Hunter Assassin MOD APK v1.62.1 [Unlimited Gems]

App Name:Hunter Assassin MOD APK 
Publisher:Ruby Game Studio
Size:51 MB 
Last Updated:18 Aug

About Hunter Assassin APK 


This action arcade Hunter Assassin MOD APK game includes killing your targets efficiently. The players will chase the targets in their way and escape from the flashlights.

You have to follow the provided maps to kill your enemies. This game provides exciting action gameplay that will be very interesting for all the players. 

Your character has to kill and chase various targets to receive gems and rewards in this game. The players will be playing as efficient assassins who will be stealing gems and diamonds without being caught by the guards.

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The game is very exciting and comprises numerous levels. There are many stages also with various difficulty levels. It will be very enjoyable for all the players.


Hunter Assassin APK Gameplay 

The gameplay of this Hunter Assassin action game is very addictive and its mechanics are also very appealing. Your character just has to dodge the spaces and chase the targets to get the victory.

If any guard encounters you, then they will kill you and your life points will be diminished to zero. If your character is killed before killing its opponent, then the level will start from the beginning.

So you just have to focus on killing your opponent and chasing different targets to get diamonds and gems. There will be different maps available to all the players which you have to follow and pass every level one by one. 

The players can easily watch their enemies count on the screen. You can also view the shooters left for being defeated on your screen. It helps you to play more efficiently and with a concentration in the game.

So try to chase all your targets and kill your opponents in this hunter assassin. Be a great assassin and receive more diamonds and gems. Complete the levels and get a victory against your opponents. This will be an addictive and adventurous game for all action game lovers.


Hunter Assassin APK Features:

The Hunter Assassin gamcomprisesse various following action features:

Numerous Levels 

  • There is a complete variety of adventurous levels in this action game. This game provides you with exciting levels based on the different map settings.
  • You can easily decide to kill your enemy turn by turn. Plan for your moves of getting a victory in this action assassin game. The levels comprise various difficulties.
  • This makes the game more exciting and engaging for all the players. So try to kill your enemies and play the game with efficiency. In this way, you will be able to complete the levels with victory one by one.

Bonuses and Rewards 

  • Apart from the simple levels, there are some bonus levels also in this amazing action arcade game. By playing these bonus levels and winning them, you can easily earn diamonds.
  • The players can easily collect several diamonds through these bonus levels. This will help you in unlocking various rewards which will help you in gaining a good position in the game.

Free Game 

  • You can easily play and enjoy various features of this Hunter Assassin APK game without any charges. The Android gamers can easily install it without any subscription or paying any fees.
  • In this original version of the Hunter Assassin action game, you can experience numerous features and achievements. You can experience a very modified and interesting gameplay in this game.

Tips To Play 

  • Try to attack your opponents very calmly and swiftly. 
  • Chase your targets quickly and beat your opponents.

Hunter Assassin MOD APK

Download the Hunter Assassin MOD APK version on your mobile phones to get a great gaming experience. This modified version provides all players with unlocked characters and the availability of unlimited diamonds.

All the premium characters and premium features will be unlocked in this modified version. You can enjoy the gameplay with more efficiency in this game.

This game does not require a compulsive internet connection. It can easily be played offline without any disturbance from advertisements. 

All the skins will also be unlocked in this Hunter Assassin modified version. Hunt for your target and pass the levels with high-efficiency weapons. You will also receive unlimited gems on the completion and victory of your levels.

Be a professional assassin and enjoy the tactical gameplay of this Hunter Assassin adventurous game. Just avoid the flashlight and destroy your targets with accuracy. The graphics are also in hands and the characters are also of a wide variety in this game.

Hunter Assassin MOD Features:

Here are the features of the modified version of Hunter Assassin MOD APK:

  • This version offers the provision of unlimited diamonds and gems.
  • You will also get a chance of unlocking all the characters in this modified version. 
  • All the players playing this action hunter assassin game will find it very interesting because of the no ads feature.
  • The graphics qualities are also very enhanced and provide a great appeal for all the gamers.
  • The sound effects in this game are also very exciting and help the assassins in taking good actions. 
  • You can easily enjoy modified gameplay in this MOD version. 
  • The Hunter Assassin MOD APK does not require any hindrances.
  • You will receive numerous and a variety of levels with increasing difficulty rates.
  • The players will be able to play bonus levels also which helps in getting incredible rewards.
  • You will be finding various achievements and challenges in this game.
  • Complete the challenges and receive rewards for stabilizing your position in the game.
  • You can also upgrade your character according to your choice for your assassins.
  • Experience interactive and simple gameplay in this modified version with simple controls.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

There should be Android 4.1 or more for downloading this Hunter Assassin modified version on your Android mobile phones.

Yes, this game is easy to play without an internet connection and also in an offline mode.


Try to download this Hunter Assassin MOD APK version quickly on your mobile phones for a great experience. You will receive various unlock features in this MOD version. Be a skillful and tactical Assassin in chasing your targets.

Try to destroy your enemies efficiently. You will be getting more rewards and achievements on the completion of levels. So play this game with full strategy and beat your opponents.

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