Idle Mafia MOD APK v6.1.0 [Latest Version]

App Name:Idle Mafia MOD APK
Publisher:Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Size:1 GB
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2022

About Idle Mafia MOD APK


Idle Mafia MOD APK is a business simulation game. Many simulation games are available in the market. But the concept of these games is quite similar to each other.

This game has a unique underworld simulation game. Idle Mafia is a strategic game, players have to adopt such strategies that will help to increase the illicit business. 

There are many properties available in this game, players have to tap on these buildings to collect money. This game has cartoonish filters. Players can enjoy the gameplay.

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This game is about a criminal cult. You have to recruit powerful Capos to help you to carry out your illegal activities like robbing and fighting with your enemies to take over their properties.

Players have to lift small cults into an international criminal organization. The ultimate goal is to become a millionaire and to build an outlawed empire. 

Although this game is moving around the crime world, this game has not even a single drop of blood in this game. 


Idle Mafia APK Gameplay

The game has simple yet appealing and interesting gameplay. Thanks to the idle gaming system. Players don’t have to interact much with the game. All of the things are done on their own by just tapping them. This idle system allows the player to enjoy the storyline of the game. 

The game starts from a very basic level, where you are part of a small cult. You have to do everything to convert your cult into a big underworld organization.

Everything means everything, you have to kill the famous personalities of the city to put your terror in the area. Players have to perform many illegal activities to scale up their businesses. The ultimate goal is to become the most powerful person in the city.


Idle Mafia APK Features:

You’re free

  • Idle Mafia is a real-world simulation of gangster life. In this game, the player is free to do whatever he wants to do.
  • You can fight with other gangs and expand your territory. You can be a very cruel leader or a very kind-hearted person. These all things are up to you.
  • You have full control of your life in this game.

Free Cash

  • Once you have established your gang in the city and acquired the big properties. Now, you’re good to go with free money.
  • You just need to collect the cash by tapping on the buildings and enjoy. Or you just keep up the work to expand your illicit empire.

Variety of Capos

  • The Idle Mafia game has a variety of powerful capos for you to make up teams with. Capos are your valuable asset in the game.
  • These capos have different unique strengths that will help you to expand your territories to other areas.

Management of your business

  • Earning money is not a big deal in this game, you also have to manage this money to make more money.
  • You can use this money to open up Casinos and Gentlemen’s clubs, which will generate even more money. You will complete your goal of becoming a millionaire very soon.

Multiple Tasks

  • Like all other games, this game has multiple tricky tasks too. Players can earn more rewards by completing these tasks.
  • These tasks vary, sometimes you have the contract of killing some influential personality, and sometimes you have to knock out the other gang members.
  • Different tasks have different but generous rewards.

Tips To Play

Below are the essential tips to play the Idle Mafia game more smoothly and more fun. 

Players must follow the in-game missions and tasks to get a better understanding of the game.  Playing by rules is always worth it. 

Players have to start new businesses to generate more income. You have multiple ways to start a new business, you can buy a business or can take the business on your terror. By any means, you have to own the business. 

Capos play a vital role in the game. Capos help to keep your business running properly. You need to assign the best capo to your success for better results.

Idle Mafia MOD APK

Idle Mafia MOD APK has many exceptions compared to the original game. MOD APK is the modified and advanced version of the original game. This MOD APK has everything unlocked from guns to premium capos everything.

Players don’t need to worry about the money because in this MOD APK unlimited money is available for the players. A free version of this MOD APK is available on our website for free to download.

Idle Mafia MOD APK Features:

Here are some of the main MOD features of Idle Mafia MOD APK, that you’ll get in this app:

3D Effects

  • This MOD APK has good graphic simulations. The 3D visual and sound effects attract the users and never allow them to leave the game.

Unlimited Cigars

  • Cigars are one of the most useful resources in this game. These cigars are used to upgrade the capos. This MOD APK has unlimited cigars.
  • So, you can do limitless customizations to your capos and grow your illegal business. 

Limitless Customizations

  • This MOD APK has allowed its users to customize this game according to their needs. Players can do unlimited customizations to their characters and upgrade their performance in the game.

Free Shopping

  • Players can shop everything for free in this MOD APK. This allows low-budget gamers to buy everything needed in the game. Players don’t need to pay any money for anything from now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the Idle Mafia MOD APK from this website without paying any money.

Yes, AppStore has this popular game free for IOS users.


Let’s sum up the things if you’re a lover of real-world games. Then this game appeals to you. You can create your gang in this game and do whatever you want. MOD APK adds more value to this simulation game. Now, you can get anything you want in the game for free. So, download this MOD APK from this website right now.

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