APK Features:

Here are some of the features of the Game of Sultans APK game:

Play as a Real Sultan 

  • This game provides you with a great feeling of living as a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Here the players will be working and managing all the details of the empire. You have to create your forces strongly to win every battle against your opponents.
  • This feature helps the players in playing the game more enthusiastically. You will be managing all the tasks of the empire. The players can also build castles and recruit their forces inside the castle.

High Definition Graphics and Sound 

  • The sound quality and graphics used in the game are very appealing. The 3D graphics take the attention of all the players while the sound quality is also very satisfying.
  • You have to rule the empire in the entire game. So the game possesses high-quality visual and sound effects.


  • You will also encounter various challenges while playing the game. All these challenges are related to the tasks of the Sultan.
  • So while playing the game you have to take part in various challenges and conquer them. This will help you in conquering the complete empire against your rivals. So take part in more challenges and win them.

Tips To Play

  • Buy more outfits and weapons to make your character more appealing.
  • Play strategically and try to conquer every battle.

Game of Sultans MOD APK 

The modified version of this game of Sultans application is very enhanced. It consists of numerous modified features for all the players. You will receive unlimited money and unlimited gems in this modified version.

It will help you in buying more outfits and accessories for your Castle. The availability of unlimited diamonds is also available for all the players in this Game of Sultans MOD APK. You will be receiving unlocking of all the characters. 

This will help you in playing the game with more fun and power. This modified version also provides you with a unique feature that is one hit feature. It helps you in defeating your opponents in only a single shot.

The modified version is completely free for installation and playing on your PCs. It is compatible with numerous Android devices as well. Play the game with fun and download it for a great gaming experience. All the players will love the gameplay and storyline of this Sultan simulation game.

Game of Sultans MOD Features:

The modified features of this Game of Sultans application are as follows:

  • A God mode will be available for all the players to experience high-performance game settings.
  • The players will also receive unlimited money which will help you in buying unlimited accessories for your castle.
  • You will also receive unlimited diamonds and gems which will help you in gaining a good profile in the game.
  • The availability of unlocked characters is also of good help for all the players.
  • A one-hit feature in this modified version helps the players in playing more efficiently and win quickly in every battle. 
  • There are no charges for installation or playing of this game.
  • The game is completely secure for installation and does not require any security threats.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

This version can easily be installed on Android 4.4 and above.

No, there is no need for any rooting for downloading and playing this game.


Download Game of Sultans MOD APK for having a great umpiring experience. You can play with the availability of everything unlimited. The unlocking of all the characters also provides you with a great experience in this modified version. You can easily customize the wardrobe and weapons according to your choice. 

Try to defeat your rivals by conquering all the battles. This will help you in gaining a stable position in the game. The modified feature helps in winning the game more quickly and playing the game more efficiently. This is a great role-play simulation game that has gained the attention of numerous players from all over the world.

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