GBWhatsapp MOD APK v23.00 [Latest Version]

App Name:GBWhatsapp MOD APK
Size:72 MB
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About GBWhatsapp MOD APK


GBWhatsapp MOD APK is one of the most highly used apps worldwide. Not even a single person on this planet does not use WhatsApp. But many still use the older version of WhatsApp.

The new GBWhatsApp APK is the advanced version of WhatsApp with new compelling elements. You can now talk and share videos as well as images using the latest version of WhatsApp.

This new app will provide you with so many more exciting features. Elements that you didn’t think were possible. This app is one of those platforms where you can connect with your friends. Not just companions but individuals use this app for work as well.

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You can share or receive files on this new version now. To install the latest WhatsApp app and take advantage of its rare features!


GBWhatsapp APK:

I’m sure you are tired of using plain WhatsApp daily, with its old features. The wait is over because now you can get the new GBWhatsApp APK with the latest and the best features. Like sharing your location for a specific period.

So bring the performance and appreciate utilizing WhatsApp for free. You get countless benefits while using this version. So keep reading the article and we’ll tell you about its new features.
Another exciting thing about this version is that it allows you to buy themes. It enables you to manage your business account together with your account.

So now you can use two accounts using the same WhatsApp number. Other than this it allows you to change your language as often as you want. So overall it gives you an impressive experience.


GBWhatsapp APK Features:

The APK features of GBWhatsapp are amazing. You must get the new WhatsApp app to try these features out

Send Large Files

  • GBWhatsapp APK allows you to send large files in no time. You can now send files of sizes up to 50 MB. isn’t this great? Because now you don’t have to open your email to send large-size files instead you can use GBWhatsapp for that

Hide your Active Status

  • We’ve all had times when we don’t feel like talking but have to reply when the other person sees us online. Now you can use the new WhatsApp while hiding your Active status.
  • In this way, people won’t find out when you were last active or are you still active or not. So now enjoy using GBWhatsapp while staying inactive.

Brand new emojis

  • Talks without emojis are boring. When you use emojis it makes your message more effective. With the new WhatsApp, you can use more emojis.
  • Because new and relatable emojis are added to the list. So now you can communicate with your friends using just emojis.


  • Backups are very important especially when you have important files with you. This new version of WhatsApp includes a backup feature. So now you can easily delete the previous content and save new because now you can back up the old content or files.

Create your themes

  • You can now create your unique themes. Not only this but you can share this with your friends and family. So they can use this too.

Privacy hacks

  • The new GB WhatsApp is very secure. The fun privacy hacks are just amazing. Now you can easily change the settings for who can see your profile picture.
  • In this way, you can hide your picture from the unknown. Thus with the new WhatsApp, your chats are much safer than before. 

Video Calls

  • With the new WhatsApp, you can easily video call your friends in no time. Apart from this, you can also arrange important work meetings on WhatsApp.
  • So now you can use WhatsApp not only to talk with your friends but for work purposes too.

Tips to use

GBWhatsapp APK is extremely easy and simple to use. Just install it and enjoy its features. The below-mentioned tips will give you an idea of how to use this app.

  • Just install the app and get started. Honestly, using WhatsApp is a piece of cake. If you have used the previous version then you will not at all find it hard to use
  • At the bottom of your screen, the typing area will appear. Here you can type your messages and talk with your friends 
  • Towards the right side of the typing area, you get the recording icon too. Press that to record messages when you don’t feel like typing
  • You can easily change your languages now too!
  • Make the conversations easier, by sending your favorite new emojis
  • You can call your friends and even switch to video calls in between. The video icon will appear, just press that and it changes to video call. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s very safe as well as easy to install the latest version of Whatsapp.

Yes, you can update your app once it needs one.

Yes, you get to use the new emojis in the latest version of Whatsapp


You should definitely download the GBWhatsApp MOD APK. These days, everyone has a WhatsApp account. Please update to the most recent build. Since the newest release has all the best tools you’ll ever need to talk to your pals, it’s a no-brainer to upgrade.

What little I’ve used of the APK’s features, the ones it does offer, have been excellent. You can now record while sending a notification, and you have access to a plethora of new emojis to use. You can back up not only your conversations but also your most important documents. Don’t waste any more time; now is the time to get the best possible Whatsapp experience.

This app is ideal for those who want to send messages, have voice conversations, and even video chat with their pals. This app makes it possible to accomplish all of this quickly. So, download GBWhatsApp immediately and start exchanging media with your pals.

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