Granny 2 MOD APK v1.1.9 [Unlimited Ammo & Health]

App Name:Granny 2 MOD APK
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About Granny 2 MOD APK


This Granny 2 MOD APK game is challenging. It is a completely adventurous game in a locked house. This horror game consists of a crazy Granny. The gamers have to get out of this house where both grannies are roaming.

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Set your controls and play the game with fun. This game will double your thrill and excitement. This game is admired by many horror game lovers. There are many obstacles and hindrances in this game but it is fun to play. This game comprises high-quality graphics. The sound effects are also very exciting.


Granny 2 APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this Granny 2 APK game is very exciting. You will have to manage your controls through your left and right-hand thumb. This game is very terrifying. You have to escape from the house before the end of 5 days.

The Grandma and Grandpa will be in search of catching you. Once they catch you they will beat you. In this case, the users will waste one day.

There will be many options for the players to escape from the house. Search for the keys to open the door. Through this, you can easily run from the house.

Sometimes you will also have to solve puzzles as a challenge to find the keys and unlock the door. Just be safe from the evil grannies and find your way to the outside. This will be done by completing various types of challenges.


Granny 2 APK Features:

Here are the Granny 2 APK game features:

Horror Effects

  • This game has a horror effect feature. Many people find it very interesting to play a horror game in which they have to escape from grannies.
  • The horror sound effect is also very thrilling and adds more strength to play the game. There are many dangerous challenges in finding the key to unlock the door.

Game Controls

  • This game consists of left and right thumb controls. On the left hand of the user, there will be a virtual joystick present. It will help in moving the characters through these controls. You will also be able to grab any object with the help of a hand icon.
  • These controls will be helping you in fulfilling various challenges and going out of the house. You will also find a radio that will be used for distracting the evil granny and grandpa.

Puzzles Solving

  • The players will require solving various puzzles. By solving the puzzles, it will be easy for you to get the door keys. It will also help you in getting other gadgets that will be responsible for getting you out.
  • Like by solving 3 puzzles you will be able to access the helicopter. There are many gifts and rewards that you will receive after solving the puzzles.

Tips To Play

  • Try to solve all the puzzles to get access to all the gadgets.
  • Keep silent while escaping from the house. 

Granny 2 MOD APK

This Granny 2 MOD APK has many modified features. It is a very well-known horror and exciting game. This freaky game is free and of high-definition graphics.

There are many levels present in this Granny 2 APK game. You will have to pass every level to get out of the house. This anti-ban-modified version of the Granny 2 APK MOD game can easily be installed on your devices. You can easily unlock premium features in this modified version. 

They all are free to use. You have to remain safe from the granny and grandpa. They both are high in senses.

In this Granny 2 MOD APK, you will be immortal and you don’t have to worry about completing the levels in five days. Solve puzzles, find many clues and win the level at the end. You just have to keep silent and leave the house efficiently.

Granny 2 MOD Features:

The following are the features of the Granny 2 MOD APK game:

  • In this modified version of the Granny 2 APK game, you will receive unlimited time for skating out of the house. This will help you in playing calmly without any hurry.
  • This game consists of high-performance graphics. It will also help you in playing a more interesting game on the big screen.
  • The gameplay of this game is very improved in this modified version. The visuals are improved and the bugs are also fixed in this modified game.
  • Through this Granny 2 MOD version, you will be free to survive all the attacks.
  • This is an ads-free version. You will not hesitate with the continuous ad between the game.
  • The users can also do in-app purchases without any charges. They all are unlocked in this modified version and can easily be accessed without paying anything.
  • This modified version is also anti-ban. It can easily be downloaded on your phone without any disturbance.
  • All the controls are simple to use. Through these controls, you can also get access to various gadgets. The game mechanics is also very easy.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the grandpa is completely deaf, unlike Granny.

No, this game does not require rooting of the device.


This Granny 2 MOD APK game is a very exciting and thrilling game for all users. It is completely free to install by all users.

The gamers will find it very interesting as it offers different controls that are easily accessible. The game has very easy mechanics and it is very challenging. Enjoy this suspenseful game and try to escape from the old couple in the house. 

Install this Granny 2 APK latest version on your mobile phone and play the game with full fun. It seems very exciting while hiding from the granny and grandpa.

This hide-and-seek type game gives you a great horrifying experience. By using the headphones, you will also get a great sound appeal.

In this version, you will find it easy to escape and survive the ghosts, monsters, and grannies in the house. The users just have to adopt effective strategies and tactics to get out of the house.

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