GTA Vice City MOD APK v1.12 [Unlimited Money]

App Name:GTA Vice City MOD APK
Publisher:Rockstar Games
Size:1 GB
Last Updated:Aug 9, 2022

About GTA Vice City MOD APK


The GTA Vice City MOD APK is an action game that includes various missions. There are numerous expensive cars, beautiful girls, formidable guys, and sunny beaches. The players will experience third-person gameplay. Explore the complete city and its beaches in expensive cars.

Try to complete the missions according to the map provided. Gain rewards on completion of the missions and drive amazingly in the complete city. This game possesses a unique story line and all the gamers feel excited to play this thrilling and adventurous game.

The game is based on completing machines and defending yourself from the elite people in the city. This Grand Theft Auto Vice City attracts young gamers very much.

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There are many exciting things to do in this game for gamers of all ages. You will experience various expensive and beautiful cars, amazing buildings, high-quality weaponry, and numerous missions to complete.

Use your shooting talent and win every fight with other people. The game is filled with exciting and high-quality graphics. You don’t have to lose your life and play efficiently in the game. Drive carefully and save other people.


GTA Vice City APK Gameplay

Its gameplay is very adventurous. This Grand Theft Auto Vice City comprises a huge city. The players have to complete various missions and tasks. The game includes a character known as Tommy Vercetti.

He has just been released from prison. Now he is going to make his profile and position stable in the city. So he will be following various missions and tasks by the high authorities.

So the player has to complete various tasks and missions that are provided in the game. There is a complete map that can easily be followed to reach any destination and fulfill your task. If any hindrance comes in between, you can easily use your weapons for your safety and other people.

So the users can easily steal any car and then drive carefully throughout the entire city. Experience the beautiful landscapes, sunny beaches, and high buildings of the city. This GTA Vice City APK game is very exciting to play.


GTA Vice City APK Features:

Following are the prominent features that the players will experience while playing this Grand Theft Auto Vice City action game:

Numerous Targeting Options

  • This GTA Vice City MOD APK game provides you with various targeting and shooting options. The players can easily use high-quality weapons to shoot dangerous people. You can easily defend yourself from the bad people in the city.
  • The players have to maintain their lives throughout the game. If someone loses his life, then you need to start a new game. So all the targeting options are precisely monitored and placed in this GTA Vice City game.

Customizable Controls

  • All the controls are easily understandable in this GTA Vice City action game. There are many touch effects and a customizable layout for all the players of this GTA Vice City game.
  • The custom controls can easily be modified according to your own choice. You can easily choose your touch effects and touch controls while playing this game.

Outstanding Graphic Quality

  • The graphics and the interface is outstanding for this GTA Vice City APK game. All the players get attracted to this beautiful and high graphics game. The different character models are also beautifully designed.
  • There are numerous lighting effects that gain the attention of the gamers. You will experience high-definition graphics for the entire game.
  • All the effects are specifically designed according to the gameplay of this action game. The graphics settings are also adjustable by the players according to their viewing abilities.

Tips To Play

  • Drive the vehicles and don’t hurt the people in the game.
  • Use high-definition weapons for shooting your enemies.


This GTA Vice City MOD APK game is easily available to be downloaded on Android mobile phones as well. The modified version of this game provides high-quality features. The availability of unlimited money and a Mega MOD menu is its most special feature.

The game is free to play and complete various missions. Experience the exciting gameplay of Grand Theft Auto Vice City smart game. The players will experience beautiful beaches, landscapers, skyscrapers, and other natural beauty of the town.

This modified version provides more advanced graphics. All the things are customizable in this modified version. It is free from all technical issues and viruses.

You will receive a hundred percent completed map of the mission to be fulfilled. You can easily complete your mission using various high-class vehicles and helicopters.

All the controls used in this game for reaching your destination are easily customizable and more advanced in this modified version. The vice city MOD features are outstanding and have gained a huge fan following from the gamers community.

GTA Vice City MOD Features:

Here are some of the features discussed in the modified version of the Grand Theft Auto Action game:

  • You can easily download it on your Android phone without any restrictions.
  • There are no ads to disturb the players in between the game.
  • Unlimited money is the most prominent feature that the players will receive while playing this modified version of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City game.
  • The storyline is exceptional and unique.
  • You will be provided with a complete map and a Mega modified menu. You can easily customize your weapons, vehicles, and other accessories used in the completion of the missions.
  • There are various touch effects in this modified version that also attracts more gamers towards it.
  • The graphic settings are also enhanced and of high quality in this MOD version. You can also play this game with a wireless game controller or a different gamepad.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Android 7.0 is one of the primary requirements for downloading this GTA Vice City MOD version on your mobile phone.

No, this third-person game is completely free to install and play in a comfortable environment.


Download this GTA Vice City MOD APK game to experience the beauty of the city and save yourself from the bad people. Use your weapons and high-quality vehicles to complete the missions and gain rewards at the end. The availability of unlimited money helps the players in playing more efficiently in the game

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