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App Name:Golf Battle MOD APK
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About Golf Battle MOD APK


This Golf Battle MOD APK game is an exciting multiplayer game. It includes various golf-playing battles between various competitors. This game is fun to play and control using special and easy controls.

The players can easily do different types of golf battles with others. This Golf Battle APK game has very amazing and funny gameplay for defeating your enemies.

You will be required to aim the ball in the hole but this ball should reach the hole with less strokes. 

Various convenient controls are there to play the game efficiently. There are various courses for Golf players. You can choose any according to your choice and play with your friends. It is an innovative game consisting of high-quality 3D graphics.

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The players can easily win different types of prizes after winning any Golf battle. You can easily upgrade your clubs after the completion and success of different Golf battle levels.


Golf Battle APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this Golf Battle APK game is very interesting and exciting. The game possesses very relaxing features. This innovative multiplayer game can easily be played with different competitors from all over the world.

There are many awesome rewards for all the golfers on passing different levels. You can easily upgrade your golf clubs with the help of rewards received after the success of every level. A special clean and green area is allotted for playing golf.

You have to place the ball in the hole in order to score more at every level. The gameplay is very simple and easily understandable for all golf lovers.


Golf Battle APK Features:

All the features of the golf battle APK game are very special and unique. Have a look at them and play the game with full confidence.

Multiplayer Game

  • In this Golf Battle game, you can easily invite and play with your friends easily. You can either invite them through your social media handles or randomly play the game with full enjoyment.
  • After playing the Golf game and winning it, you will also receive gems and coins which will help you in unlocking various levels. These coins and gems will help you in competing and prosper in the game.

In-App Purchases 

  • The players can easily do in-app shopping or purchases without any cost. The players who are fond of the golf battle APK game can easily do free in-app purchases.
  • These purchases are of different types of items including boxes, gems, gold packages, and various other resources. So if you are a great golf player then take this advantage and get free in-app shopping for various items.

Easy Controls 

  • There are very simple and easy controls for controlling every action in this Golf Battle game. The players can easily control the ball and put it in the hole.
  • But it requires complete concentration and focus while playing the game. This is a very interesting golf game that is much attracted to Golf lovers.

Tips To Play

  • You have to use hills and walls while playing the Golf Battle game to reach stable positions.

Golf Battle MOD APK

This exciting and popular golf game is admired by sports lovers worldwide. It is a free version of this Golf Battle game which does not require any money for purchasing or installing the game.

The modified version of this Golf Battle APK game includes various features. Some of the prominent features of this modified version include the provision of unlimited money on the downloading and installation of this Golf Battle MOD APK. 

It also provides the players with a MOD menu. It will comprise of all the latest and updated features of the golf battle exciting game. You will be facing various challenges to take the ball into the hole with less number of strokes.

Download and play this exciting battle golf game with various specialized features. The players will be following different maps and colors to reach the end of the level and win the game. By winning this golf game, you will be able to receive many rewards. 

Golf Battle MOD APK Features:

Here are all the special features present in the modified version of this Golf Battle game:

  • Play the game without any installation charges. It is completely free and exciting for all users.
  • The gameplay is also very simple and can be understood by anyone without any difficulty.
  • All the players will get unlimited money in this game.
  • A competitive multiplayer mode can easily be played through this game. This golf game is very attractive to players from all over the world who are fond of golf sports. 
  • There are many amazing characters and easy gameplay in this modified version.
  • The players can also experience a single-player mode rather than multiplayer.
  • The players can easily customize their own clubs and golf balls for having a smooth game.
  • In this modified version, you will also interact with the MOD menu of the game.
  • The players will also be able to create various maps with the help of different factors and play the game with fun and enjoyment.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

This game is compatible with Android 5.0 and more.

Indeed, the game is absolutely free of cost to play.


Download this Golf Battle MOD APK game to have a realistic appearance of golf sports. The interface of the game is very exciting and unique. All the colors, graphics, and sound effects used in the game are of high performance.

The players can easily unlock all the levels in this modified version of the Golf Battle APK game. It is completely free for installation on your mobile phones as well as in your system.

Give different types of challenges to your competitors, play well and get victory over them to receive rewards and achievements in this golf game. This game is very exciting and fun for all the players.

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