Injustice MOD APK v3.4 [Unlimited Money & Stamina]

App Name:Injustice MOD APK
Publisher:Warner Bros
Size:64.75 MB
Last Updated:11 Aug

About Injustice MOD APK


Injustice MOD APK is a fighting game and especially for DC fans. The game is very much popular and includes all characters of the DC universe like Aquaman, Batman, Superman Joker, and all others. 

The most exciting part of this game is that you can either fight as a superhero or play your favorite villains. It doesn’t matter who you choose to play with, but once you decide your character, play to win.

Injustice is not only available on PCs but on Xbox as well as PlayStation. The controllers are very easy to use. On touch screens, you can just swipe your fingers while on Xbox you have the controllers to play with.

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The more you play this game, the more ideas you will get about the characters, and the easier it will get for you to unlock new levels if you play the story mode. The story mode of injustice is very fun, and here you get to play with different characters.

Each character appears to do a certain task and when the task is done, you get to play with a new character.


Injustice APK Gameplay

Talking about the gameplay of this game then I must say it’s one of the best. Injustice APK offers excellent graphics to its users.

Perhaps this is one of the greatest explanations of why the game is very favored among DC fans. Apart from DC fans, teens and kids also play this game with immense interest.

Injustice is a game of fighting and action you can ever play. The unique cast it provides as well as the perfect sound quality makes the game a hundred times better.

The game includes a variety of characters that you can choose from Batman, Superman, and Joker are just a few characters that exist in the game.

Apart from this, you get Aquaman and so many more interesting actors. Just Install the game, and get ready for the intense battles.


Injustice APK Features:

Injustice MOD APK offers amazing and unique features to its users. As you play the game it gets intense and more fun. Moreover, the amazing features it includes are just perfect.

Basic Controls

  • The game has one of the easiest and most basic controls. Even beginners can get used to it. You may read the instructions first and then start playing. So get the game now and practice to make your game the best.

Great Combos

  • You can try different combos of different characters. The combos help you to win faster if you learn them. So try out the combos in the practice mode. Once you know how to use combos you can easily win the game against your enemy.

Variety of characters

  • The APK version of this game includes many different characters. This is one of the best things about this game you get to play with different characters and try their unique power.
  • Not only this but you get to know about each character’s strength and power and then you can decide accordingly which player you want to play with.

Tips To Play

The game is very easy to play once you are familiar with the controllers. Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you play this game

  • Read the instructions for this game carefully, get an idea of the controllers and see how to play the game. This will give you an idea of how to play this game.
  • Not just fight, but throw the dumps and the cars too! This will damage the enemy’s power more.
  • Try to know the opponent’s moves and traits, and then play accordingly. Once you know how they play, it will be easier for you to attack them and reduce their life power.
  • Practice makes the man perfect! So always practice the combos and then apply those combos while playing in the battle.
  • Improve your game in the practice mode, this will allow you to use combos and get an idea about the strength of the character you’re playing with
  • Remember, select one character and then improve your game while playing with that character only.

Injustice MOD APK

Injustice MOD APK is a perfect fighting multiplayer game. Where you get to play with the DC characters and have battles between them.

Not only this but you can play the story mode and play with all the famous superheroes and get to know about their story. All the characters possess different powers and you can try their powers and enjoy playing.

The game is a little tricky to play because you need to analyze the opponent’s other moves and play ahead of them. In this way, you can easily defeat the enemy and make your game stronger and better.

The modified version includes perfect features so download the game now and get ready to witness the exciting powers of the characters.

Injustice MOD Features:

Play with all DC Characters

  • Injustice MOD APK, allows you to play with all the DC characters available in the game. This is because the modified version unlocks all the characters for free. So get the modified version now and enjoy playing with your favorite characters.
  • Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and Joker are just a few characters. There are many more characters that you can choose from.

Countless Money and coins

  • The modified version of this game allows you to purchase your favorite expensive items. This is because the game offers countless amounts of money to its users. The money can be spent to buy weapons and tools that help you to play the game even better.

Various modes

  • The game offers different modes that you can try. Like challenge mode, here you can challenge your opponent and win the battles against them. This will greatly improve your game and you will get an idea of how each player plays.

Installation Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the game is very famous worldwide.

Yes, there are up to forty levels in the game.

Yes, the game is very much easy to install with no viruses.


Injustice MOD APK is a perfect fighting game for you to play. The exciting gameplay, the sound effects, the graphics, everything about this game is just perfect. The game is played worldwide because of its popularity.

The game is very much addictive and once you start playing it, there is no coming back. To Install the game now and get ready to fight battles between powerful characters like batman, superman, Aquaman, and many more. Enjoy playing!

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