Idle Heroes MOD APK v1.29.0 [Unlimited Gems]

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About Idle Heroes MOD APK


Idle Heroes MOD APK places you in charge of gathering legends. Those legends should confront a few extraordinary malicious powers amid old remnants. All you need to do is test your capacity as well as your skills. Then you have to redesign your hero’s abilities to transform your group into one of the most remarkable ones.

Initially, there is only one hero you need to take care of. You will need to regulate your character to a rundown of components that is going to make him grounded and taller.

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Once you start playing the game, you will start to play with heroes that will help you a lot in fighting massive and ruthless battles. Keep in mind that your central mission is to make your team as strong as you can. So that they defeat the enemy quickly.

Moreover, prepare your team so that they confront the rival groups strongly. The game will enable you to redesign your character according to your preference. In this way, you can make your heroes into strong and capable legends. 


Idle Heroes APK Gameplay

Now coming to the gameplay of Idle Heroes MOD APK. It is very uncommon, offering the best to its users. Play with your friends to make it more interesting and challenging. For example, if you think that fighting the evil spirit is no biggie for you as well as for your team.

Then you can also play against other users or other characters. Coming to the characters list, then you get around two hundred characters to play with. In this way, you can create the best group for yourself. 

Get to know about each character’s strengths as well as weaknesses and then play accordingly. In this way, you can choose the right team for yourself and make it unbeatable.

You can guard a very specific area of the map or join any alliance if somebody challenges you. Deal with all the missions and win. Try to foster flawless strategies to protect the world from evil spirits. 


Idle Heroes APK Features:

Now let’s take a look at the exclusive APK Features of Idle Heroes

Diverse Character Range

  • The character list is crazy. It seems as if it is never-ending. You get around two hundred amazing heroes to play with. Each hero has its power, strength, and ability. What you have to do is work with each character so that you know what team to create. 

The upgrades

  • To make the game more interesting. The developers have included upgrades. In this way, you can upgrade your heroes’ strength as well as their abilities. They can come out as stronger than before. 

Basic controls

  • Controls are very important in any game. Talking about Idle Heroes controls, you get a joystick to play with. The joystick is very responsive and simple to handle.
  • Apart from this, all the actionable buttons appear on the bottom right side of the screen. Both of these controls are very easy to use. 

Tips To Play

A few tips and tricks will enable you to play Idle Heroes like a professional.

  • Always select heroes whose power and abilities are high. Never settle for less and try with weak players.
  • Keep your goal in mind. Create an unbeatable team to defeat the enemy.
  • Upgrading the characters is very important. So upgrade frequently.
  • Remember the enemy is always strong. To defeat them, you can join an alliance with other people.
  • Working with each character is important. This will help you to identify the best heroes for your team.
  • Always begin playing the game by reading the instructions and guidelines on how to use controls.

Idle Heroes MOD APK

I’m sure you would have heard the name of Idle Heroes MOD APK. The game includes excellent heroes that have the mission of fighting the dark spirits. You are required to make a team of six.

Each team will include different characters that possess different powers and abilities. You will get enough time to get to know each character’s strengths as well as weaknesses.

Coming to the different modes. Then you get a variety of different modes to play in. the developers of Idle Heroes made sure that the players are given quality content. It’s time to show your character’s strength to eliminate the shadow that lingers in the world.

It is your time to fight the evil spirits and shadows that linger in this game. Play this game with strategy and destroy the enemies. 

Idle Heroes MOD Features:

It is very important to talk about the MOD Features of the epic game. Let’s begin.

The Idle System

  • Let’s talk you through how the idle system works. The game is all about showing the heroes’ strength and abilities. You must provide training to your character.
  • But you can’t play this all day. So you can leave your characters in the training mode. Once you get back, the players will become stronger than before.

Modified Gameplay

  • Idle Heroes comes with interesting and cool gameplay. The players get amazing 3D graphics along with quality sounds. Talking about the music, then that is perfect too. Thus giving you a complete action game experience. 


  • In the worldwide arena, your players have the chance to prove to themselves that they are the best. By competing with other users you can secure positions and make your way up on the leaderboards. 

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you get a lot of cheat codes to use.

Indeed, you can easily get the hack of Idle Heroes.

Idle hero is a role-playing action game.


This is your turn to download Idle Heroes MOD APK to experience madness. Idle heroes are quite famous in terms of their gameplay, graphics as well as interface. This role-playing action game takes you on a dark journey where you have to save yourself from the dark shadows.

Team building is essential as that will help you defeat the enemy. Try out the new characters and get to know about each character’s strengths by downloading.

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